Kanye West IQ

What is Kanye West IQ Score?

Popular music star Kanye West and husband of TV reality host Kim Kardashian is known for his novel ideas, creativity, and aspirations (like running for President of the USA). No doubt, he is a smart guy but is there any available data to measure his IQ?

According to the musical Sage, his intelligent quotient is 133, which is very high, around the 98th percentile. This claim may not be directly verifiable by us, and we are neither claiming that it is false. Celebrities may sometimes have very shocking IQs, and as you keep reading, you will learn about how intelligent this favorite musician is. 

Is Kanye’s IQ At Mensa Level?

Mensa level is an exclusive IQ level that only about 2% of people in the entire world population fall within the range. Most people will not expect musicians to exist within this elite class but rather only a few people on the planet.

Mensa is a Latin word that means ‘table,’ and when used in the context of IQ, it connotes that anyone can sit at the table regardless of whatever they do for a living. A University Don can be at the table as well as a fisherman. By taking the required test and excelling at it, anyone can qualify for a position on the table.

During the recording of Yandhi in Uganda in 2018, the singer went on his Periscope to address his fans and viewers about some issues in a session that lasted for only about 10mins. He took out the time to speak against social media for making him appear less intelligent than he truly is. He then went on to make mention of the recent IQ test he did and the impressive results that he got out of it, how he was at Mensa level. This was about one week after Kanye had gone on a break off Social media.

According to data, only about 50,000 people from the US and 130,000 from all over the world are rated at the Mensa level. This, therefore, shows that Kanye’s intelligence is far from average. Thus, he condemned how people on social media try to control or tell him what he is supposed to do.

Other Celebrities with Impressive IQs

There are several public figures that have quite surprising IQs. For example, dashing beauty and popular musician Shakira recently recorded a feat that got the entire internet startled. She took part in an online ancient philosophy course from Penn and Mensa, reporting how she has an IQ of 140. In reality, only a genius is expected to score above 139, and this puts her on the radar as one true genius.

Similarly, the beautiful Sharon Stone happens to be one of the most intelligent celebrities as far as the academic world is concerned. This amazing woman has an IQ of 154, which is quite exceptional.

Another filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, who makes violent and action-packed movies, shocked the world with his IQ score. The most exciting part of his story is that he dropped out of high school and never got a college degree. How he managed to have an IQ score of 160 is indeed surprising. This makes him one of the confirmed geniuses in the celebrity world.

Steve Martin, the famous comedian, is also known to have an IQ of 142, and this is not surprising since he already has over 15books written in his name. This is apart from the numerous screenplays. Considering the caliber of people who are regarded as currently in the Mensa class, it shows that Kanye is also fit to be regarded as a super-smart celebrity.

Does Everyone in Mensa Qualify as a Genius?

Our world celebrates and rewards geniuses. People with high intellectual capabilities are revered. However, Mensa as a body doesn’t support the brandishing of the word genius. There is no straight jacket definition for who a genius is, and therefore, the parameters may vary. For example, a member mentioned that Kanye’s boastful statement about his achievement puts a question mark on his intelligence. After all, the high IQ is supposed to show how he behaves and reacts to issues.

In another instance, a finance director in Mensa sounded skeptical about the reliability of such a test to measure a person’s intelligence. He noted that the test could only count a certain IQ level. He added that one can have a good IQ rating and still be an idiot as it is just a score.


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