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Ewa Sonnet Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Measurements, Polish Busty Models)

Ewa Sonnet is a pop singer and a glamor model from Poland. She is one of the biggest names in the league of ‘Polish Busty’ models and is a social media personality.

She was born in Rybnik, Poland, on the 8th of March 1985 and was named Beata Kornelia Dabrowska at birth. At the moment, there are no details about her parents. However, she has one sister called Julia Sonnet. She and her sister grew up in Rybnik.

Ewa Sonnet: Body Measurement

Standing at five feet 4 inches, Ewa Sonnet is not a tall person. However, what she lacks in height, she makes up for in body measurement. The model has a breast, waist, and hips measure 36-26-34 inches. Additionally, she weighs 52kg, has black hair and green eyes. That’s not all. She wears a shoe size 8(US) and a dress size 4(US).

Life as a Professional

Ewa came into the limelight after she fished high school. She met an agent that spoke to her about becoming a model, and she agreed to work with him. Ewa, however, does not just work as a model. She is an adult model and has posed topless severally. She got a job to work with Busty.pl a famous Polish website, in 2003. Her many jobs for this website included posing topless in videos and pictures.

Sonnet has always attracted attention because of her breasts’ size, with many saying she has this body because she went under the knife. However, she revealed that her breasts are natural when she was interviewed by CKM, a Polish magazine she posed for without her top. Although lots of people believe Sonnet is lying about her breast being natural, she has not altered her statement. A statement on one of her social media pages reveals every part of her body is natural except her hair color. This implies she holds firmly to the information of being naturally busty.

Ewa Sonnet as a Musician

Ewa might be more famous as a model. However, modeling is not the only thing she is renowned for. She is also a musician. She started making music in 2005 and dropped her first album on the 11th of December, 2005. This album was titled Nielegalna. Still in 2005, she was on the Kuda Wojewodzki Show to talk about her album.

Ewa did not stop at merely dropping her album. She went on to become a performing artist and took part in lots of concerts in Poland. About ten months after the release of her first album, Ewa Sonnet released a second album. This album was called Nielegalna.

Other Endeavors

Ewa has made an appearance on several polish television shows. Of these different shows, the show where she danced on ice is the most famous. Also, she made an appearance in CKM in 2006 and 2007.

Due to her many endeavors in the entertainment sector, Ewa has a solid fan base on social media. She has about 30.1k followers on Instagram, 30.4k followers on Facebook, and 209k followers.

Ewa Sonnet’s Relationship

It appears Ewa is enjoying life as a single lady. This is perhaps because of the freedom it affords her. Ewa Sonnet is yet to say anything about being in a relationship. This means she is most likely single. While many people believe she is single since she has not said anything about being in a relationship, one must note that she is very discreet with her personal life. This means she might be in a relationship but decide to keep it to herself.

While no one is sure if she is in a relationship, it is common knowledge that she is not married, has never been married, and does not have any children yet.


Ewa went into modeling just after she finished high school. Apart from going through high school, there are no records of her ever attending a university. This is perhaps because of the level of success she was able to attain working as a model.

How much is Ewa Sonnet Worth

 There are no details about Ewa’s monthly earnings. Nonetheless, she is estimated to be worth between $100k to $1 million.


With the kind of body Ewa has and her job, one would expect her to be involved in lots of controversies and rumors. Ewa has not really been involved in lots of rumors. However, in 2007, there were rumors that she has worked in London, England as a prostitute. Although this rumor was widespread, it happened to be untrue. She was never a prostitute. 

After this rumor became known, Sonnet, alongside her manager, came out to deny it. Nonetheless, she has been involved in a couple of controversies. Chief of these controversies is the topless photo-shoots she took part in. While one can say that these photo-shoots were controversial, the level of controversy associated with them increased when a firm used one of her pictures in pop culture without her permission.

Still on controversies, in 2009, Ewa began to put out nude pictures and videos on Busty.pl. Although this action was entirely her business as she was legally an adult already, many people were not happy with it. Their reason is she already made it known publicly that she was leaving erotica and going into the music industry. So, when she posed an erotic picture, lots of fans considered it was going back to her vomit.

After a successful career with Busty.pl, Ewa went in to launch her website. This website is 3wasonnet.com. A year after launching her website, Sonnet released a picture she called ‘Nudity on High Heels.’ In this picture, she fully revealed her frontal. Although she had shown her frontal a couple of times, she covered her pubic region with her hands. However, in this picture, her pubic area was shaved and left uncovered.

On the 5th of October 2016, Ewa revealed that her new bra size is 65K, which is the same as a 30J in the United States.

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