Richard Giannotti

Richard Giannotti was a very good and talented athlete. He was married to Joy Taylor who is also a celebrity.  Joy is an American on-air personality. The former baseball player got married to Joy Taylor in 2016.

Giannotti has also earned himself a reputation in sports and business. The marriage between the two celebrities became the talk of the town, and since then, things have been going on smoothly between the couple.

However, we have researched about Giannotti, and below, we bring to you some facts about this baseball player and how he and his wife have been living their lives.

His Early Years

Richard Brandon Giannotti, born on August 9, 1983, was born to Richard J. Giannotti and Susan Giannotti. His parents, at the time of his birth, were living in a city in the United States called Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He, together with his step-sister known as Rennie Leslie Giannotti, was brought up in this city.

According to reports, he maintains a close relationship with his step-sister. Regarding his high school education, he enrolled at Saint Thomas High School located in Fort Lauderdale. After he completed his high school education at Saint Thomas, he went further to study Business Administration at the University of Miami.

His Relationship

We can’t tell when exactly Richard Giannotti met Joy Taylor, but they started dating in 2015. Their relationship was a prestigious one as Joy Taylor was also a media personality. Joy worked as a radio presenter and a TV host at one of the most prominent TV and radio stations.

Her style of sports analysis and sports news reporting has won many fans onto her side. So, Giannotti and Joy were suspected to have been dating as far back as 2015, but have kept their relationship status as a private matter. Eventually, they both got married in 2016.

However, many believed that their marriage would be a happy and long-lasting one since both Giannotti and Joy are easy-going and lenient. But, to the surprise of many, the coupled filed for a divorce in 2017 and are living separately. To date, Giannotti has not been seen with another woman and is focused on his company.

His Professional Baseball Career

Richard Giannotti had always been a fan of baseball games right from his childhood. He has started playing baseball at high school.  Sources have it that he was offered a scholarship to study at the University of Miami so that he could play for the baseball team.

He was offered admission on scholarship because they believed that he would perform well for the school team. Eventually, he did and didn’t disappoint them. During his playing days at the university, he had helped the school team wins a lot of games and titles.

At that time, he was nominated as the best All-State Outfielder and his name grew more famous among the students. After he finished his college education, he then ventured fully into his professional baseball career in 2004.

He got signed by Anaheim Angels in 2004, whose name was changed to ‘The Los Angeles Angels’ a year later. That was just the start of his professional career. He moved on to play for other various clubs and earned great fame for himself.

In total, he was active as a professional baseball player for nine years and he made impacts at every team he played for. He was loved and admired by many baseball fans, and also earned some respect from his teammates. He was known as one who cares about everyone and made sure everyone is in position.

His Business

Apart from being a former baseball player, Richard Giannotti is also a businessman. Not all his wealth had been accumulated from his professional baseball career, his business line also contributed to it. He formerly co-owns Bubucheek clothing, a popular clothing line in the United States.

However, during the fall of 2014, Richard Giannotti established his company called Athlete Asset Management at Global Wealth Management. This company aims to manage the properties and assets of sportsmen. They also offer consultation services for athletes on how they can invest in properties in their career days.

The company is located in his hometown and headed by Richard Giannotti himself. He is also the financial Adviser of the company. He believes that trust and communication are key to a successful business deal which is why he decided to use the keyword ‘trust and communication’ as his company’s motto.

His Mother

Richard Giannotti’s mother, Susan Giannotti, would always support her son in his career. She would attend every of her son’s games. In return, Richard Giannotti always posts a picture of his mother on his social media to wish her a happy birthday every year.

Susan Giannotti also has a social media account on Instagram. She always posts several photos about her family on this page including her late husband. We got to know that Richard lost his father in 2016 via one of Susan’s posts on Instagram.

His Net Worth

As a former baseball player and a business mogul, we believe that Richard Giannotti must have made a lot of fortunes over the years. Besides, he, being the CEO of his own business, must have been earning quite a huge amount. However, the question remains what his exact worth is?

At the moment, we cannot tell the exact net worth of the business mogul, but various reports claim that his net worth is currently about $1 million – quite a reasonable amount right?.

His Social Media

Although Richard Giannotti loves to keep his personal matter private, he still has some accounts on social media. He is found on some social networks like Twitter and Instagram with the username @_giannotti on both accounts.

However, he has kept his Instagram account private and wrote ‘Focused’ as his bio on Instagram. His Twitter account on the other hand informs you of quite a lot of details about him. However, the majority of his posts on Twitter are sports-related.

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