Annora Petrova

Annora Petrova Wiki Creepypasta – Is She Real?

There is a creepy story attached to this name that has been circulating for years on the internet. Many people believe the story while others feel it is a ruse. Nevertheless, we will tell the story, it is up to you to decide to believe it to be truth or not. 

About Annora

Annora was born to Nancy Petrova and Mikhail Petrova in Portland. Annora was nicknamed Annie. She practiced ice skating from a very tender age. By the time she clocked thirteen, she was already the Crystal Classic champion. 

Annie was trained for the Olympics by popular skater Sergei Polukev. Her career kept on blossoming as time went by until one day, a little before the Crystal Classic Championship began. 

When it All Began

Annie got curious out of apprehension and decided to google her name to light up her mood. She was shocked when she found her own Wikipedia page where she vowed to win the Crystal Classic Championship the next day. 

She first though it was her father’s doing or probably the work of her skating club trying to encourage her. So she inquired about it, both parties denied it and she gradually forgot about the page until she surprisingly won the championship the following day. 

As from then, just for fun or out of superstition, Annie always checked her Wikipedia page before every competition. She believed that the wiki page predicts her win for every competition. 

Everything was going smooth and Annie was preparing for the Olympics which has been her age long dream. But things were going to be different this time. Annie decided to manipulate her Wikipedia page by altering the info. She wrote. “Annora won the Olympics”. 

Things Turn Around

Things were never the same for her after this, her career and life took an unpleasant turn, she lost her parents along the line, and not much was seen of her career. 

Her Wikipedia page later read “Annora is a selfish bitch who will get what she deserves. This threw Annora into shock and she thought it was the work of Bree, her competitor cum friend. In retaliation, Annora wrote a letter to Bree although the letter was not sent but the police later discovered it. 

All these happened during the Olympic trials, Annora never saw it coming. Annora got hit by one of the blades which came off from Bree’s skates. This left Annora bleeding. 

Everyone put the blame on Annie because she was the only one allowed access to her rivals skate before the competition. Although she denied the accusations, no one believed her. Later, one of the people in the stands made a remark that Annie got what she deserved, just as the same as what was written on the wiki page. 

Annora decided to lodge a complaint to Wikipedia to uncover the person who posted the remark on her page. When Wikipedia carried out their investigation, they could not find such page. 

Annora soon endured more creepy encounters, another heartbreaking edit further said that she is a pitiful little orphan whose parents died in an accident. Annora panicked when she saw this and immediately put a call through to warn her parents, she did not get any reply. 

Few days later, her parents died in a tragic road accident. Little Annora went into depression and later got admitted to a hospital where she was given adequate treatment to recover. 

How it All Ended

Gradually, Annora returned to normal life and resumed skating practices. Everything was going on well once again. If only she had not checked the page one last time. 

It was written on the page that “Annora Petrova was born on 5th of May and died on 24th of October 2010. She was a winner of American Junior Skating. She died as a lonely orphan because she was greedy. 

Just as other predictions form the page, this last one too became true as Annora was found dead, slumped over her desktop keyboard. The police saw found a letter with her which she has written to her competitor cum friend Bree. 

The police later found out that the call which Annora put through to her parents did not connect and her first letter to Bree was not delivered.


There is a moral lesson from this story, teenagers and figure skaters like Annora should learn from her story. They have to be careful when googling about theselves. Although things are quite different now, Facebook profiles come up when we google our names. 

So anyone can go ahead to google their names now, however, they must practice common online etiquette (netiquette) such that you should not allow online bullies get the better of you. 

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