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Cody Lane Wiki (Bio, Age, Racing, Real Name, Now)

If you’ve never heard of the ARCA racer known as Cody Lane, one of the most popular race car drivers in America, then you’re probably not alone. However, if you’re a fan of racing, then you more than likely know who Cody Lane is. In this article, we’re going to give you as much of a biography as we can for him, because he deserves some true recognition for his racing feats. He’s one of America’s youngest racers at only 24 years old, and he’s considered a prodigy when it comes to racing. Not many people can say that considering there are only a handful of racers, such as those that were made popular by NASCAR. We’re going to give you some big facts about Cody Lane as well.

Who on Earth is Cody Lane?

Cody was born in January of 1996 – born Cody Lane, and he belongs to the big world of professional stock care races. While he competes at some times in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with his famous Chevy Camaro that boasts his number – 27, he works for his own team now called Cody Lane Racing. In the past, he’s worked for Carter 2 Motorsports, and he got his start in 2013.

How He Came to Race

Hailing from the heartland state of Missouri, USA, he started racing go-karts when he was just 4 years old. Later on, he ended up going into late model racing by the time he was 14 years old. Eventually, he raced in Tennessee during the prime of his teenage years, and his family eventually moved to Florida. While he was there, he competed at the Citrus County Speedway and Showtime Speedway at the Flora All Stars Tour back in the year of 2010. He ended up finishing in 10th place, which is pretty amazing for someone who is brand new in the sport. He ended up winning the award “Rookie of the Year” for stock car racing. Eventually, there was even a documentary about Lane’s 2011 and 2012 seasons called “Blue Caller Racing”.

Stock Car Change

Eventually, Cody moved on to race with stock cars by beginning his ARCA career in March of 2013. He ended up going to the Mobile 200 and ended up driving for his family’s team. He even got to drive a car that was originally owned by none other than one of the most famous drivers of all time – Carl Edwards.

He started out in 18th place, but then he ended up crashing when his car skyrocketed outside of the track in a freak accident and throwing his car into the tree line. This put him in 25th for the event. He had problems during the practice as well. While he ended up racing with his family’s money during his earlier career, Lane ended up attempting to go into the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in 2015, but he was unable to qualify. He decided to take a break for a couple years after this rejection, and it hit him pretty hard. He then came out of nowhere at the ARCA racing series in Daytone. He ended up driving a car that ended up being built by a group of 75 kids who didn’t even finish high school in Paso County, FL. He arrived late to the track. Every time he tried to qualify after that, he ended up trying to get into the race at the Talladega Superspeedway and ended up in a humongous accident yet again. But that didn’t stop him.

Moving Forward

It seemed that even though he tried and tried, he just kept having problems. In 2018, he went onto try qualifying for the NASCAR Xfinity Series at the ever-popular Richmond Raceway, but after he wrecked during the first lap in the practice round, he had to face disqualification and withdraw himself. As it stands today, he and his family still live in Florida (they moved their in the 1990s due to personal life issues). He no longer attends the Fivay High School that he did when he was younger, but people still remember him there. Over time, he ended up considering racing and is considered a regular these days in the Xfinity Series – coming in as a part-time driver.


It’s unclear whether or not Lane will ever get his big break in the racing world. It seems (even though it’s not completely accurate), that he keep being persistent – maybe one of these times he won’t wreck and lose the race. Better yet, maybe he’ll even qualify for a big-time race!

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