Does Cardi B Speak Spanish

Can Cardi B Speak Spanish (Español)?

It is common to see a talented rising star worldwide within a short period.  The female celebrity rapper Cardi B has had an impressive career lately. Lots of her fans want to know more about her, and in this post, you will find out if she speaks Spanish just as she speaks English.

Spanish is Cardi B’s First Language

While growing up, Spanish was the primary language for communication in Cardi B’s home as her mum is a Trinidadian and her dad is Dominican. This makes her multilingual since she can fluently communicate in English and Spanish. According to her, she is more comfortable speaking Spanish and insecure about her command of the English language.

This rapper has granted several interviews where Spanish was spoken exclusively like the one she did in one of New York’s radio stations called El Vacilón de la Mañana in 2017.

Although almost all her rap music is rendered in the English language, she has the potential to make a name in the Latin music community due to her fluency in Spanish; in fact, she has already featured in some.

Spanish Remixes that Featured Cardi B

No doubt, it is her English music, such as Bodak Yellow, that put her in the spotlight; Cardi B made a debut into the Spanish music scene in 2017 in the remix of a song titled “Ahora Dice.” She also did a Latin remix of Bodak Yellow in 2017, where she featured Messiah, one of the finest Dominican-American rappers. 

In the remix, she only retained English phrases that were iconic but translated everything else to Spanish while maintaining the original meaning and beats. This showed that she isn’t only a good rapper in English but will do even better in Spanish. The singer she featured also sang fluently in Spanish. 

In 2017, Ozuna also featured Cardi B in his song titled La Modelo, where she had to sing in Spanish and English. Although Cardi B majorly sang in English, she had to deliver some lines in Spanish.

Does Cardi B have a full Track in Spanish?

Besides singing a remix of an English song in Spanish or featuring in another musician’s Spanish song, Cardi B has full Spanish songs. She featured Bad Bunny in 2018 in a song titled “I Like It.” This music was a blend of rap music and Salsa beat. It followed the same pattern with Latin boogaloo songs from the 1960s. 

The song was a major hit because it was the first Spanish song that she fully owned, unlike the previous remixes. Thus, it was a very significant song in her music career.

After the huge success recorded on the “I like it”track, she went further to sing a guest verse in Spanish in another song titled “Taki Taki.” In this song by DJ Snake, Cardi B only did the refrain in Spanish, but her raps were in English.

Cardi B’s Spanish Music Awards

Her songs that were rendered in Spanish didn’t only sound great to fans’ ears but also earned her some awards from Spanish music fans and the community. For example,  ” I like it” won El Premio ASCAP’s song of the year award and won Billboard’s best remix in Latin.

Taki song won the Latin American Music Award as 2019 song of the year. It also bagged the Lo Nuestro Award aa the Best Crossover Collaboration of the year. 

The Spanish music community has come to love Cardi B as a rare talent and one of their own. She won the 2018 edition of the People en Espanol magazine’s Star of the year award. She is seen as a Spanish rap idol by the Latin population living in the USA and other parts of the world.

No wonder in 2018, she was awarded the Best Reality Show Breakout Artist during a Spanish award program that was aired on Univision, tagged Premios Juventud. In the same year, she also received an award from Latin Music Italian Award as the Best Latin Female Artist. Even though most of Cardi B’s works are in English, she has carved a niche for herself in the global Latin music industry.

This young female rap music talent has demonstrated that beyond her exploits in the English rap music genre, she can produce music that appeals to a different audience in the Spanish community. As a fluent speaker of Spanish, she has a proven track record of numerous awards to show for her hard work.

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