Debraca Denise Foxx

Redd Foxx’s Daughter – Debraca Denise Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth)

Betty Jean Harris, the ex-wife of John Elroy Sanford, also known as Redd Foxx, gave birth to Debraca Denise in 1947. Debraca Denise is not the biological daughter of Redd Foxx, as she was a child from Betty Jean’s former relationship. Nevertheless, Red Foxx adopted and loved her like his own child. 

There are claims that Redd Foxx had a son, but the truth is, he never had any biological children in his lifetime. Since he adopted Debraca as his child, she is, therefore, his surviving child. Redd Foxx was a gorgeous comedian during his lifetime, and at his death, he was worth a total of $3.5 million.

Debraca’s mum was a showgirl and a dancer in her day. 

Debraca Denise Featured in Some TV Series 

The IMDb has given a list of the movies the daughter of Redd Foxx featured in her earlier days. They include;

  • Sanford
  • Sanford and Son
  • Unsung Hollywood

Although she halted her journey in the entertainment industry, she had already made a fortune just by acting. She probably went on to tow a new path instead of the one carved out by her father already. Well, whatever she chose to do is still unknown to the public eye, as it seems her chosen path was far from the media’s eye. 

Her ‘mystery’ career must have made her a fortune – this is an assumption.

Debraca Is Living A Regular Life

Debraca is leading a quiet and normal life with little or no media notice or attention to herself. She is not on any social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). She is probably very pleased with how low-key her life has been going. 

Her whereabouts are still a mystery to us all, but we believe she is having a great time with her family. Since she has not come out in the open to state otherwise, she probably loves her life the way it is going. Since she has been able to sustain a system of privacy, very little information is available about her life. 

Based on some sources, Debraca has been in a relationship with her one-time lover, Jackie Jackson. There is little information about her relationship life due to her love for privacy. 

Redd Foxx Was Married A Couple of Times in His Lifetime

When Redd Foxx was alive, he married about three women asides from Betty Jean Harris. In 1948, he married Evelyn Killebrew, but it ended in divorce in 1951 because of irreconcilable differences. In 1956, he got married to Debraca’s mum, but the married also ended in 1975. 

The cause of their break up is uncertain and could have been as a result of disputes of some sort. Redd Foxx went on to marry tun Chi Cheng after the divorce, and then he got married to Ka Ho Cho. Redd Foxx could not settle with any of the women he married, and he passed away on the 11th of October, 1991. 

The news of her father’s death caused Debraca a lot of pain; she was, however, appointed to be the administrator of his estate. Later on, Ka Ho Cho accused her of mismanaging her late father’s real estate.

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