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Eric Braeden Wife – Dale Russell Gudegast Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Actress, Net Worth, Kids)

She is a former actress. She became famous for her work, but she is more famous because of her husband. She is married to Eric Braeden, who is also an actor. He is well known for his role in the hit television series ‘The Young and The Restless.’

His role propelled him to the stratosphere of celebrity life. He subsequently won an Emmy twice. Dale has been married to Eric for years. They were wed around nineteen sixty and have been together for close to six decades now.

Despite being celebrities, many details of their personal lives remain secret to balance their careers and personal lives. The exact date for their wedding is unknown to the media. Some say they married in nineteen sixty-six while others say it is sixty-four.


They have a son, Christian Gudegast. He followed in his parent’s footsteps and now works in the film industry as a screenwriter. He was born in February nineteen seventy in California and grew up and went to school in Los Angeles.

He completed his university education in nineteen ninety-two from the University of California, Los Angeles Film School. He performed exceptionally, winning an award for Best Student Film for his thesis called ‘Shadow Box.’

After school, he became a video director for rap music and later switched careers to become a screenwriter. He practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is currently a black belt in the sport.


Any grandparent would love to spend vast amounts of time with their grandkids. They enjoy each other’s company and share stories about their lives. It is a truly heartwarming experience for all parties involved.

They have three granddaughters. Dale’s husband loves spending time with them and showing them off on social media. Their eldest granddaughter loves riding horses, and in twenty nineteen, she was inducted into the National Honors society.

Public Appearance

Dale does not show up much in public with her husband. Together, their last picture was taken over a decade ago in two thousand and five when they were celebrating Eric’s twenty-five years acting as Viktor Newman on ‘The Young and The Restless.’

In two thousand and seven, Eric got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Dale accompanied him to the event because she would not miss an event to support him.


They currently live in Santa Monica, California. Their house sits on a three thousand five hundred square feet piece of land on the mountain. Dale is usually the one in charge of the interior decor of the house.

Personal History

A lot about Dale Russell is unknown. She is private. In two thousand and one, the movie ‘Holiday in the Sun’ aired, and she appeared. Beyond that, there is not much that is known about her career.

She has always been comfortable away from the limelight. She supports her husband and his famous life. Eric is also okay with Dale being away from public view because he prefers not continually being in the tabloids and magazines.

  • Sister

She was born in California to an American family. She is Caucasian and grew up with her sibling, a sister called Sigrid Valdis. Her sister was born in September nineteen thirty-five, and about twenty years later, she began acting.

She featured in a sitcom called ‘Hogan’s Heroes,’ which ran from nineteen sixty-six to seventy-one. She had lung cancer, and in two thousand and seven, she was laid to rest. She died on October fourteenth of that year.

  • Husband

Eric Braeden is among the most prominent celebrities of the twentieth century. He was born in Germany and later moved to the United States in nineteen fifty-nine. He schooled at the University of Montana, Missoula.

His first role was in ‘Operation Eichmann’ in nineteen sixty-one. A year later, he featured in ‘Combat,’ which aired for two years till nineteen sixty-four. He went on to act in a bunch of other films and shows like ‘Mission: Impossible,’ ‘The Rat Patrol,’ ‘The Virginian’ and ‘100 Rifles.’

His recognition came from his role as Captain Drangel in ‘Wonder Woman’ from nineteen seventy-five to nineteen seventy-eight. He also appeared in ‘Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo,’ ‘Code Name: Diamond Head’, and ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show,’ 

Victor Newman

Eric’s portrayal of Victor Newman is arguably his most accomplished work. He began acting in ‘The Young and the Restless’ show in nineteen eighty. His character, Victor, is a businessman and has a significant part to play in the show.

He shared a television romance with co-star Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman’s role). Their love story became a significant part of the plot. They were so close that some tabloid editors believed they were a real-life couple.

Eric won two Daytime Emmy Awards after receiving several nominations for his performance. He also won awards such as the Gilmore Award and Soap Opera Digest Award. In two thousand and seven, he got a star with his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Net Worth

Dale’s net worth is still unknown. Her husband, Eric, is estimated to be worth about twenty-five million dollars. Most of his money is from his career as an actor. There are no confirmed investments that they have made.


Dale Russell Gudegast is perhaps the most secretive life partner of a celebrity. She is married to Eric Braeden, who is an actor. He has featured in many films and television shows, and most notable of them all is his role as Victor in ‘The Young and The Restless.’

Together they have a son, Christian, and three wonderful granddaughters. They have lived most of their lives in California, where Dale was born and raised. They still live in the state. Eric comes from Germany but is now an American citizen.

Dale lives a quiet life with her family in Santa Monica. She occasionally steps out to support her husband during award ceremonies. Much about her is known through her husband. She is also the decorator in charge of their home in California.

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