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Howie Long’s Wife – Diane Addonizio WIki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Net Worth, Photo)

The name Howie Long can easily be recognized by fans of the National Football League (NFL). Howard Mathew Moses Long, as he is formally known, is a former NFL Defensive end. Playing for over 13 seconds and bagging several awards in the process, Howie had a successful NFL career. While a lot of people know Howie from his time playing at the NFL, only a few know about his lifelong partner Diane Addonizo. In this write-up, we’ll explore the early life, career, and people in the life of American lawyer and businesswoman Diane Addonizio. 

Early Life and Education

Diane Addonizio was born on 16th March 1962 in the Monmouth County town of Red Bank, New Jersey. She was born to Catholic parents who raised her in the Christian faith. She graduated with a degree in classical studies from Villanova University, an Augustinian Catholic school located in Pennsylvania. She had always had a passion for the law since she was a teen. After her time at Villanova University, she initiated a career in law by studying at the University of South Carolina Law school. Despite her relative popularity and marriage to NFL legend Howie Long, very little is known about Diane Addonizio’s early life. The American lawyer has also not been very forthcoming about her early life and education.

Career in Law 

After graduating from the University of South Carolina law school, Diane Addonizio tried her hands on several law-related professions. She joined a Law firm as an Attorney shortly after graduating from Law school, but her career as an attorney was short lived. Despite being generally intelligent with immense potential to excel in her career in Law, Diane Addonizio pulled the cord on her law career after she started a serious relationship with Howie Long. She left her law firm and spent most of her days supporting her athlete husband. Despite being married to a rich athlete, Diane repeatedly tried her hands on several entrepreneurial ventures. Although she experienced strings of moderate success, she dropped most of her business activities to focus on taking care of her family. For some time, she played a role in the NFL Head UP Football Advisory Committee.

Marriage to Howie Long

Although Diane Addonizio has always been up and going in making a name for herself, her marriage to Howie Long has always eclipsed most of her achievements. Diane Addonizio met Howie Long during her time studying at Villanova University. The pair started dating shortly after meeting each other for the first time. They maintained a very strong bond throughout their time at Villanova. After graduating from Villanova University, Diane got engaged to Howie Long. After dating for a while, the pair got married on 27th June 1982. Unlike most celebrity marriages, the couple has been happily married for almost four decades. The couple has since been blessed with three boys; Christopher Howard, Kyle Howard, and Matthew Howard. 

Diane Addonizio gave birth to their eldest son, Christopher, in 1985, three years after her marriage to Howie Long. Their second son Kyle Howard came along three years later in 1988, while their youngest son, Matthew Howard, came two years later in 1990. 

Diane Addonizio’s Children In The NFL

All Diane’s three boys have all taken up a career within the National Football League. While Christopher and Kyle became players just like their father, Mathew took up a scouting role within the NFL. They have all achieved considerable success. 

Diane’s first son, Christopher Howard Long, played for several American football outfits in the National Football League. Although not in the same pedigree as his NFL legend father, Christopher had a relatively successful NFL career. His career spanned eleven seasons where he played for the St. Louis Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, and the New England Patriots. He spent most of his time with the St. Louis Rams playing for a total of eight seasons. Christopher spent two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and One with the New England Patriots. He won the coveted Super Bowl title with both teams, becoming one of only five players in the NFL’s history to win the Super Bowl with two different teams. In 2018, Christopher received the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award for his charitable endeavors. A year earlier, he had donated his entire 2017 salary to charity. 

Inspired by the success of his father, Christopher started playing football in college. He played at the University of Virginia under coach Al Groh. At the time, Christopher was pursuing a degree in sociology. During his freshman year in 2004, he was used as a backup on the defensive line. He ended his freshman season with five tackles and a sack. In his sophomore year in 2005, Christopher bagged an average of 3.8 tackles per game, leading all the school’s defensive linemen at the time. In total, he clocked 48 tackles, 10 for a loss, and two sacks. 

He also came top in several other stats within his team. Later in 2006, Christopher Howard bagged second-team All-ACC honors and was eventually voted captain of his team. His performance was consistent, helping him to start all games he was available for. As a senior in college football, Christopher statistics stood at 91 tackles, 15 sacks, and 23 tackles for a loss, helping his school team establish an undefeated record, eventually winning the state UIL school championship. 

The St. Louis Rams selected Christopher Howard as the overall second pick during the 2008 National Football League Draft. Other awards and career highlights on his shelf include:

  • The 2006 Second-team All-ACC 
  • The 2007 First-team All-ACC 
  • The 2007 Ten Hendricks Award 
  • The 2007 Dudley Award
  • The 2007 ACC Defensive Player of the Year Award
  • The Unanimous All-American (2007)
  • The 2008 PFWA All-Rookie Team 
  • The 2011 NFL Alumni Lineman of the Year

Amid his NFL career, Christopher married Megan O’Malley on 22nd June 2013. Megan O’Malley graduated from the University of Virginia. 

Just like Christopher, Kyle Howard Long also had a successful NFL career. He started in an attacking role before switching to a defensive position. During his NFL career, Kyle played for the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, unlike his father and elder brother, a huge chunk of Kyle’s career was marred by injuries. After battling to overcome many serious injuries, Kyle announced his retirement from American Football in January 2020. 

Unlike Christopher and Kyle, Matthew Howard Long, Diane Addonizio’s youngest, took up a different role with the NFL. Matthew serves as a scouting assistant for the Raiders and helps identify young talents to be considered by the team. He also has an alternate career as a premium sales consultant at the Legends Las Vegas Stadium. 

Diane Addonizio’s Net Worth

With strings of investment and a millionaire husband, Diane has a considerable financial war chest. Although her exact net worth is unknown, her husband, Howie Long, is worth around $16 million. Diane lives with Howie in a $6 million property, and the pair own several assets worth millions of dollars. 

Social Life and Media Presence

Even though Diane has had her fair share of media focus, she kept tabs on her presence in the spotlight since her husband’s retirement from the NFL. However, her husband and children have a good social media presence. Diane doesn’t have a presence on any known social media platform. However, she maintains a moderate social life, making publicized appearances occasionally. She spends most of her time supporting her family and contributing to several charities.

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