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Ken Jeong’s Daughter – Alexa Jeong Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Education, Siblings, Family, Net Worth)

Alexa Jeong is the daughter of Ken Jeong, who is the father, and Tran ho, the mother.

Alexa Jeong’s Parents

Alexa’s father, Ken, is a notable Korean American actor. He has also been engaged in several things like comedy, productions, writing, being a television personality, and licensed physician. He is popular for creating comic timings. His initially gained more popularity because of his famous series ‘The Hangover Film Series’.

Another movie that put him on the timeline is his role in the highly rated movie, Crazy Rich Asians. Born in Michigan by his immigrant parents, who had come from South Korea, Ken was raised in North Carolina.

His parents ensured the children focused on their studies and took them seriously. This made him very attentive and has helped him to study medicine in Louisiana, which was where he entangled himself with theatre.

Later Ken obtained a degree from Ochsner Medical Centre and relocated to Los Angeles, where he was a practicing physician at Kaiser Permanente Hospital located in Woodland Hills.

Later, he became engaged in The Improv and Laugh factory Club, where he was a regular. This later opened him to several television offers, making him drop his medical profession for the movies in 2006.

He got his wife’s support to quit the health profession and had been cast in several movies. Alexa’s mother, Tran ho, also studied medicine and is still a practicing doctor.

Alexa’s Parent Love Story

Being from a Vietnamese American family that has a lot of doctors, Trans found herself also venturing into the same profession. This later facilitated her meeting with Ken while they were both working at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Woodland Hills, where they are both colleagues.

The couple’s friendship intensified as they later dated each other for about two years before eventually getting married in September 2004. Three years later, the couples gave birth to twins’ daughter, whom they named Zooey and Alexa. After the celebration of the children’s birth, it was soon diagnosed that Tran had breast cancer. This horrifying news also saw the family taking Trans to different Chemotherapy sessions as well as mastectomy.

After three years, in 2010, Trans got cured through the radiation therapy she had to undergo. Nonetheless, the family was always ensuring she was happy and positive, even as they stayed by her side each time. At the moment, the family lives in Calabasas, California.

Ken Jo’s Popularity and Wife’s Cancer Battle

Ken’s popularity through his role in The Hangover skyrocketed, but this was the same time his wife was diagnosed with cancer. At this time, the doctor said that Trans’s chances of survival were projected as a 23 percent rate. By this time, Ken was no longer a doctor as he was now pursuing a career in comedy.

At the time of Tran’s treatment, just a few people knew what Ken was facing. The only people to know what he was facing on set were his co-actor, Bradley Cooper as well as their director, Todd Philips. When his wife became cured, Ken continued his career.

Ken Jeong on Ellen Show

Although he was invited to the Ellen Show for his acting prowess, Ellen asked him for some medication to handle her sprained neck. Ken made some suggestions and asked what she used. Ellen replied that she used steroids, some muscle relaxers, as well as a shot of Toradol. After all these, she still proceeded to use Advil and Tylenol.

Ken felt it was useful, seeing that his doctor’s wife had claimed that using Advil and Tylenol together had the same effect as some narcotics. Ellen went further to know if his daughters, who were in twelve years, in 2019, found him funny. Ken believes his daughter doesn’t find him funny.

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Tran organized it to happen at a Karaoke bar known as Brass Monkey, located in downtown LA. Ken later stated how the family rented this location to accommodate several friends and family just to enjoy the party.

Thereafter, Ellen inquired about his famous show, ‘The Masked Singer’, and if there would be any change in the new season.

Net Worth

While the network of Alexa Jeong might not be known now, she can be linked to that of her father, who is currently worth about 15 million dollars Despite earning a decent amount of money as a doctor, Ken’s transition into movies has seen him relying on only his acting. Meanwhile, Alexa can also be linked to that of her mother, who is calculated to have an average salary of $246,291 per annum.

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