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Television in Italy wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t have their famous Giulia Diletta Leotta – one of their most famous television personalities that hails from Catania, Sicily. She represents herself in the Seri A news and has been working for DAZN since 2018-2019. She ended up being a presenter of the Serie B Games on Sky Spot (a popular sports cast in Italy). While her colleagues wee men, she took pride in being the only woman in the bunch. In this guide, we’re going to talk about this famous sportcaster, and maybe you’ll be a little more educated about the life and biography of her.

She Goes By Diletta Leotta

Why is She Praised So Much?

It’s not necessarily common for someone like Diletta, being brought into the limelight and having a career as a sportscaster. Part of the reason for this, is because it’s a predominantly male-ran industry. You don’t often hear about female sports commentators since sports is also kind of a guy thing. However, she’s been doing this since 2010. She has worked with some big names in the Italian sports commentator market, and ended up heping to announce the 2018 Miss Italia edition series that ended up getting broadcasted by La7. Later on in 2020, Leotta even helped with the 70th anniversary of the Sanremo Music Festival.

She’s Prominent in Italy for Commentating at a Young Age

While it’s something that you don’t often hear about, she’s one of the youngest commentators out there today. Diletta Leotta was born in the middle of August of 1991 in Sicily, Italy. She ended up working her butt off and getting a degree when she studied at Rome’s Luiss University – graduating from the advanced study of Law and getting a Law degree in 2015 from the accredited college. However, this isn’t what she had in mind as a future career – something that she just fell into.

Is it Hard to Be a Commentator?

As a matter of fact, being a commentator is more of a communication thing, but you need to know whatever you’re commentating on inside and out. Therefore, for her career, Delotta has been able to be completely diverse when it comes to her techniques. Some commentators are dominant in just one field, sport, or type of event. Delotta has made sure that she can cover multiple terrains; that includes terrains that she has never participated in. By doing so, she is literally skimming over the safety net that would be provided if she were to have participated in the events that she’s been blessed to be a part of.

Most people consider female commentators to be annoying, from their voice all the way down to their personality – this also doesn’t help even though the career is somewhat sexist in this regards. When it comes to commentating an event, most men are able to use their booming voice (rather than being completely soft spoken), and this is something that many female commentators excel at so that they can be completely heard, earning more respect if they can get the crowd going. Leotta was able to do this as a commentator by giving people something to look forward to hearing, rather than the typical “chattering voice” that they would hear from a typical female broadcaster. 

What Does She Do Now?

It’s apparent that she’s still working with her current station as a commentator and an Internet Celebrity as well. What people don’t know about her, is that she also has dabbled into Modeling and she’s even been an internet celebrity of sorts. Because of this, her fame was launched into “stardom” when she ended up becoming a commentator back in 2010. She is a regular host and that has given her a lot of credit as a prominent diva in terms of her career success.

What Else is Known of Her Personal Life?

Not much is known about the personal life of Diletta Leotta other than what we’ve been able to share here. Most of the information that we have provided is all that we have. When it comes to her personal life, her family life, and other aspects of her career, it appears that she seems to remain pretty quiet even though she’s had her share of fame from her television and internet work. The rest of her life appears to be a mystery.


Not much seems to be known about the popular Sports commentator Diletta Leotta when it comes to personal info, but in Italy it seems that almost everyone knows just who she is.

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