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Sarah Spain’s Husband – Brad Zibung Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

They say that when two people marry, they become one, and in the case of Brad and Sarah, this is absolutely true! Sarah Spain is a popular public figure, and thus, a lot of people are curious about her life, which includes information on her husband. Many do not know a lot about Brad Zhang, so we compiled this article to disclose some facts about the American businessman.

Who is Brad Zibung?

Mostly known as Sarah Spain’s husband, Brad Zibung is an American businessman who deals in real estate. Furthermore, he is acknowledged for co-creating The Heckler with George Ellis, a sports magazine with a worldwide readership. The Heckler debuted in 2003, and it is known for news and sports commentary with a bit of satire.

Early Life

Brad is an American born in 1970; however, many details of his family background are unknown. He is a proud graduate of the New Holstein School District and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. 

He graduated with a degree in public relations and journalism in 1999. It was later in 2009 when the university presented him with an Outstanding Young Alumni Award. The award would join the awards that Brad received over the years, including 4 Years of Outstanding Attendance in high school. 

His Work and Net worth

When the businessman graduated in 1999, he relocated to Illinois to begin his career. Brad started at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh as a PR assistant; he spent the next two years improving his skill before diving into corporate business. Subsequently, he spent the next five years working as a communications associate for the Leo Burnett Group, a famous international advertising company.

That is not all; Brad went further to become a senior operations manager for StubHub, an online exchange ticket reselling platform. He did this for ten years, and he was present when eBay acquired StubHub for a massive $310million.

He later decided to join the real-estate world in 2014, where he is currently thriving. He has experience living in different neighborhoods, so he understands what his clients need. Brad has various listings to pick from, making him a go-to-person when house hunting in the area. He is now an award-winning real estate agent, and he thanks his team, the Chicago Residential Partners.

Brad Zibung’s hard work is paying off as he is estimated to be worth billions. As of 2018, his net worth was at 1.5 billion; now, the figure must have grown substantially.

Who is Sarah Spain?

The public was not fully aware of Brad until he married his wife, Sarah. Sarah is a famous sports reporter affiliated with ESPN; before getting to ESPN, the American reporter worked with media companies such as, WGN, Fox Sports Net, and Her energetic voice and love for sports have seen her career take off.

The reporter’s parents are lawyers; hence, she and her siblings naturally learned to ask questions and stand for themselves from a young age. While in Lake Forest High School, she participated in different sports and led her teams as captain. Sarah, a Cornell University English major graduate, also picked up performance and acting classes to horn her broadcasting skills.

Life with Sarah

Brad and Sarah met at a party while bowling for charity in 2008. They got along and went on their first date to a baseball game in 2009, which began their six-year relationship before marriage. The two held a large wedding on 29th May 2016 with 300 people in attendance, and it was obvious the couple was in love from the wedding pictures.

Brad and Sarah celebrated their love by going on a romantic honeymoon traversing Australia and New Zealand; as it was also Brad’s 40th birthday, the journey marked a milestone in his life.

The two love birds have no offspring yet, but they have two rescue dogs they love dearly. Both Brad and Sarah have siblings with children, so they enjoy bonding time with the little ones, as seen on social media. Brad’s page is full of their dogs’ photos, family, memes, work-related posts, and personal opinions.

He is not afraid of being himself, unlike other rigid people in the business. He voices his opinion over political matters while maintaining some levity. Overall, he seems to be a happy man whose career and family life is working out. He enjoys all the best games because as editor in chief of The Heckler, season tickets are in plenty.

Brad is a businessman and a philanthropist working with several charities such as Peace for Pits, Off the Street Club, the National Parks Conservation Association, and the Syrian Community Network. Together with his wife, they co-found Chicago Hearing Society’s “Hear the Cheers” initiative to help both children and adults with hearing aids.


Brad and Sarah are an excellent example of what determination and love can do; both are successful in their own fields, but they still find time for each other. Through their love of sports and philanthropy, this couple continues to touch the hearts of many. We wish them nothing but the best as they continue pursuing their dreams.

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