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Amanda Bearse Wife – Carrie Schenken Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Partner)

Carie Schenken is one of the two most talked about LGBTQ community couples that achieved stardom. She is married to none other than Amanda Bearse, and is mainly only known because of her relationship to the television celebrity. Carrie is also very well known for the toils that they had to endure and are activists of the LGBTQ+ rights community, and believe that everyone should marry whoever they want. But other than this, it’s hard to tell what’s going on inside the life of Carrie Schenken, and many people don’t really know anything about her life as one of the most famous lesbian wives in all of America, aside from Ellen of course.

Who is Carrie Schenken Really?

Born on April 24th, way back in 1958 in the heart of Florida. She went to her elementary and education in her hometown (although we don’t quite know what that hometown is). It’s assumed that she doesn’t go to any college, and that she hasn’t received any sort of university degree. Aside from that, she worked many different tough jobs and odd jobs that didn’t give her enough income to support herself. As of date, she is 61. Since she was born towards the end of April, she is a Taurus according to the zodiac.

When She Met Her Wife

After a while, Carrie ended up getting a job to work in the movie industry as a camera technician behind the scenes. She ended up meeting her future wife, Amanda Bearse. Bearse was working hard at the time to film and was a regular actor and producer of the show “All My Children”, a popular American soap opera that’s been around for decades.

After a while, Amanda ended up deciding to go out of the closet around 1993, and because of this she admitted that her and Carrie were dating. They didn’t get married right away after they met either – after 7 years, they finally tied the knot in 2010. As far as everything goes on the media, it’s known that they are still happily married.  They wanted to wait until the laws of homosexual marriage changed before they got married so they could get legally married. While their marriage has remained strong over the years, they eventually adopted two children since they couldn’t have any of their own.

The Net Worth of Carrie Schenken

Carrie didn’t work in the same industry as her wife, and naturally, she doesn’t have a net worth that her spouse has – being that she is married to an actress. They do work together on their net worth and spend their money together. However, while it’s been assessed that Bearse has a net worth of approximately 16 million dollars, Carrie has only been ruled to be a million of that net worth. The couple does work together when it comes to finances, and even though Carrie is somewhat in the limelight, she remains behind the scenes for the most part and enjoys being able to live somewhat frivolously thanks to her partner.

What About Social Media?

At this time, aside from their activity in the LGBT community, the couple doesn’t really do social media – as with many actors and actresses. Of course, this doesn’t stop the paparazzi from calling from time to time. More importantly, there aren’t a lot of details about Carrie Schenken at all on the internet – and she likes to keep it that way as most celebrities and celebrity spouses do. When asked about their relationship, she doesn’t disclose any information – or you’d see a lot more activity buzzing around. At the same time, it’s unknown if Schenken is on any social media sites, as well as her wife at this time. Most television soap opera actors spend all of their time recording and filming for their daily television shows, and their usually isn’t a pause – compared to other sitcom and television show actors out there. 

In the meantime, it can be assumed that Schenken is still working as a camera technician, and apparently it seems that she’s been working on the set of “All My Children” for quite some time during her time with her spouse.


Carrie Schenken isn’t quite as famous as her partner, who is one of the leading actresses of the hit soap opera “All My Children”, but she has started to climb up the corporate ladder by breaking into the film industry – even if it’s just behind the scenes. While many celebrity wives take advantage of the media spotlight, Schenken definitely doesn’t.

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