Gunner Nicholas Sixx

Nikki Sixx’s Son – Gunner Nicholas Sixx Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Siblings, Net Worth)

Motley Crue’s bass player that has been around for a very long time has been known in the entertainment industry as one of their most famous members. His son Gunner Sixx, is the son of Nikki Sixx and his wife Brandi Brandt. This article is going to tell some information that you may not know about the famous bassist’s son, who is also a rock star in his own right.

The Meaning of the Name

Gunner is a name that Nikki picked out for his son meaning Bold Warrior in Scandanavian. The name Nicholas is a very popular name meaning “the victory of the people”.

More About Gunner Nicholas Sixx

Gunner is also a musician like his dad, and he has worked hard to achieve his musical success. But despite his net worth, many people have wondered about his parent’s net worth. His dad is worth $45 million dollars, and his mother, who was a model, has a net worth of a whopping 98 million dollars.

Gunner has two siblings and one that is a half sister between his dad and his stepmom.

Gunner’s Music Career

When he was a child, Gunner looked up to his father and his musical career. In 2012, after years of being a musician himself, Gunner and some friends came together and formed the band called “Figs Vision”. They were a YouTube success when they worked hard on their music and started posting it on the popular video platform, gaining a lot of followers.

By gaining his own success, he ended up making his dad proud, and Nikki Sixx has even explained to the media that his father made his own name as a musician, which makes him extremely proud of him. It’s well known that Motley Crue even had their own ups and downs as a band, and has had a lot of not only positive, but a large bit of negative media attention over the years. His father has even been known with his son to be active on social media, and they even share heartfelt moments – like Nikki posting on his son’s Instagram for his 29th birthday – which surprised many people, because they didn’t even know that he was already this old.


There are many “rock stars” that have children, and while it’s somewhat common for them to follow in their parents’ footsteps, it’s less common for their children to develop their own skills and success without the help of their parents. Gunner however, did this on his own, which makes him the oldest of Nikki Sixx’s kids to achieve a good set of fame following the same light as he did. What’s even more important, is that it’s currently known that in his years of being a father, the famous bassist has also been clean and sober for years from his days of being a rock star known for drugs and alcohol use – and hopefully his son doesn’t follow in that footstep either, as many celebrities children often do as they get older.

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