Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s Son – Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Siblings)

Leonardo is the third-born of Hollywood icon Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin. They have four children together, three sons and one daughter, and Leonardo is the second-born son.

His parents love to spend time with him and his siblings. They share family moments and go on outings together. There are pictures of them going shopping as a family. Alec and Hilaria do not miss a chance to spend quality time with them.


Leonardo was born on September of twenty sixteen in New York. His mother shared the news of his birth on her social media page. Leonardo and his siblings are like all celebrity children and are constantly being covered by the media.

His father, Alec, is a successful actor and producer. He has played significant roles during his career and amassed a huge fortune. Hilaria, on the other hand, also has a successful business as a yoga instructor.


The Baldwin family is blessed to have four children, all of whom are under the age of eight. The eldest is Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, who was born in August of twenty thirteen. When she was born, her mother announced the news on her Twitter account.

Right now, Carmen has started kindergarten. The second-born is Rafael Baldwin. He was born in June of twenty fifteen and is currently going to pre-school. He is older than Leonardo by a year. His youngest brother is called Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin.

Romeo was born on May twenty eighteen and will be turning three years old this year. The family was expecting another child, a girl, but Hilaria suffered a miscarriage. She expressed how sad she felt after it happened and how spending time with her family has helped.

Alec was married before to Kim Basinger, and together they had a daughter, Ireland Baldwin. So, Leonardo and her siblings have a half-sister.


Leonardo was bound to be in the spotlight because of his parents. Alec Baldwin is a writer, actor, and producer for the biggest entertainment hub globally, Hollywood. His career took off after his role in the sixth and seventh seasons of Knots Landing.

He has been honored for the roles he played in several movies, television shows, and sitcoms. He won an Emmy for playing Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock. He also won an Oscar for his role in The Cooler.

Alec does more than acting. He is a host for various shows such as Match Game. He started hosting the show in twenty sixteen. He won a second Emmy award for his act as the former president of America, Donald Trump, in the Saturday Night Live show.

Hilaria was once a dancer before switching careers to become a yoga instructor. She is the owner of Yoga Vida, a fitness studio in New York. Her passions revolve around fitness and healthy living, and she has written a book about it as well.

They have been successful in their careers, and so they can afford the luxuries they give their children. Leonardo and his siblings will not lack anything. They also have the full attention of their parents.

Relationship with Family

Leonardo’s parents have very active careers. They are required to travel to faraway places to shoot movies or appear on television. Most times, they are gone for long periods, and they are left with only one of them, or they have to travel as a family.

Despite this lifestyle, they spend time with them doing fun family activities, especially during the holidays. Alec and Hilaria have learned to balance their work life and family life so that one does not succeed at the other’s expense.

Leonardo and his siblings are still too young to take care of themselves, and that is why their parents make sure they are present always. They are always there to support them when they need support and celebrate them when they do well.

Carmen and Rafael have started school, and in a few years, they will grow up to be young adults. There is no doubt that the care and family environment their parents are providing will make them turn out well.


Alec Baldwin is one of the most famous people in the world. People know him in the successful movies and shows he has been in. he has also spent a similar amount of effort making a family.

He and his wife are raising four wonderful children. They are both present in their lives because they are still at their formative stages. They enjoy spending time as a family and have overcome the pain of their loss together. Leonardo and his siblings are in great hands.

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