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Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife – Anna Strout Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

People fall in love for various reasons. Also, every couple has a unique love story. Now and then, one comes across couples with love stories that are quite strange. However, coming across a celebrity with a reasonably strange love story is not something that happens every day. Although it is challenging to come across stars with seemingly bizarre love stories, the likelihood of this happening should not be ruled out.

Jesse Eisenberg is one celebrity with a unique love experience. The actor, author, and play writer is currently married to Anna Strout. However, before they got married, they had what can best be described as a roller-coaster experience. They were in a relationship for ten years before breaking up, only to come back as a couple.

Jesse is an actor. This means he is famous. However, not much is known about his wife, Anna Strout.

What Was Life like for Anna Strout Before She Became Famous?

Anna Strout might be married to a famous person. However, she has done a perfect job in staying away from the eye of the public. Not a lot is known about her. Due to this, lots of people are increasingly getting interested in finding out about her present life and what she was like before getting famous.

Anna’s fans might be hoping they will find a lot about her past if they dig deeper. However, the truth is there is not much to be known about her. She has not put out details about her education, siblings, and childhood.

Although there isn’t a lot known about Anna’s family, she is an only child born to Bob Arnove and Toby Susan Strout. Anna’s mother started working when Anna was 11 years, and she worked as a social worker. Her father, on the other hand, was a writer. He wrote books such as Revolution in Nicaragua and Talent Abounds and Education.

Even though Anna’s mother is not popular, she is highly respected as she has made tremendous contributions towards women’s empowerment. Additionally, she has lent her voice to the issue of domestic violence. Anna’s mum passed on in 2017. After her death, a street in Washington was named after her to immortalize her.

Anna’s Place is Behind the Camera

Unlike her famous husband Jesse, Anna does not work in front of the camera. Although she has done some work in the entertainment industry, her job was majorly a crew member in a couple of documentaries and movies. Anna was a crew member in the drama ‘Don’t Say a Word.’ This took place in 2001, and she played the role of production assistant in this drama by Michael Douglas. A year after, she was a production assistant in a drama called ‘The Emperor’s Club.’

That’s not all about Anna and working behind the scene. She was an assistant business manager for ‘Digital_Man/Digital_World” A movie that was released in 2011. Additionally, she was a talent for ‘Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia.”

How Did Anna Meet Her Husband?

Anna and her husband might not have been married for a long time. However, they have been a couple for a very long time. The couple met in 2002. Jesse was just 19 when they met. After their first meeting, they became friends. This was the beginning of the attraction they both felt. With time, they moved from just being friends to becoming lovers.

According to Jesse, who never seems to shy away from his love for Anna, he got attracted to her because she loves helping people. Jesse had an interview with Seventeen Magazine. In this interview, he made it known that to him, acting is selfish. So, he enjoys staying around positive forces that make him want to help others.

Anna and Jesse Have Been Through a Lot Together

Jesse and Anna got into a romantic relationship in 2002 and were in this relationship till 2012. After being together for ten years, they decided to take a brief break. They stayed away from each other for three years, and in 2015, they were back together. This happened just before Jesse was off to London for a performance in the West End show. Since their separation and the renewal of their relationship, their love has grown stronger. While Anna and Jesse were separated, Jesse was in a relationship with Mia Wasikowska.

Although Anna and her husband reunited in 2015, they waited until 2016 before appearing together in public. Their first public appearance was at a basketball match. Not too long after their first outing after getting back together, Jess revealed that they were expecting their first child.

The Birth of Anna’s First Child

In April 2017, Anna and her husband had their first child, and they called him Banner. Not too long after the birth of their son, Jesse and Anna decided to get married. Since they both do not enjoy the idea of putting their lives out for all to see, not much is known about their wedding.

About Anna’s Husband

Jesse Adam Eisenberg was born on the 5th of October i983 in Queens, New York, to Barry and Amy Eisenberg. His father was a professor of sociology and had a taxicab. Additionally, his mother was taught cross-cultural sensitivity in a hospital.

Before taking up the job to teach in a hospital, she was a choreographer and clown at children’s parties. Jesse is not an only child. He has two siblings that are both actresses. 

How Much is Anna Worth?

Anna has always been a private prison. Due to this, not many people are aware of her financial details. So, it is impossible to tell what her net worth is. Nonetheless, for the time she has spent in the entertainment industry, it is estimated that she had a net worth of $1.5 million. This is almost six times less than her husband’s net worth. Jesse has a net worth of $10 million from the many years he has spent in front of the screen.

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