Abigail Shapiro – Ben Shapiro’s Sister

Abigail Shapiro is an American singer. She is also an Instagram influencer and a Youtuber. She has over 90k subscribers on her YouTube page where she uploads videos where she talks about her membership of the conservative party and her faith and life. 

Abigail is popular as Ben Shapiro’s sister. Ben is an American attorney, media host, and political commentator. Abigail leveraged that popularity and started her YouTube page three years after she first gained limelight due to her brother’s fame in 2020.

Ben is the youngest columnist to be nationally syndicated in the United States. He achieved this feat at the young age of 17. He is also the editor-in-chief and founder of The Daily Wire. 

Ben also previously worked with Breitbart News where he worked as an editor. He currently hosts ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’, a podcast. Popular singer and rapper Cardi B recently mocked Ben Shapiro for his comment on her latest release “WAP’. Ben had condemned and recited the explicit lyrics used in the song. 

Abigail Shapiro, Ben’s younger sister is equally making herself known to the world sparking controversy on YouTube and other social media platforms. According to an article in forwarding in 2017, Abigail Shapiro witnessed online trolling as a result of Ben’s high public profile. In a video she made in April 2020, Abigail attributed some of the oppression she faced due to her political beliefs. 

When Abigail was quizzed about her relationship with her brother Ben, she said it is awesome that they share a ten years age difference but they are still close and she loves him. Abigail likes to watch Kathleen lights and a Youtuber named Jessica Bruan. Royals Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn inspire Abigail’s fashion and beauty. 

Abigail runs a blog called Classicallyabby. The blog is an open space where conservative women feel free to discuss and share their views without fear of judgment and repercussion. Abigail describes herself as a trained opera singer on her website. 

She added that she has 3 degrees in operatic performance. She further wrote that she is a wife to an awesome husband, a self-taught makeup artist, and a lover of fashion. Many people disliked the video which Abigail Shapiro uploaded on her YouTube on the 4th of March 2019 which was titled ‘Singing the National Anthem’. 

The dislike came after Abigail revealed in the video that she used to be a fan of Taylor Swift before she became a Social Justice Warrior. However, the criticism of Taylor Swift did not go down well with many of her fans. 

Abigail has gained massive popularity thanks to her flourishing career. She has many honors to her name including a scholarship at Manhattan school while she was very young. 

Abigail Shapiro’s Childhood, Education and Family

Abigail had a very loving and memorable childhood because her parents supported all her interest and needs. Her career success is attributed to her loving childhood. Abigail and her brother Ben Shapiro were raised in a Jewish family but later changed to Orthodox Judaism. 

Abigail, born in 1994 in the United State of America, studied at Jewish Day Schools. She can speak German, Russian, French, and Italian fluently. Her brother, Ben Shapiro was born on the 15th of January 1984. Abigail’s father, David Shapiro was a composer while her mother worked with a TV company as an executive. 

Abigail has a bachelor’s degree from Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. She recently furthered her studies and graduated from Manhattan School of Music with a Masters degree under the guidance of Joan Patenaude-Yarnell. 

Abigail Shapiro Is a Conservative Youtuber

Abigail prides herself as the pioneer conservative influencer. She seems to be following in her brother’s footsteps to becoming a seasoned conservative commentator. Abigail often updates her audience with her view on issues like sex, abortion, femininity, cooking, marriage, homemaking, and her religious beliefs. 

Abigail Shapiro’s Awards and Career

Abigail began her singing career when she was at the Thornton School of Music. Abigail’s high-pitched voice and overloaded talent made her stand out and earned her several scholarship and program.

Abigail has been performing right from her undergraduate days where she gained a lot of recognition for her outstanding vocal performances. Abigail was privileged to perform in the Chamber Opera of USC and USC Thornton Opera. She has also performed in several prominent programs like the Aspen Music Festival, Opera Maine, Hawaii Performing Arts Festival, International Vocal Arts Institute, and Manhattan Summer Voice Festival. 

All the above-mentioned performances and many more have helped Abigail receive many honors. She is a recipient of a full-tuition award (trustee scholarship) at USC. The award is merited for music and academy. 

While she was a singer in the USC opera program, Abby made an appearance on Glee. She also starred in a Jewish movie musical when she was a child. The movie was titled A Light for Greytowers. 

Abigail once performed in MSM’s Opera Theater where she played as the principal. Her most recent appearances include ‘The Medium’ (Mrs. Gobineau), ‘The Cunning Little Vixen (the Vixen/Rooster Cover), and ‘Monica’ (the Medium). 

Abigail Shapiro’s Marriage

Abigail Shapiro got married to Jacob Roth on the 27th of May 2018 after dating for a year. Few days after her first marriage anniversary, Abigail gushed about her husband as she made comments about how sweet her marriage is that she does not even know the time has moved so fast. 

Abigail and Jacob have lived in Virginia and Nebraska while Jacob works with Young America’s Foundation as a conservative staff attorney. 

Abigail Shapiro’s Controversies

Because she talks about sensitive issues, hundreds of YouTubers have made videos criticizing Abigail’s views which they deemed judgmental and overly reductive especially her gender roles beliefs. 

Abigail’s Body Attributes and Measurements

Abigail has black hair and light brown eyes, slim, and of the Caucasian ethnicity. She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and she weighs 54kg. Abigail has a rich and vibrant soprano voice which makes her stand out as an opera singer. Abigail’s hobbies are internet surfing, traveling, learning, photography and reading.

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