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David Arquette’s Wife – Christina McLarty Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

David Arquette is a renowned Hollywood figure who wears several professional hats apart from being a professional wrestler from 2000. He is an actor, a producer, director, and fashion designer. He has appeared in some famous movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and TV shows such as Friends. 

David continues to create a decent work portfolio with the support of his wife, Christina McLarty. Today we uncover some facts about David and Christina’s family and work life.

David Arquette

David was born in September 1971 in Virginia to two talented parents who had experience in acting; their acting background influenced young David to join Hollywood. He made his debut in the industry when he appeared in the movie Where the Day Takes You in 1992. 

He is now easily recognized for his work in the Scream horror movie franchise and other works such as The Tipper, Hamlet 2, and Dancing with the Stars.

David Arquette has been a household name from the 90s, and in 2022 he will continue to occupy our screens with his latest role in the Fifth Scream movie. During the filming of the first Scream film in 1996, he met his ex-wife, Courtney Cox, who happened to be an A-list celebrity at the time. 

Their relationship attracted a lot of media attention, and when they divorced in 2013, they had to remain civil and raise their teenage daughter Coco. There are many reasons why the relationship went south, but for the most part, it seems to have been David’s fault; however, the former couple remains on good terms. 

Destiny has now brought the two-ex partners together to work on the latest Scream movie that brought them together in the first place. After the divorce, they moved on with their lives, and David started seeing Christina McLarty, a reporter for Entertainment Tonight. 

These two got married, and they have two sons together. Through the various challenges in David Arquette’s professional life, like almost losing his life in a wrestling match, his wife and children have helped him sail through without defeat.

Who is Christina McLarty?

Swimming in her success, Christina McLarty has acquired a name as an actress, producer, and Emmy award-winning journalist. The reporter was born in 1981, and she is the eldest of five siblings. Christina went to university in New York, emerging with a degree in journalism. 

An avid skater since she was a child, Christina McLarty has worked hard to be where she is now. She has worked with smaller companies before breaking out as a journalist in 2004. Since then, she has made a name for herself in the industry, working with big organizations like ABC, KTVT, KCBS, The Insider, and Entertainment Tonight.  

She has interviewed some big names like Oprah, Tyra, and Robert De Niro, but nowadays, Christina has turned her attention to producing content for the big screen and the small screen. Her Instagram bio quotes her to be a “News Reporter turned Producer.”

David Arquette and Christina McLarty’s relationship

After David’s and Cox’s relationship went up in flames, everyone’s life had to move on.  The couple became acquainted while attending a boat party, and soon they started courting. Rumors were flying about the two dating surfaced in 2011 even before they confirmed to the press. 

The paparazzi pictures taken in the Camp Play event seem to confirm that the two were getting cozy. David Arquette confirmed the relationship while attending the Howard stern show in 2011. He tried beating around the bush, but Howard stern applied pressure until the actor caved in. 

He played around claiming to date Barbara Walters before eventually revealing that he was dating Christina. The revelation came as a surprise because, at that time, Christina was separating from the film producer, Joe Francis. 

The two were married for a short period before Christina called it off in 2010. David and Christina fell in love, but their relationship did not escape a few bumps in the road. They had a brief breakup in 2012, but luckily cupid was smiling upon them. 

Witnesses got privy to the couple fighting on Santa Monica Boulevard with Christina chasing after David, but they settled the issue later on. 

The couple welcomed a baby boy in April 2014 and later tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2015; all their close friends and family members were present, including David’s daughter with Cox, Coco. They later welcomed another son in 2017, and they have plans of extending the family.

Work and family

Christina has attained success in the industry, and she is doing an excellent job in balancing mom life. She has two sons with David called Charlie West Arquette and Augustus Alexis ‘Gus’ Arquette. 

Charlie was born in 2014, while Augustus Alexis came into the world in 2017 after David lost his sister six months prior. Considering the grief that the family was going through, the addition of a child helped alleviate some pain. 

They named their son Augustus Alexis after David’s sister, Alexis, in honor of her memory. David stated at the time that he was happy to have Alexi’s legacy live on and would keep her spirit alive. In his words, he missed her.

Sentiments aside, the couple seems to be thriving. David and Christina are working on several projects together in the film production sector. 

Christina has already gotten her feet wet in the production realm by releasing documentaries such as the 2018 Survivor’s Guide to Prison and Valarie introduced in 2019. She has another project in the works, called the 12 Hour Shift; the thriller film is the first movie that Christina and her husband collaborate on. 

The movie tells a story of nurses involved in the illegal harvesting and selling of organs with a bit of comedy sprinkled in. With the film coming soon, the couple has to coordinate production to run seamlessly in Jonesboro. 

David and Christina’s life 

Over the past few years, David has faced challenges that would have wiped him from the surface of the earth. He suffered through a heart attack and got two stents installed to prevent any more complications. 

As if that was not enough, David took part in a wrestling death match in 2018 against Nick Gage; at 48 years of age, this was a massive gamble for David. He ended up with a hole in the side of his neck gushing out blood furiously, fearing that he might die. 

Once he received medical attention, David did not give up; he went back in to finish the match. His wife was not present when the event took place because she had to tend to their sick children, but she assured the public later that he felt better. 

Christina’s intuition may have sensed something would go wrong because she could tell that her husband was worried before the match. Everything turned out fine in the end, and the event was filmed and turned into a documentary called You Cannot Kill David Arquette.

Christina had to chase him from the editing room to finish producing the film because it was traumatizing for him. Christina battled through the deathmatch experience to maintain a clear line between being his wife and work partner. 

Even though she was not at the scene, she had to worry about her husband’s wellbeing but still phone the deathmatch director to confirm the footage’s capturing. Christina mentions that she found the experience to be “a very strange role to play. But I’m so proud of the film.”

David admits that his wife was instrumental in his recovery and could not have done it without her. It seems that these challenges brought the couple even closer as they continue walking through life together.

From their social media pages, the couple is doing well through the family pictures they post. Christina has always loved dogs from childhood, and her children are taking after her. There are Videos of her children playing with the dogs, which is still a joy to behold. We hope that the family continues to grow in happiness and abundance.

Recently, David apologized to his daughter Coco for what she experienced when they were going through the divorce with Cox, stating that divorce is difficult. He disclosed that co-parenting is not easy at first, but Cox and himself have good communication, and they respect each other. 

Coco is now 16 years, and she has turned out to be a vibrant soul with an interest in the acting world. She has featured in a few films like Just Before I go and the recent documentary released covering her dad’s deathmatch.

Final word

Finding the balance between work and love can be challenging for any couple, especially with constant media scrutiny. Both Christina and David have faced a tumultuous past; hence it is nice to see them thriving. 

David is openly supportive of his wife’s career as she is of his, and working together, we expect them to release more projects in the future. In the meantime, we await the release of the 12 Hour Shift and the Fifth Scream movie with bated breaths.

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