Small Business Marketing Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

Marketing is neither easy nor is it anything close to cheap. But nobody said it’s not manageable. To work your way to the top in marketing, you have to start somewhere, especially when you’re on a low budget. Here are tips on how to do it:

Exploit the chances in incentives

Incentives are mostly rewards for doing something towards the good of a business. Think about incentives on referrals for a minute. Since you’re a small and growing business, you may not afford a referral program, which could come at quite a hefty price. You may, however, be more interested in something that will work for you- incentives. Tell your prospective clients that if they refer someone, they’ll get a certain percentage on either profits or payoffs. In whatever form your reward comes, it has to be something satisfactory. Some incentives come in the form of free trips or meals. However, always ensure that they’re related in a way to what you’re doing; your business. It would not make much sense if a hoteleering company offered a free communications package as an incentive. Nonetheless, incentives are often given as percentage on sales, profits or even payoffs. They could also come in the form of future discounts.

Giveaways, discounts or trials are “honey to the bee.”

These are usually given in good faith, and they go a long way to boost your credibility. This is more like assuring someone that you can solve their problems, and go ahead to solving some of them, just as proof. If they’re interested in more, then they can start talking business.

Always have your business cards with you

Business cards are the easiest and fastest of asking someone to reach out, without having to waste time by bothering them for their number. The world out there is so unpredictable. You will never know who you’ll come across when you leave your office. You may land a huge and promising client. If you don’t have a way they can get back or reach out to you, then how would you expect it to work out? Always be prepared, knowing that any second and any minute, you could meet someone invaluable to your business and looking unprepared would be a major turnoff.

Sometimes you may leave prospective clients with lots of questions. They may not be interested or have the time to ask at the moment of your engagement, so they’ll need something to remind them to reach out. Always carry enough business cards, and no amount can ever be too much!

Win clients through content marketing

Content marketing is one of the easiest and free ways of winning the hearts of your prospective clients. Create your own content and sell or pitch to your ideas to the target audience. You might as well convince several of them to reach out to you and even purchase your services.

Partnering with other small businesses is not a bad idea

Partnering with small businesses of your kind is the way to go! Remember that birds of the same feather flock together, and bringing together ideas of how to succeed together increases your chances of actual success. Therefore, do not sit there waiting! Partner up with other small businesses and your combined efforts might just win you more clients.

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