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Season Hubley & Kurt Russell’s Son – Boston Russell Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth)

Before getting to learn more about Boston Russell, we will first like to discuss a little about his parents, Kurt Russell and Season Hubley. 

About Boston’s Parents

Kurt Russell started his acting career as a child actor and continued to blaze the trail all the way into adulthood. He currently has about 59 movies where he featured. Calling Kurt a Hollywood legend won’t be an exaggeration.

Though Russell has an amazing resume in the movie industry, the most stunning part of his life is his marital relationship with Haven Goldie that has been on for almost four decades now. Their love seems to get better by the day.

Before he got hooked with Goldie, Kurt was formerly married to Season Hubley and this lasted for just a short period, and they had a kid together; Boston Russell. 

Being the only kid that Kurt and Season had together, Boston keeps a very  low profile, unlike his other half sibling, who is famous in the showbiz industry. Find out more information about Boston and his family as you read further in this post.

Their Relationship

For close to forty  years now, Goldie and Kurt haven’t shared any marital vows but theirs is a relationship that many people who walked down the aisle would envy. The relationship has continued to grow stronger since 1983 when it all started.

Goldie and Kurt have a kid together; Wyatt Russell. Wyatt was formerly an ice hockey player who later became an actor just like his father. Before Goldie met Kurt, she was formerly married to Hudson Bill and had two kids: Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson.

Boston’s biological mother, Season later moved on to marry David Hayball, although they never had any children together.

About Boston Russell 

Boston Russell was born as Oliver Grant on the 16th of February 1980. Boston comes from the lineage of Hollywood stars. Kurt, his father, is an actor featured in a movie called Fate of Furious, likewise in volume two of Guardian of Galaxy. Kurt, who is sixty-six years old, got huge applause for his performance in Silkwood in 1983 and got his first nomination in Golden Globe.

Season Hubley(Boston’s mother) is a talented singer and actress. She has casted in several roles in popular movies such as Vice squad and many more. She stopped acting and decided to focus on her marriage and family.

Boston’s Grand dad was an Actor

Bing Russell is the grandfather of Boston, who featured as the star actor in the movie “the magnificent seven”  and several hit movies that made waves in the 60s. Since Boston is encircled by Hollywood stars, it will be difficult for him to cut ties with the movie industry.

Kate Hudson Mix Feelings Russel Jnr

Kate once revealed that she was confused about the relationship her mother is having with Kurt, more still having Russell as her brother. In her statement, she said she could recall the first time she had her eyes on Boston; it was like a big moment for her. 

She had so many thoughts racing through her mind. Thoughts like, her mom was in love with him and if Kurt was going to be her father? Does it mean that Boston is her brother? Those were the wild imaginations that she got her mind clouded with. She also stated that as a teenager, it was just too much for her to comprehend. Oliver didn’t care about the experience she was having at that moment. Although, Kurt has confessed that he had none of the feelings her sister was experiencing.

The feelings Kate that was having are all in the past now because the siblings seem to be getting along well now. After all, they have come a long way.

Boston has made moves to get into Hollywood. This may sound surprising to many. He didn’t make headway like his siblings, but he has projects that he is proud of. Occasionally, he works for Hollywood.

He was the assistant producer in the movie titled Executive Decision that was produced in the year 1996, where Kurt was the lead actor. In 2005, during a TV program called 60 minutes, he appeared as Goldie’s stepson and was telecasted on CBE TV.

Boston Russell work profile

Presently, Boston’s work profile is not known; even his parents cannot say much about his career currently. He doesn’t have social profiles that can help trace his present career.

His Net Worth

Although his net worth hasn’t been ascertained, with his status in society, he should not  be worth less than two hundred thousand US dollars. He might also be into real estate, but the fact may not accurate.

Is Boston Russell married or single?

The 38 year old’s relationship status remains entirely a mystery to many. During an interview held by Time Magazine, his father mentioned that he is a proud and a happy grandfather, meaning he had grandchildren from Oliver and Kate but not from Boston. So, it’s self-evident that Russell is not married.

Even from Kate and Kurt fan forums and sites, nothing has been said about Russell’s love life. This part of his life is difficult to unravel as he isn’t seen much in the industry.

How Kurt and Season met?

Kurt and Hubley started their love relationship after acting together in the movie “Elvis” in the year 1979. The movie script was written and acted based on a true life story about the history of Elvis Presley. Kurt was the main character who acted the part of Elvis in the movie. Kurt was attracted to Hubley; they got married just a few months into their relationship.

The marriage ended after four years of being married. They were legally divorced in 1983, that was when Kurt met Goldie, and they started a relationship.

There are many speculations about Goldie and Kurt having extramarital affairs, which led to the separation to meet with their former partners. But the rumor was denied by Kurt and has proved to them that their thirty-four-year-old marriage is proof of love for each other.

Goldie Hawn Love for Boston 

Goldie gave Boston the same love as her other three children , though he wasn’t the first neither the last of her children. When she was interviewed in 2015, she said they both are doing their best to bring up their children.

In her own words, she noted that it isn’t easy for both of them having to be responsible for holding the home even when they are not in agreement about most things. They remain committed to making the home work and deal with whatever issues come up.

Boston and Goldie have been seen taking a walk in Los Angeles amid the coronavirus pandemic plague. Not only does she enjoys strolling with him, but she is also seen with him during events such as red carpet and Hollywood premieres. Boston was there to support her in her walk of fame in Hollywood. Boston is preferred living a low-profile life. He sees it as dividends of not getting involved in showbiz. This also earned him the opportunity of traveling to different cities.

It was gathered from the Information on his Facebook profile that he has traveled to different places like Tibet and Rio and that he loves traveling. Boston is a graduate of the University of California, but he is seen as being highly spiritual. In the year 2017, he said he felt connected to the path of spirituality after taking a trial on Ancestor investigation with Tata.

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