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Sean Astin’s Father – Michael Tell Wiki (Bio, Age, Patty Duke, Real Biological)

Michael Tell has been a concern of many fans, especially after his separation from Patty Duke after their wedding. You may have first known Michael as a rock promoter in America. However, his marriage to Patty Duke changed his fame in the early 70s; their marriage did not last long after its celebration.

Patty Duke loved the screens. She was a talented actress who made a name for herself before passing on. Resources hold that Patty and Michael did not enter into a lasting relationship. Patty had found out that she was pregnant and impulsively married the man who was subletting her apartment, Michael Tell.

The couple’s marriage went on for only 13 days before they split. The following year, they officially ended things.

Patty Duke’s Marriage to Michael Tell

Between 1965 and the year of her death, 2016, Patty entered into four unions, which ended in one way or another. In 1965, she exchanged her first vows with Harry Falk, a director. The couple stayed together for four years before going their separate ways. Harry Falk was 13 years older than Patty.

Michael Tell became Patty Duke’s second husband. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long; it lasted for 13 days. After some time, Patty met John Astin, an actor. The two dated and, in 1972, entered into a union. The couple was together until 1985, when they went separate ways.

Patty Duke and John Astin’s union led to Mackenzie Astin’s birth, a year into the marriage. Mackenzie is now an actor.

In 1986, Patty entered into a marital relationship with Michael Pearce; it would become her longest marriage, until her demise in 2016. Michael Pearce was a drill sergeant, and their union did not bring children. Two years into their marriage, Patty Duke and Michael Pearce adopted Kevin.

Patty Duke’s Death

You may know Patty from among many of her works, The Miracle Worker, where she acts as Helen Keller. At 69, she had a ruptured intestine and succumbed to Sepsis (March 29, 2016). After her death, her son and agent made statements.

Mitchell K. Stubbs (agent) shared knowledge of her demise. Sean Astin, her son, shared a message of love and wishes of peace for their “wife, mother, grandmother, matriarch and exquisite artist, humanitarian, and champion for mental health,” as he regarded Patty Duke.

Who is Sean’s Father?

There have been speculations about Sean Astin’s parentage. Some fans believe that Sean is Michael Tell’s son, while others wonder how it could be, following that Michael Tell and Patty were together for only 13 days.

On February 25, 1971, Patty Duke bore Sean; this was around when she had something going on with Michael Tell. However, remember that the couple married impulsively when Patty was pregnant with a son. Much of the existing confusion must have risen from the couple’s early separation.

Patty would eventually declare John Astin as Sean’s father. It makes sense that they married a year after Sean’s birth and John’s separation from Suzanne Hahn, his first wife.

The confusion around Sean’s parentage increased when Patty confessed to his biological father. It was not John Astin, but Desi Arnaz Jr. Since Sean was 14 years old during his mother’s confession, he was still able to establish a relationship with his father. He would see Michael Tell about 12 years later regarding their relationship.

Despite his mother’s confession, Sean sought his truth and found it. He pursued a DNA test that would match him against the men he thought could be his father. When the results came out, Michael Tell was a positive match. Sean would share this information, stating that John Astin is his father and his biological father is Michael Tell.

Final Words

Patty Duke and Michael Tell had the shortest relationship in her lifetime. However, it appears that the short span led to the birth of Sean. Patty and Michael split 13 days into their family and did not get back together, even upon Sean’s birth.

Patty entered a total of five relationships before a demise. John Astin established a relationship with Sean, who would consider him his father, even after discovering his biological connection to Michael Tell.

Patty Duke passed on in her last relationship, which started in 1986 and ended in 2016. At 69, she had a ruptured intestine and succumbed to Sepsis. Sean’s search for his true parentage was a long journey, considering that his mother gave him conflicting facts. Nevertheless, paternity test results showed that it was Michael Tell.

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