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Clark Backo Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Family)

For those of you who are avid fans of science fiction TV shows, there’s no mistaking the Canadian actress Clark Backo, who plays Patience Turner in Supernatural.

Clark was born in Quebec, Canada, in the early 90s. She grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Clark initially didn’t aspire to pursue acting as her career – she was more of an academician, a dancer, and a wishful model.

She is of mixed descent and doesn’t reveal much about her family and whether she has siblings or not. However, in most of her interviews, Clark reveals that her father is her main source of inspiration.

Clark’s dad was a seasoned storyteller. His versatile narratives inspired her to try out acting lessons after graduating from high school and before joining college.

The outcome was unexpected – Clark recalls she instantly felt the burning desire to become a narrator herself. Acting gave her the freedom and the best natural platform.

Since then, she has focused more on role-playing and even joined an Arts (acting) institution to pursue her dream.

Her Early Life, Journey and Career

Clark studied in Canada from her elementary school to college. Before graduating from high school, she had little ambition to take on acting as a lifelong career.

However, during the short break in anticipation of college, Clark tried out role-playing, by following the drive to become as good a storyteller as her dad.

In following her ambition, Clark registered at an acting seminary. After attending role-playing classes, she decided to follow the new path – acting. Nonetheless, she still went ahead to pursue her academia in Natural Sciences when she joined university.

Clark is an all-around person – she is a contemporary academician, a model, actress, and dancer. Besides, she is quite a beauty. She has a slim figure, black hair, and hazel eyes.

Backo’s journey to prominence began when she enrolled at Jock MacDonald’s school for acting lessons. Jock MacDonald is a co-founder and trainer at Straeon Studios.

At Straeon, Backo learned how art is connected to human emotion and eventually perfected her storytelling skills under MacDonald’s personalized coaching, following in her father’s footsteps.

Clark is hardworking and ambitious – she’s proven this by taking on new challenges and assuming roles others imagine as too big for her. She believes there are no limits to the realization of human creativity.

After completing her training, Clark started making appearances on television shows. In 2012, two Canadian directors, Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper-Landsman, put her up for the four-season TV show, Beauty and the Beast.

Even though she played a minor role in the romantic series, the debut opened many doors. She welcomed the new opportunities with open arms.

In 2015, Netflix cast Clark as Lydia Lourdes in Hemlock Groove. Later that year, she role-played as Rhianna in another TV show dubbed Remedy.

Clark Backo first appeared in a movie in 2016. Michael Seater, the writer and director of the comedy movie Sadie’s Last Days on Earth, assigned her the character Brennan, Sadie’s closest friend.

In 2016, Clark role-played in other popular movies and TV shows, including Designated Survivor, Shoot the Messenger, The Hot Zone, Wyonna Earp, and The Girlfriend Experience.

Between 2017 and 2019, Clark appeared in several popular shows, including 21 Thunder, Letterkenny, The Hot Zone, Supernatural, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Besides debuting on Sadie’s Last Days on Earth, Clark Back has appeared in other movies such as Birdland, Going In, and Seven in Heaven.

Clark Backo’s Personal Life

Clark was born in Canada, but there’s uncertainty surrounding her current residence. Her fans are also in the dark – did she move to the US or still resides in Canada?

Backo was very close to her father in her early life. She even once posted a picture of a toddler Clark relaxing outdoors, for what seems like an afternoon meal, fresh air and probably afterward, an exciting story.

However, Clark hasn’t released any information concerning her other siblings (if any) and mother.

While we believe she is of mixed descent, we can’t help but speculate on her parents’ ancestry. Some sources hint that her father could be of African origin, from Cameroon, Central Africa, and her mother Caucasian.


Since her childhood, Clark has always loved dancing and wanted to be a model. Besides, she tried out a bit of modeling in her initial acting stages before dropping it as a career and only revisiting it on special occasions.

Her line of acting isn’t any different from modeling, and judging from her appealing look, it’s no secret that this TV star loves to grace the red carpets.

Clark admits she’s always loved dancing from her childhood. However, she doesn’t reveal any areas of specialization. Still, it seems dancing, performance, and modeling were hobbies she started a long time ago.

Apart from flexing her body to the sound of the beat, Clark loves hanging out with friends.

Being a contemporary superstar sometimes denies celebrities special private time to do the things they love.

Clark’s life is, however, quite different. She maintains a low social profile. She also goes out for outdoor fun with her close friends during her free time.

Clark is a great source of inspiration for most of her followers. On her other Instagram account dubbed The More You Read, she encourages people always to learn new things.

She also educates people on the importance of knowledge and how to speak for the unheard, the voiceless. According to Clark, knowledge is power.

Backo also loves traveling. She loves discovering new places. In addition to Canada and the US, Clark has visited Japan. She knows how to spend her time in the best way possible and still learn something beneficial with every novel experience.

Net Worth and Romantic Life

According to the latest statistics, Clark’s net value stands at $700,000. Most of her wealth comes from her acting remunerations. Clark enjoys living a luxurious private life and doesn’t mind spending her money if she feels like it.

Clark is a talented upcoming star whose fortune will most likely change for the better in times to come.

Backo keeps her romantic life a well-guarded secret. However, she couldn’t hide her boyfriend Frenchto from the prying eyes of her fans. They post lots of pictures together, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they make their secret love a public affair anytime soon!

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