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Our Last Night Lead Singer – Trevor Wentworth Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Son)

Lovers of music have had their share of entertainment from great talents since time immemorial. Trevor Wentworth is a notable personality; he is Our Last Night’s screamer and singer, a post-hardcore band based in the United States. 

Trevor has been in the music industry since the early 2000s. He is one of Our Last Night’s founders and has been with the band since 2004. If you are familiar with such hardcore music as made by Our Last Night, you perhaps have come across Trevor on your screens or gracing your speakers.

Early Life

Trevor Wentworth has kept a significant part of his early life behind closed curtains. Nevertheless, he was born in America’s New Hampshire on June 16, 1963. We do not know much about his parentage or the identity of his folks.

He has a brother, Mathew Wentworth. Like Trevor, Mathew has a deep interest in metal and hardcore music. He is a member of Our Last Night and plays the roles of clean vocals and leads as a guitarist.

Not much about Trevor’s education is public knowledge, but we know that he schooled in New Hampshire. He progressed to high school, where he and his brother developed a band’s idea; they formed Our Last Night when they were ready.

Like most music enthusiasts who eventually turn to make their craft, Trevor loved metal. From an early age, he kept up with the music as one of its fans. Mathew would join him whenever they were home, and the siblings would sing and have fun.

Their singing blossomed into a passion, which gave rise to the band that, in a way, changed their lives. After establishing Our Last Night, Trevor’s crew climbed up the music ladders from humble beginnings; they covered songs by bands they loved.

Their first break was in high school’s talent shows, which says a lot about their deep interest and commitment to what they were doing. Slowly, they made a name for themselves and made it into the entertainment world, exposing their style to a broader audience.

Our Last Night Band

At the band’s developing stages, Trevor had the support and partnership of his brother, Mathew Wentworth; the brothers were joined by Alex Woodrow and Timothy Molloy, making up Our Last Night’s members.

The band split its roles to vocals by Trevor, guitar by Mathew, bass guitar by Alex, and drums by Timothy. Together, Our Last Night made metalcore, alternative metal, and post-hardcore music.

Our Last Night grew over time. Two years after its establishment (in 2006), Colin Perry joined the team; he worked on the guitar. A year later, the band made their first and significant signing with Epitaph Records. With Trevor at 13, the band was young and fired up with passion.

The band’s progression led to their first tour. They also made The Ghosts among Us, their first album, two years later (in 2008). The Ghosts among Us climbed up the entertainment ladder and made it to Billboard’s Top Heatseekers at sixth place.

Trevor’s band grew exponentially after their first album, which changed everything for the five. They became famous throughout the United States, allowing them to make better music. Therefore, they would later release in 2010 We will all Evolve, the 2012 Ignorance, and the 2015 Younger Dreams.

Some of Our Last Night’s EP’s include 2004 We’ve been holding Back and the 2005 Building Cities from scratch, the 2013 A summer of covers and Oak Island, the 2014 Oak Island Acoustic, and the 2016 Decades of Covers.

Trevor Wentworth Net Worth

Due to Trevor Wentworth’s privacy, his net worth is not public knowledge; the same is right about Our Last Night. Nevertheless, their successes and album sales are proof of significant wealth.

Love Life and Social Media

The public accurately holds little about Trevor’s personal life. While some people believe that he is in a happy relationship, others say that he is married; nevertheless, Trevor remains private about the details. 

From what he has shared on social media and interviews, we can say that he sees Crystal Lanier. You can easily find photos of the two, but may not be successful with details about Crystal; she is more private. We also know that Trevor and Crystal bore Noah Lanier Wentworth in 2013, from Trevor’s social media posts.

His popularity and massive support from fans are perhaps why Trevor keeps an active presence on social media. You may find him on Instagram, where he shares quotes and messages to at least 107K followers; his username is trevor_michael. He is also active on Twitter under the handle @TrevorOLN and has at least 59.5K followers.

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