Birgen Anika Hartman

Birgen Hartmann is the daughter of an popular American personality and a fashion designer . Her dad’s name was Phillip Hartmann, and she is presently dedicated to her bridal shop/boutique, named after her.

Who is Birgen Anika Hartmann?

Phillip Edward Hartmann, Birgen’s father, was a famous actor, a graphic designer, and a screenwriter. Phillip was born in Canada but migrated with his family to the USA when he was just ten years old. It was at the Californian University that he pursued his career in graphic arts.

Birgen Anika Hartmann was conceived in February of 1992 – her exact date of birth has not been fully disclosed at present. Her place of birth is the USA, and as of 2020, she was 28years old. She has a mixed ethnicity of American and Canadian, however, she has an American nationality.

Her Marital Life

On October 13th, 2018, Birgen got married in FAI – Villa del Balbianello. She is happily married and is living a great life with her husband. FAI -Villa del Balbianello is a world-class villa in Italy, and that was where she tied the knot with Brandon. They got engaged five years ago.

Birgen’s Family – Mother, Father, and Brother

Birgen Hartmann’s father was Phil Hartmann, while her mother was Brynn Hartmann. Her father was a former actor, while Brynn, her mother was an actress and a model. Her parents  both did well in their entertainment careers.

Birgen has a brother known Sean Hartman – his middle name is Edward, and he is her elder brother. Sean was born and raised up in Los Angeles with his kid sister and parents. He is currently pursuing his career in British Columbia.

The Death of Birgen Hartman’s Father – Phil Hartman

Although married, Phil and Brynn, Birgen’s parents frequently had lots of quarrels and were not on good terms in their marriage. They were both in the dark sides of the matrimony for a long time: probably every day for them was a dark day. The drama ended on May 28th, 1998, when Brynn killed Phil by shooting him and afterwards, went on to commit suicide in her house.

Brynn shot Phillip thrice with a revolver, and also shot herself when she got to her home in California. During this unfortunate incident, Birgen was just six years of age, while Sean, her elder brother, was just nine years of age. 

Since both her parents died when she was just a child, Birgen never knew what parental love and care were. She and her brother were raised by their aunt. Some sources have it that Sean and Birgen were raised by their aunts with different last names to protect them from social media.

Birgen still loves her father and always remembers him on special occasions such as Father’s Day. Recently, she made a post on her profile stating that although she has lots of father figures in her life, her father has her heart. In her post, she called her Dad a ‘Dapper dude’ – she misses her dad.

What is Birgen Worth?

In her earlier days, she bagged a degree in communications at St. Thomas University and worked as the barista of a coffee shop. She also did data entry for a bank. But all this while, her eyes were fixed on the fashion industry.

Birgen Anika Hartman has made a fortune for herself from her fashion designing career. Over the last five years, Birgen has carved a niche for herself and established herself as a force to reckon with in the fashion industry. She is the owner of a bridal store situated in Minnesota that has been in operation since 2016. Birgen  has built reasonable wealth from the fashion industry. 

Throughout her career in fashion designing, she has helped with the promotion of big brands like ZARA, Persol, Zenga, Beauty Counter, and BRETA. Her social media tells it all; starting from her profiile to her posts, it is evident that Birgen is living a life of luxury and comfort.

Her net worth isn’t just a product of her hard work in the fashion industry as she also received her share of her father’s will. After Phil Hartman’s death, his will was split in two; part was given to Sean, the other was given to Birgen. The properties were not made available to any of his children until they had gotten a Bachelor’s degree from a University, and until they were adults.

The thoughtful decision made by Phil Hartman is what Birgen and her elder brother, Sean are enjoying today. She is also getting a sizable income from her profession as a fashion designer. 

Her Parents Home

Phil Hartman, before his death and that of his wife, owned a $686.7k house. The luxurious house was situated in Encino, Los Angeles, California. 

Where is Birgen Hartman Today?

Birgen Hartman started to get it wrong by following her mother’s footsteps, Brynn, by being a drug addict. But she regrets the deeds of her past and is now sober. She openly displayed her sobriety in 2014 on her social media profile, where she said stated that she was sober for two years. 

2018 seemed like a big year for her, as she took to her social media handle again to upload a picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She uploaded it using the caption ‘six years drug-free today!’ she was thanking Donatello, one of the fictional characters.

She is quite a private person and has a low-key personality. However, from time to time, she uploads pictures of her late parents on her IG profile. Today, she is in a happy marriage and is enjoying life to the fullest with Brandon, her husband.

Updates on Her Social Media Profile

Birgen isn’t so much of a social media freak. She is discreet, shares little or no information about her personal life on social media, and loves to keep herself off the public eye. She doesn’t post a lot of things on her social media, and she is private with her life. 

With her strong character, it is hard to dig into detailed information about her family life, husband, kids, and so on. However, she posts beautiful pictures of herself from time-to-time on her Instagram platform.

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