Eric Jude Crewe

Ricky Nelson has been around the music industry for quite a while. What many people don’t know though, is information abous his son, Eric Jude Crewe, made out of a relationship between Nelson and previous Playboy Model Georgeann Crewe. As a matter of fact, Ricky Nelson didn’t even admit that he was the father (and contested it at first). We’re going to cover some information you may have not known about the celebrities’ son in this article, because Eric’s name is starting to gain in popularity as he gets older.

Who in the World is Eric Jude Crewe?

Eric Crew was born on Valentine’s day back in 1981, making him approximately 40 years old, since he just recently had a birthday. His name means “Ever Ruler” and Jude is a very common name which was derived from the name Judah – meaning “praise”.

His parents met back in New Jersey before he was even thought of, and started dating when they hit it off. However, even though they somewhat maintained a long distance relationship and saw each other a few times, Crewe wanted to get ahold of Nelson after she found out she was pregnant – and was unable to as Eric’s father’s fame was growing. On Valentine’s day in ’81, she had her son Eric, and Nelson denied that Eric was Crewe. Eventually though, a court-ordered DNA test by the model revealed that Eric was his son.

Believe it or not though, this ended up making Ricky Nelson step up and becoming at least a financial figure in raising his son. He started cancelling his shows for his then label, Atlantic Records, and pays only 400 dollars a month in child support. However, he eventually stopped paying this and also stopped visiting Atlanta, GA.

About His Net Worth

Ricky Nelson was an actor and musician in the early 1980s, and unfortunately for him, he ended up dying on New Years eve in 1985. At the time though, his net worth was only five hundred thousand dollars. He was famous though for his musical career leading up to the 1980s. Since 1957, Ricky Nelson was a prominent figure on the Billboard charts, and his song “Poor Little Fool” was one of his first chart toppers.

Ricky totally denied and neglected his son, which led to him getting the short end of the stick. Even though Georgeann Crewe ended up getting child support, it didn’t last very long. He has four siblings which are all popular names – Tracy Nelson, Sam Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, and Matthew Nelson – who are half siblings from Nelson’s relationship with Kristin Harmon.


There isn’t a lot known about Eric Crewe other than his existence. As a matter of fact, he tries to stay out of the limelight as much as possible. He isn’t active on social media, and unlike his famous Nelson siblings, he enjoys keeping his profile pretty low in the public eye. He doesn’t even really have a very strong relationship with his siblings either according to sources.

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