Dan Greiner – Lori Greiner’s Husband

Lori Greiner is one of the lucky women on earth that enjoys massive support from her husband in her career path. Yes, it is a popular saying that successful men have huge supports from the women in their lives, be it their wives, mothers, sisters, or daughter. But for Lor Greiner, her husband Dan Greiner is the perfect example for men out there.

Loris Greiner, the Shark tank star is quite popular, and there is no information that we don’t have about her. Her husband, however, is one person we need to pay attention to and find out more about his life.

More Than Two Decades of Bliss

Dan and Lori have been married for more than two decades now. In 1996, they met in Chicago, at a place known as Kincaid’s, in the Lincoln Park area. As at that time, Dan was working as an assistant controller at ‘Bell & Howell Co.’

They grew fond of each other and kept on having meetings upon meetings, dates upon dates till it turned out to be a relationship. Immediately Lois graduated from school, they got married. Very little is known about their marital and private lives as neither of them has openly divulged any details in that respect.

It’s been fruitless to try searching for the date of their marriage and other private details since they haven’t posted any of such on their social media platforms.

The Supportive Husband – Dan Greiner

The success of Lori started as an idea, and today, she has built an empire out of it. All of her success is attributed to the unending support she has enjoyed through the years from her husband, Dan. Since the inception of her career, he has been her source of inspiration and never hesitates to give a piece of advice.

Lori And Dan Share A Desk

In many ways, Dan and Lori have set lots of examples for other couples to follow. Most couples find it hard to strike a balance between their personal life and profession. How does it sound when you hear that a could share the same workspace?

What positive contribution do you think working together as a couple will make? The following information about Dan will blow your mind.

Dan formerly worked as a controller before he married Lori. He quit his job after their marriage and started to work at Lori’s company known as ‘For You Ease only,’ where he has been for 25 years. He presently serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice President.

Do They Have Kids?

They have a smooth marriage going and support each other to fulfill their dreams. They have all they need; the only thing lacking is a child. They don’t have any problems with having kids, as Lori started seven years ago in an interview that she is a lover of kids.

She also stated that kids naturally find her space fun, and her neighbors love to leave their kids with her. She recently launched products for kids like posters, toys, and so on.

The couple is also big-time humanitarians and philanthropists. They are partners with a charity network called Charity Buzz. They are also very active in many charity works like CASA and Trevor Project. A scroll through her profile will reveal her interest in kids and charity – she loves to spend quality time with kids.

Home in Philadelphia

The ‘power couple’ shuttle between Chicago and Philadelphia. They bought a luxurious mansion near QVC headquarters in suburban Philadelphia and reside there for only six months a year. They both have an office in Philadelphia.

Dan Greiner’s Net Worth

We can only imagine how much Dan Greiner’s net worth looks like. The exact figures of his wealth aren’t spelled out. However, we can estimate how much he’s worth from his position as CFO in Lori’s company. In America, the average salary of any CFO is approximately $377,796.

The salary range for most Chief Financial officers is between $296,262 to $470,703. 

Lori on the other hand is said to be worth about $110 million and she is a self-made millionaire. She has more than 120 patents across the United States, with more than 600 products. A chief contributor to her net worth is her reality show, ‘Shark Tank’ where she earns a huge sum.

Lori Is an Inventor

Lori is an entrepreneur and self-made inventor; she is also a self-made millionaire, and creator of retail products. She is popular for the entrepreneurial business talk show, ‘Shark tank,’ which is aired on the ABC channel. In this show, she invests in companies and transforms dreams into reality for small businesses.

Asides from her career, she is also the author of a best-selling book titled ‘Invent it. Sell it, Bank it!’ the book is currently available for purchase on Amazon. The book focuses on helping people who have an idea they need to bring forward into the marketplace.

Her book helps anyone get started in the business of entrepreneurship. She is currently selling her book for $1.99 on Amazon for a limited time, as she sees it as her contribution to make many dreams come to reality.

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