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Is Gabriel Iglesias Married? Fluffy’s Wife

In the world of comedy, is a talented actor and writer, Gabriel Jesus Iglesias. You may know him by Fluffy, or his television shows and films, including The Fluffy Movie, Hot & Fluffy, and I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy.

Many people have mistakenly held that Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez are married. Perhaps, Frankie Iglesias, their son, leads to the conclusion that a union must have existed between the two. Nevertheless, they are not married but are in a relationship.

Another reason for the confusion is that Claudia and Gabriel have been in a relationship for a long time. Some people have assumed that they got married along the way, but that is not the case. They have dated for well over ten years and are still in a relationship that has not progressed to marriage.

A familiar face you will encounter with Fluffy in public is Claudia’s; the couple seems to be in a healthy relationship, something that has left fans with only desires for a beautiful wedding. They will probably make a move someday.

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez’s Relationship

In 2008, Gabriel and Claudia attended the Laugh Factory’s Make A Wish; they seemed to like each other from their first meeting. They would soon go out and enter a relationship that lasts to date. Besides looking happy together, there have not been reports of issues between the two, making their love stable.

Claudia and Gabriel have different relationship histories; Gabriel’s begins with Claudia, following that he had not been with anyone else before her. On the other hand, Claudia’s history starts with her first marriage, in which she had a son.

The couple has stuck together, helping one another in different ways. While they may not be married, they live like people who are. Gabriel went through a rough time and alcoholism; he made it with Claudia’s support.

Gabriel Iglesias’ Step Son, Frankie

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia have not borne a child together. Gabriel accepted Frankie, who came with Claudia after she left her previous marriage. Ever since, he has loved him as his own, and the two seem to have a close relationship.

Frankie will be turning 23 years old this year (2021).  At 44, Gabriel Iglesias keeps sharing his love and well wishes. Gabriel has expressed his good relationship with Frankie on social media; you can find tweets about his step-son from 2017.

Claudia bore Frankie on 8 December 1997. While Gabriel is not his biological father, the two consider themselves family enough. Gabriel has expressed his satisfaction with Frankie as his only child and the unlikelihood that he will have another.

Gabriel Iglesias is a talented comedian. His successes speak for him; over the years of his career, he has amassed wealth, respect, and skill in the entertainment industry. Fans love him for his lovely works; his family loves him for all that he is.

Final Words

We have noted that Gabriel and Claudia met in 2008. It has been at least a dozen years since they entered into a relationship, raising questions about whether or not they are married. Their public appearances are another misleading factor; many people also think that Frankie is Gabriel’s biological son.

Claudia and Gabriel are not married. They have remained happy together, and their family thrives. Frankie is Gabriel’s step-son.

Claudia Valdez was first married before she met Gabriel. Her marriage led to the birth of Frankie on 8 December 1997. After their separation, Claudia entered into a relationship with Gabriel. The family relates well; Gabriel and Frankie seem to have a bond, and Claudia loves them both.

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