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Vanna White’s Daughter – Gigi Santo Pietro Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Photo, Siblings, Kids)

Most people would expect celebrities to have a rippling effect of fame on their children. We have seen many families that have made their breaks in the entertainment industry, and big screens influence their children through the same paths. Gigi Santo’s life disproves the notion.

Gigi is an excellent example of individuals who make their names besides the establishment made by their parents. She has grown up in fame, yet brought herself up to be a respected and reputable personality and lives the simplest of lives.

If you enjoy(ed) the Wheel of Fortune game, you may be well familiar with its hostess, Vanna White, who has graced our screens. She is a mother to two beautiful children, Gigi Santo Pietro, and Niko Santo Pietro. 

Gigi and Niko’s father, George Santo Pietro, is famous for his place in business and entertainment. He is a renowned restauranteur, actor, director, entrepreneur, and real estate developer. Following her parent’s successes, many fans would expect Gigi to automatically follow in their footsteps and lead their kind of lives.

She was born in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States, in 1997. As a child, she was ushered into a lavish life with a huge mansion. We believe it had a surplus of amenities, such as a gym, a mini spa, up to ten bathrooms, and at least eight bedrooms; additionally, the mansion was built with a wine cellar and had a beautiful vineyard.

That is not all; a pool, front courtyard fountain, and beautiful palm trees made it one of the most desirable places to grow up. Gigi turned out different from the environment she grew up in. She is simple and a lovely personality for more reasons that we are going to look at.

Due to the nature of her career, you would expect Vanna to be extra. You have perhaps taken note of her sequins, taffeta, spaghetti straps, and even shoulder straps, which are necessary for her appearance. However, she admits to keeping it simple out of the screens, with flats, tennis shoes, jeans, and T-shirts. Gigi, as well, likes to keep her style casual.


Born three years earlier, Nicholas Santo Pietro has managed to make his life outside the entertainment industry’s fame and lights. Like his sister, he keeps his life simple, and according to Vanna, their mother, he enjoys, among other things, farming.

A parent’s support is everything to the child; Vanna understands their children’s interest in other aspects that do not point to the business she or George is into. Therefore, she supports Nicholas and Gigi on whatever their hearts desire.

Nicholas is not Gigi’s only sibling; the two also have Andrea Santo Pietro and Chiara Santo Pietro as their step-siblings. Their father, George, was in a relationship with Linda Evans, an actress featured in Dynasty; the couple married and bore Andre as their first child.

Unfortunately, George and Linda separated in 1984. He met Vanna, and the two entered into a relationship, which progressed to marriage in 1990. George and Vanna had their first child, Nicholas John Santo Pietro, on June 10, 1994; in 1997, they had Giovanna Santo Pietro as their last-born child.

Vanna and George were in a union for 12 years before their separation in 2002. It took George about two years before he entered into another relationship and married Melissa Mascari in 2005. The couple bore Chiara Santo Pietro, who became George’s last-born daughter.

Most people would agree that Giovanna, or otherwise Gigi, has her father’s looks. She does not entirely stray from her mother’s smile and other minor features. However, her color and looks greatly resemble George.

On the other hand, she and Vanna have a close-knit relationship. While Gigi does not share every detail of their day-to-day lives, the little she has posted on social media leaves us with no doubt that she and Vanna are quite close.

Publicity and Social Media

Gigi seems to enjoy her privacy. For a large part of her life, she kept off from the public eye and only made necessary appearances. Her mother’s fame and successes brought her closer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the red carpet, but she has never taken the lights on her life.

Nevertheless, she is creative; this has made her reach out to a social media audience by sharing her creations. Therefore, social media is among the places Gigi has shown comfort in opening her life and sharing with the world. She has not failed to share some personal photos.

Vanna White

You may know Gigi’s mother, Vanna White, for her Wheel of Fortune. Since her contest for the Miss Georgia USA in 1978, Vanna has continually graced our screens. Her Vanna Speaks! became a best-selling autobiography, which she released in 1987 and shared details about her life.

In 2008, she started Vanna’s Choice. Vanna dedicated half of the brand’s proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. While Gigi had managed to keep most of her life behind closed curtains, she came out during this time and modeled with Vanna’s skein’s knitwear.

Traveling and Art

Gigi keeps to herself most of the time when she is not with a few friends or traveling. She enjoys watching movies and reading books in synchrony with her interest in photography. When she is not on personal trips, she travels with Vanna for business and pleasure.

Most of what Gigi surrounds herself with support her deep interest in art. She enjoys writing and loves photography, which has been rewarding to her. After pursuing imaging and photography at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, she tested her skills and bagged rewards for it; today, she has the Scholastic Art and Writing Award’s Gold and Silver Key Awards to show.

Love Life

Not much about Gigi’s love life is public knowledge. She has not shared any information about a boyfriend or the possibility of a relationship. Nevertheless, her undeniably striking looks and lovely personality leave us guessing how many suitors she has and who may have made it into her heart.

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