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Born October 29th, 1965, Ben Mallah is a successful entrepreneur and a real estate mogul. 54-year-old Ben Mallah is one of few millionaires in the United States who had to work their way into the top class of society from a background of stifling poverty. 

Known officially as Benjamin Mallah, his dramatic rise from grass to grace is a motivational story for millions of people. Many who follow Ben Mallah’s life story are always in awe of how far he has come. A Real Estate Mogul, Ben Mallah has accumulated quite a lot of assets for himself in his largely successful career. In this write-up, we’ll look at Ben Mallah’s early life, his career, net worth, social life, family as well as relationships. 

Ben Mallah’s Early Life

Born to a low-income family in Queens, New York, Ben Mallah spent most of his childhood in the ghettos of New York. According to him, he grew up in an environment surrounded by criminals and desperately wanted to break free. Unable to complete his high school education, Ben Mallah dropped out of school at the age of 14 to fend for himself. 

Rather than depend on his parents, Ben Mallah worked different kinds of job on the streets of New York to make ends meet. On multiple occasions, he described his childhood as being a “total misery” owing to what he described as his parent’s wretchedness and “stinginess.” According to him, although his parents were evidently poor, they barely spent the little they had on their three kids. It was the deprivations he suffered as a kid that made him to desperately want to make money. 

Ben Mallah suffered a lack of parental care during his childhood and accused his parents of negligence. He had been surrounded by organized crime figures throughout most of his childhood. His uncle, who was also called Ben Mallah, was tried and convicted for possession and distribution of hard drugs. 

Also, his family had ties to several crime figures in his neighborhood. While these circumstances could have been unfavorable for the development of a person of his age, he credits this time in his life for helping mold him into the resilient individual he has become. 

For some time, he worked as an errand boy for a local business in Wall Street. He joined the US Army at the age of 17, an institution he partly credits for helping instill discipline in himself. Joining the army also helped him escaped being drawn into criminal activities in his crime-riddled city. 

Ben Mallah’s Real Estate Business

 Although Ben Mallah has a few other income streams, his real estate business is by far his most prominent source of income.  In January of 1990, Ben Mallah started his real estate business. According to him, his poor background was a huge motivation for him to start his business. 

Even at a very young age, Ben Mallah had always wanted to be super-rich. After his brief stint in the army, Ben Mallah was hired as a Garbage collector in Oakland. After noticing his outstanding work ethic, his employer promoted him to oversee the property he was staying. As Ben Mallah kept demonstrating excellence at the job, his employer kept rewarding him with better positions. 

Within a short time, he was eventually put him in charge of all his employer’s real estate assets. According to Ben Mallah, he learnt most of what he knows about real estate during his time in charge of his employer’s real estate assets. After overseeing his employer’s properties for some time, he left to join Wilton’s Marwil investment where he bought and sold homes for profit. 

Apart from his work ethic, Ben Mallah was a bit lucky to enter the real estate world at the right time. During his early days in the real estate business, the sector was experiencing an upward trend. Ben Mallah was intuitive enough to jump in and make the best out of the situation. Nonetheless, his disciplined work ethic and an eye for good deals hugely contributed to his success in real estate. Among his first deals was a home he bought for $9 million and sold for $12 million, making around $3 million in profit. 

Since he started focusing his business searchlight on Tampa Bay, Ben Mallah has carved out a piece of the Tampa Bay real estate market for himself. For the most part, his business model was quite simple. He bought dilapidated properties from their owners, fixed them up and flipped them for profit. According to him, he would reinvest most of the profit he made on yet another real estate investment until he made more and more profit. He wasn’t selective in the kind of properties he bought. He bought everything from hotels and deserted homes to shopping malls. If it had potential, Ben Mallah would go for it. 

In one of his real estate mega-deal, Ben Mallah made more than $10 million on a single deal. He had bought Tampa Bay’s Best Western Bay Harbor in 2012 and resold it for $34.5 million in 2015, more than twice the price, a few years later. The property was a 261-room hotel located at Rocky point. He sold it to a Chicago-based firm, Oxford Capital Group. He spent around $5 million to renovate the building before putting it on the market. 

