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Don Johnson’s Wife – Kelley Phleger Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids)

Famous celebrity Don Jonson has been married to the well known actor who has been around for 70 years, and she was seen recently in photos in the media with her husband on his birthday, as well as more areas of the spotlight, despite not being an actress herself. Many times in the Hollywood industry, it’s known for stars to be with those who are younger, but most often, the age difference is much higher. In the case of Kelly Phleger, she is two decades younger than the “Django Unchained” star, but she’s still around 50 years old.

Interesting Facts About Kely Phleger

Don Johnson is an American actor who was extremely well-known for his role in his part of “Miami Vice”, as well as other amazing roles. He was in “Guilty as Sin”, and even “Machete”, not to mention the fact that he was already in the award-winning movie “Django Unchained”.

When the actor turned 70, many people ended up joining the festivities, and more.

But Who is Kelly Phleger? This is Her Biography

Even though she ended up marrying into the spotlight, she eventually became a thriving philanthropist and regularly helps those in need. Here are some interesting facts about her.

  • Her real name is Kelly Don Phleger (ironic isn’t it?)
  • She was born in October of 1969.
  • She originally hails from San Francisco, CA.
  • She currently lives with Don in their home at the Hillsborough Township, NJ.
  • She earned her Degree in Education at the University of California.
  • Many people don’t know that Kelly is a working woman of her own as a Kindergarten teacher.
  • There isn’t much information about her family members or her parents.
  • Nothing is known about Kelly Phleger’s childhood or her life before high school.
  • Kelly Phleger was born and raised in the city of San Francisco, and attended the Urban High School. She went to the University of California in Berkley to get her Bachelor’s.
  • While she is married into fame, she is big on being a kindergarten teacher and loves to care for her husband and her school kids to. 

The Biography of Kelly Phleger

While she does tend to keep her personal life private, she has proven herself as a teacher in the ways of Montessori’s methods of teaching, and she excels in it as well. It didn’t take her long, and eventually she ended up being promoted at the job she worked at, and she has recently moved to a more reputable school in the LA, CA area. 

While she is also one of the prominent teachers in the L.A. scene, she is also a very social person – her husband IS Don Johnson after all. She regularly attends Hollywood events and award ceremonies with her husband and friends, and she has been constantly critiqued and appraised for her fashion and style. She doesn’t just leave the marker there though. She works with numerous agencies that offer non-profit services for those who don’t have homes, and those who aren’t as privileged as children in other communities. While she does this, she attends a lot of events for her wide variety of charity functions and involvement.

Over the years, she has two children and two stepkids with husband Don Johnson. 

How Much is Kelly Phleger Worth in U.S. Dollars?

In 2020, it is well-known that her and her husband Don are extremely wealthy. At the same time, she earns a good salary with her teacher that could get anyone by, but the majority of it comes from her marriage. Therefore, we’ve estimated her shared net worth to be approximately 40 million dollars, as her income doesn’t contribute much to Don’s net worth. 

Living Today

Both Don and Kely have a ranch that they purchased and own in Colorado. It is worth an estimated appraised price of nearly 15 million dollars, and she is currently living there with her family – and with Don when he’s home. She prides herself in being a very endearing person to the public eye, and has also made sure that despite their luxurious lifestyle, that her and Don are able to take care of their children and teach them the right ways to live with good morals.


Kelly Phleger is as luxurious as it comes when it really gets down to the business of being an actor’s wife. However, it appears that all of her hard work pays off, and she is able to take care of her family, and even take care of Don Johnson himself.

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