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How Tall is Roddy Ricch and What is His Net Worth?

Roddy is an American rap star. His music has performed exceptionally in the Billboard’s charts. In October of nineteen ninety-eight, he was born in Compton, a place that has been the home and origin for many famous musicians in the United States.

It is believed he developed an interest in music from a very early age at eight years old. He began it only as a joke, but he started paying more attention to it eight years later at sixteen years old. He had grown up in a place known to be violent, but he succeeded.

Music Career

In twenty seventeen, he released his first tape called “Feed Tha Streets.” A  year later, in twenty eighteen, he followed it with another tape, “Be4 Tha Fame”. Later that year, he put out a song dedicated to his comrades who had died because of violence called “Bite the Dust Young.”

The song was received well and performed exceptionally well on streaming platforms. It received eighty million hits on YouTube and a whopping a hundred and twenty million hits on Spotify. Still, later that year, he collaborated on a project called Marshmello Project Dreams.

In twenty nineteen, he performed with deceased rapper Nipsey Hustle on “Racks In The Middle.” This song brought an upcoming star and a legendary artist, both from Compton, and charted highest at number forty on Billboard’s top one hundred.

In June of the same year, Roddy Ricch wrote a song produced by DJ Mustard called Ballin. It became his most successful song at the time, sitting at number eleven on the charts. It was not until December that he released his debut album called “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial.”

The album rose to the highest positions on the charts, and since its release, it has broken many records. One of the most impressive records it broke was 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin” first week’s sales.


The Box, one of the records in the album, topped the Hot one hundred chart at the beginning of last year. It was arguably his most successful record from the album. The song has been listened to by millions of people worldwide, making Roddy Ricch a household name.

Analysts can compare his debut collection’s performance with the success of 50 Cent’s debut album, which broke the same records. At one point, 50 Cent reached out to Roddy on Twitter to work with him on a collection.


Roddy Ricch’s real name is Rodrick Wayne Moore, Jr. He was born in nineteen ninety-eight October twenty-fourth. This year he will be turning twenty-three years old. His place of birth is Wakefield, England, in the United Kingdom.

However, he is an American by nationality. His profession is as a singer, songwriter, and record producer. His height is five feet and seven inches, and he weighs about sixty-four kilograms. He has black hair and hazel color eyes.

He is slim, and his sexual orientation is straight. He wears shoes size 9.5. he attended Carson High School, and his college history is unknown. Currently, he is single and is not seeing anyone. His favorite celebrities are Nipsey Hustle and Meek Mill.

He loves eating Chinese dishes and has been dreaming of taking a vacation in Florida and Japan. One of these days, he might be able to go.

Roddy Ricch Net Worth

Roddy Ricch’s music has recently begun to gain popularity, which means the singer’s revenue will increase significantly in the coming years. Right now, he is estimated to be worth more than one million dollars.

With his debut album getting millions of daily streams on all platforms, Roddy will grow his fan base. Merchandise sales from the album release are also doing very well online. He is also lined up to grace many festivals and on his album tour.

These performances will make him more money from ticket sales and appearance and performance fees. Overall, Roddy Ricch is starting out and pretty soon will generate enough wealth o be featured alongside other top celebrities.


He is a very private person who only divulges information to his closest friends. He is calm and composed and likes making music. This makes him a favorite of many musicians to collaborate.

He is not in any known relationship because he is taking his time to grow his career. He has seen many of his age mates die in recent times, which worries him about the dangers that he faces every day.

He has worked with some of the top musicians in different genres. He is comfortable making hip hop music, rap, and pop music. His sound is fresh and new, which gets a lot of people interested in his songs.

More Information

It is rare for young musicians to perform exceptionally like Roddy Ricch in the first few years of their career. It is harder for them to get proper management, legal advice, collaborations with established artists, and most of all, it is hard for them to keep making consistent music.

In that regard, Roddy has outperformed many of his peers and even those that came before him. Like him, he and others are ushering in a new era of music and carving out a niche of their own in hip hop.

They fuse melody and rap over new age beats to come up with entertaining and catchy songs. They have received many commendations for this, and the appeal for their work continues to grow daily.

It is sometimes challenging for them to make music and deal with the fast-paced life of celebrities. However, they are focused, and with information and advice from seasoned stars, they can navigate this world like fish in the water.


Roddy Ricch is a beacon to many artists who are starting in music careers. His work ethic and his music’s success show the relation between hard work, talent, and success. All other artists that are coming up in this new age can look to him as a success story.

Roddy is not that tall, but his reach is.

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