In the early parts of 2019, Ben Mallah made millions of dollars in his Hawthorne Suites deal. After buying the property at a much cheaper rate, Ben Mallah sold it for $14.4 million.

Later in August of the same year, Ben Mallah bought the Marina at Johns Pass for $17.2 million. He promised to turn the property around and spin it out at a juicy price.

 Later, the same year, Ben Mallah sold a property near Disney World for $33.5 million. He had earlier purchased the property at $21 million two years earlier. He spent an additional $5 million to radical upgrade the property before putting it on the market. 

Since 2003, Ben Mallah has bought and sold over 4,000 units of properties in Tampa Bay, making several million dollars in the process. 

Ben Mallah has also indirectly received support from governments. Some of the properties he has completed and sold has been under the auspices of government departments. Some of them include the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Clearwater. Broward County, Collier County, City of Tampa, City of Cape Coral, City of Naples and several others. 

Apart from real estate assets, Ben Mallah also made a significant amount of money from buying and reselling luxury items. One of such luxury items is the Batmobile used by Batman in the movie “Batman Returns.” He had bought the Batmobile for $225,000 and resold it later for some handsome profit. 

Ben Mallah’s Net Worth

Ben Mallah is a self-made millionaire who is worth an estimated $250 million. He amassed all his wealth without as little as a high school diploma.  He has several real estate investments and assets littered around the United States. His primary income stream remains his dealings in real estate and his strings of hospitality businesses.

What Else Does He Do?

Apart from buying and selling of properties, Ben Mallah has a successful hospitality business. He has several hotels and luxury suites in his portfolio. They include a total of seven hotels and investments across several other hospitality businesses in the United States. Ben Mallah is also a car collector. He loves fancy luxury cars. However, he doesn’t just buy them to ride but also to accumulate assets. While he currently owns several high-value automobiles, he has bought and sold several luxury cars making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. He currently owns lots of special edition automobile. Some of his cars include a Rolls Royce Phantom and Porsche Cayenne. 

Social Life and Social Media

Ben Mallah isn’t shy around cameras, and he also has a considerable presence on social media. He has been featured in several TV programs, most of which have discussed his dramatic rise from poverty to affluence. He has also granted several interviews to different media houses. Unlike most millionaires, Ben Mallah feels comfortable sharing the details of his past as well as personal life. He’s big on talking about his business. He is also a real estate evangelist. He has a YouTube channel where he details his real estate business and urges his followers to invest in real estate.  He has over 230k subscribers on YouTube. He uses his YouTube channel to share his daily millionaire lifestyle as he negotiates mega contracts and signs million-dollar deals. Ben Mallah also has around 10k followers on the social media platform, Twitter. Ben Mallah’s wife, Karla Nila, is also active on social media and enjoys a modest following. However, she’s not media savvy and makes much fewer social appearances than her millionaire husband. 

Ben Mallah Wife, Marriage and Family Life

There’s little information about Ben Mallah’s first marriage.  Most of what is known are that he divorced his first wife in 1999. He was left with custody of the two kids from the marriage.  Ben Mallah later got married to Karla Nila, a Mexican migrant who fled Mexico to stay with her grandparents at the age of 7. 

When Ben Mallah first met Karla Nila, she was just 14 years old. She was living with seven other relatives in a two-bedroom apartment within one of Mallah’s properties. Unfortunately, she found herself in one of California’s most violent neighborhood. Ben Mallah hired her grandfather to manage the house she was living in. He subsequently relocated her to a safer neighborhood. Ben Mallah also put Karla’s relatives in charge of the new apartment she was living to ensure they all had jobs. 

Ben Mallah gradually absorbed Karla’s family into his business and private life. In 2004, Ben Mallah married Karla as soon as she turned 18. The pair have since been married for almost 17 years now. In addition to the two kids from his previous marriage, Ben Mallah also has another child, making it three children in total. The three children are Ben Mallah Jr, Vinson Mallah and Aaron Mallah. 

Ben Mallah bought his new wife a Gulf-front Mansion worth around $16.5 million as an anniversary gift in February 2019. The property which was constructed in 2014 is very expansive. It features a pool that stretches across the 2½ acre property. It also has a wine cellar, bowling alley,  library, a six-car garage, trophy room and castle-like balconies.

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