Beauty Tips to Turn You into a Hollywood Star

We always take a lot of time ensuring we look just right before going out, don’t we? It’d be so disappointing to receive an invitation to a cool party because we feel that we may not have enough time to get ready. Well, relax. We’ve got you! This guide will show you how you can turn into a Hollywood star in no time!

Let’s first remove blackheads

Blackheads may not be desirable for your ultimate Halloween look. Use a quick mask to remove it. Using a honey-cinnamon combination, make a paste of it and apply it on the blackheads. A clean cloth should then be lined over it and removed a few minutes later, about 5 minutes before rinsing them off.

Moisturize your skin

Several products will help keep your skin moisturized and looking fresh all night. Beeswax-based creams are best for dry skins while light emulsion oils with dimethicone are best for oily skins. Go for mineral oil creams with dimethicone for normal skins.

Dark eye circles are a no-no

Dark circles below your eyes are exactly what you don’t want before your Halloween makeover. Color correcting will help fix this. An orange color is an ultimate coverup for these dark circles. Nonetheless, pick pink or peach for dull skins, green for inflammations and yellow for spots or scars.

Do your hair

You’d definitely want to do your hair next. But then, how exactly should you go about this?

Quick curls

Use a hair straightener to complete curls after you’ve made twists of your hair.

Elegant hairdo

A complete and elegant hairdo should not take up to one hour or even thirty minutes at the best. There are fast ways you can do your hair. Advice from several resources online will help you get it done within 5 minutes, ten minutes tops. Check this out for a ten-minute hairdo session.

Apply powder

Your skin is already great, and you’d not want to ruin this with heavy makeup. Powders and light mousses will come handy. Better yet, if you’d like to use powder with no traces of it all, then you may want to leave only light-enough layers, and this can be achieved by use of tissue during application.

Rules for ideal brows

The following can be considered the rules for ideal brows:

  • Your pencil and brows should blend excellently
  • Too square is no good
  • Too arched is no good

Correct highlighting

Too many outlines will not look good on your face! You’d at this point, want to make good use of a highlighter. The three points of contour that will leave you looking astonishing are the cheeks, around your lips, nose lines, and around your brows.

Plump your lips

Several things can help with plumping your lips so that you look breathtaking. The following combination may sound strange, but trust me, it works like a charm! Scrub your lips with a toothbrush dipped in sugar and applied with a cinnamon-olive oil mixture.

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