Ariana Grande Ethnicity

Ariana Grande has been in the spotlight for a reasonably long period, and it is no news she is one of the most relevant females in the American music industry. Regardless of how famous the singer is, the average person does not know her ethnicity. While lots of people will naturally assume she is Latina, a good number of people appear confused about her ethnicity.

About Ariana Grande’s Family

Ariana Grande might seem like a Latina. However, she was born to Italian parents. Furthermore, there is no trace of Hispanic roots in her linage. In 2011, the singer put up a tweet referring to herself as an Italian American to further buttress this point. She went in to claim she is half Abruzzese and half Sicilian.

Ariana’s father, Edward Butera, set up his graphic design company in Florida. He did this just after moving his family to Florida in 1993, not too long before Arian Grade was born. Additionally, her mother, Laon Grande, was head of a telephone and alarms firm Hose McCann Communications

In 2002, Ariana’s parents opted for a divorce. After the divorce, she did not have an excellent relationship with her father. Their relationship was so bad that they stopped communicating for a long time. Nonetheless, they decided to fix their relationship.

Although the singer is popularly known as Ariana Grande, she was born Ariana Grande Butera. Also, the likelihood that she would change her name after getting g married is very slim. This is because the singer has already stated that she intends to keep her last name because of her grandfather. She did not stop at this. She went ahead to explain her decision. She made it known that she always thinks about her grandfather regardless of the task she is handing, and the name meant a lot to him.

Before 2014, Ariana Grande always considered herself an Italian. However, in 2014, she got to know more about her roots. She put up a tweet stating her grandparents are Greek and half North African. This, perhaps, explains the uniqueness of her appearance.

Cultural Appreciation

There are a couple of reasons lots of people consider Ariana Grande a Latina. Chief among these reasons is her racially confusing appearance. A lot of fans have accused the singer of using ‘blaccent’ while granting interviews. Additionally, she has also been alleged to have made use of ‘blackfishing’ because of extreme tanning. Over the years, Grande has had to deal with accusations of a cultural takeover. 

Ariana became famous when she began playing the role of Cat Valentine in Victorious, a Nickelodeon series. Many people have followed her right from the days she made her first appearance on TV and have observed the drastic change in her skin tone and Look with time.

The change in her look became a significant issue after she released ‘7 Rings’. After she dropped this song, a good number of rappers put up allegations of her ripping them off. Some of these rappers include 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, and Princess Nokia. Furthermore, highly rated publications like slate and the Atlantic released Articles about how Ariana represented various cultures.

That’s not all. Fans also attacked the superstar singer after she got a tattoo in Japanese. This tattoo meant ‘7 rings’. However, her ring was not spelled right, and she got ‘barbecue grill.’ Although she tried correcting this, she still did not get the spelling right.

In her defense, Ariana stated that appreciation and appropriation differ. Although she felt her statement was going to correct things, it earned her increased lashes. Many people believe that she had a tan that is a lot darker than her real skin tone. Even her ex Pete Davidson spoke about her doing something unhealthy to darken her skin tone.

Though not a Latina, Grande has maintained a good relationship with various stars with Hispanic roots. She even once dated a Mexican dancer.

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