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What are the Best CBD-Infused Drinks? Top Cannabis CBD Water Review

In the year 2019, the CBD business has been growing so rapidly, that many businesses can’t come up. For those who don’t know that are reading this, cannibidiol is one of the ingredients that has an insane amount of medical benefits and yes, it’s derived from hemp and is not toxicating (it doesn’t get you high). This product has been marketed and has been proven to be effective against seizures, treating Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, chronic pain, and so much more. In the next couple years, it’s projected to be over a threshold of 2 billion dollars, and is continuously growing as people are discovering it. There are a ton of things which include it, like drops, edibles, capsules, and even balms and salves. In this guide though we’re going to talk about a new unique product that we’ve found which can do all that and hydrate you… yes, it’s CBD water!

CBD Water?

Yes, it is premium H2O that has been infused with CBD oil. By drinking this water, you can reap all of the benefits of CBD and at the same time, hydrate yourself! With all the craze, it’s no surprise that there have been companies that have been able to utilize full-spectrum CBD oil into water, but what’s even cooler is the science behind how they make CBD water.

Using nanotechnology, most of the companies that manufacture this wonder-water use extremely small particles that are one million times smaller than the normal size of each molecule of oil to infuse the water with it. Therefore, you have a higher chance of ingesting the CBD in the water compared to even taking the oil itself, as the water acts as a carrier to introduce it into your body. Therefore, they are absorbed into the bloodstream rather than being absorbed into the stomach like most edible and drinkable products. This is supposedly a lot better than the other ways you can consume CBD.

For further proof of this, it’s important to know that a lot of times, you can lose up to 90 % of the CBD that actually goes into an edible product just because your body doesn’t make it available to absorb as quickly as possible. This term is known as bioavailability. However, when it comes to drinking the water, you can essentially have a more “bioavailable” product, so you are getting all of the CBD that is infused into the product that you should, and it is delivered to the right places it has to get to so you feel the most of the benefits, and don’t require as much.

What Are Some Benefits of CBD Water

There are numerous benefits of CBD water over other methods of delivering CBD as we mentioned earlier. With the water, you get the hydration you need, but even the CBD oil can help with this by increasing the quality of your body’s heart, acting as an antioxidant, and muscle pain recovery (because of the bioavailability process, this is increased and can happen faster than other methods). Aside from this, there are many other great health benefits which we’ve also described.

When it comes to the flavor well, there really isn’t one. Some people however claim that they can tell the difference from mineral water and water that comes out of the tap, or even pure spring water compared to mineral water. A lot of the brands actually put about 50mg of CBD oil to each bottle of water, which is more than enough for most people. Of course, you still may need to supplement if you are a victim of epilepsy, as you may need up to around 300 mg every day in order to cut your seizures down to size. Fortunately, you can’t get high from CBD oil though! Because of the CBD water though, you can actually feel a little bit more energized as well as more refreshed after drinking it.

What are the Cons?

With the CBD water, there is some controversy on whether or not it’s actually as effective or not. While science says it is more effective, there are many things that people don’t believe (some of them like the whole CBD ideas themselves). Other fanatics that use marijuana regularly are pretty particular to sticking with it because they believe that CBD isn’t as effective if it doesn’t have the other ingredients and chemicals that is in marijuana. Also, a lot of companies put CBD oil in their products, but they don’t use full-spectrum CBD oil, so you aren’t getting the same amount of quality you would get from one that used full-spectrum CBD in their product.

Are there Multiple Brands?

There are a handful of companies that have joined forces when it comes to the CBD movement.
Some of the most popular brands we’ll show you are below:

  • CBD Living Water – 
  • CBD Naturals –
  • Canna Nano –

If you’re looking for a cheap price for CBD infused water though, you may want to look elsewhere. Keep in mind you’re getting high quality CBD integrated with the water, so it can cost around fifty nine dollars just for the CBD Nautrals products. Each bottle is a half liter and if you get products like CBD Living Water, look forward to spending about eight bucks per 17 oz. bottle of premium mineral water.

Is CBD Water Better than CBD Oil?

As mentioned above, there is some controversy on whether the water is better. CBD oil is the main way that people user CBD. However, CBD water does offer a lot of pros that are somewhat better. Of course, with everything there are pros and cons. What the Water does have above CBD oil is:

  • The Availability for Your Body to Absorb the CBD Completely
    As this says, the bioavailability of CBD water is completely consumed and your body absorbs all of the CBD inside of it. Therefore, you don’t need as much cannibidiol as you would if you were just consuming the oil itself. 
  • The Flavor
    Many people actually don’t like the taste of CBD oil, and it’s rather bitter unless you get extra flavors added to it. Therefore, you can get a regular refreshing taste of mineral water with the CBD water.
  • How Fast it Works
    Many people who’ve consumed CBD water have stated that it works almost instantly, as compared to CBD oil which can take time for your body to absorb.

Of course, there are a few downsides to CBD water, and CBD oil totally trumps CBD water when it comes to the following:

The Price is Higher

CBD water is a lot more expensive than CBD oil. You can buy a cheap bottle of CBD oil for about a fourth of the price you would pay for CBD water. As a matter of fact, if you get the CBD Living Water Bottle, you’re spending the same price you could pay for a bottle of good CBD oil.

People are Unsure of How Safe CBD Water Is

That being said, there is still extensive research still being done when it comes to how much better the water is, and the nanotechnology still has a lot of tests that need to be done with it. CBD oil makers have more proof of lab testing, and the market is more well-known which is something you may want to consider as well, as its integrity is unmatched.

You Have Full-Spectrum Options

The Water contains CBD, but the oils also can include extra cannabinoids and terpenes. Some companies use the entire plant so you can actually get more effectiveness from the oils as compared to the water. Since the water is newer and doesn’t have all of the scientific proof to back it up yet, it’s unclear as to whether this is true.

Can I Buy CBD Water in a Store?

The answer to that question is not yet. CBD oil is a very well-known market in America, but some states, cities, and different area laws are actually in place so CBD is not fully legal everywhere. However, CBD water is legal when it comes to states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. This means that CBD oil is more widely accepted, even some of the states that have the toughest laws against marijuana for recreational use (medical-legal only) still allow purchase and use of CBD oil itself.

Not only do we have the various factors above, but CBD water itself  can’t be found in stores, but can be found on some online stores, as well as from the companies websites that we mentioned earlier. You can also buy it on places like Amazon, but there isn’t much known about these suppliers, so going through a direct online manufacturer may be your better choice.

Our Final Thoughts on CBD Water

With the current confusion and controversy that is involved, as well as the mixed emotions people have about CBD water, it’s pretty unclear at this point on whether or not it’s a better investment. Although science says it is, it’s actually not yet as positive as far as evidence can show on whether it is safer than CBD oil, or whether you will actually get the benefits guaranteed that you can get from the extensive research and lab results on CBD oil itself. However, that’s not to say that CBD water itself isn’t safe or effective. Give it a shot and if you don’t like it, you can always stick the oil like everyone else does.

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