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Idris Elba’s Ex-Wife – Hanne “Kim” Nørgaard Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth)

Idris Elba is a famous actor who has been in numerous films. And while we look into the life of Idris Elba a little bit, this guide isn’t article isn’t going to be about Elba though, but the mother of his daughter Isan. Her name is Hanne Norgaard, and though she is no longer with Idris Elba, she is the mother of his child, and deserves to have more information out there about her. There are numerous things that people don’t know about Elba’s ex-wife, and hopefully we can provide some of that information that people do often wonder.

The Life and Biography of Hanne “Kim” Norgaard

While her name is actually Hanne Norgaard, she’s often referred to as Kim Norgaard, so that’s what we’ll call her. The reason for this is due primarily to her makeup line called the “Kim Elba Cosmetics”. 

Kim Norgaard is primarily a pro makeup designer and artist by career. She was 22 when she met Elba after moving to the U.S. back in 1999, before the new millennium. Idris Elba was 27 when he met the makeup artist, and as of today, she is 43 years old. Her birthday is April 5th of 1977, and she got her education from the Makeup Artistry from the S.C. Institute – a professional school in Washington D.C. She attained her professional certificate after attending for two years between 2004 and 2006. 

What About Their Marriage?

Kim is the first wife of Idris Elba, and she had their daughter after they got married shortly after she came to the states. She was working in England and moved abruptly with the actor to their home in New York. They ended up having a baby, Isan, who has been famous for numerous things (probably partially due to her father’s success as an actor). After only four short years, Idris and Hanne ended up filing for a divorce. Not a lot was known about their marriage, or even their divorce. Most of the couple’s personal lives remained and to this day, still remain private. However, Kim still shares the last name she was given when she married Idris. Both artists ended up getting bigger in their careers – her with her cosmetics work both on and off the set; Idris with his acting career.

It is known that the couple still remains friends to this day and gets along, as well as co-parents their daughter. Many say that it’s due to their daughter that they still get along. Another reason why it was told that they divorced, was because with the fame, Idris ended up having problems with their commitments to each other. As a celebrity couple, it’s quite possible that both of them had this problem, since it is a common scenario. Who knows?

Commercial Success of Hanne Norgaard

Over the 30 years of working as a makeup artist, aside from having her own line, Kim Elba has worked hard to make a name for herself, and has contributed to a lot of popular brands of cosmetics and even the television and movie scene. She had positions in Columbia Tristar, BBC, Puffy Combs line, BET, Calvin Klein, and more. She has had numerous clients over the years, even including the late, great Robin Williams, Idris Elba himself, and she even ounded the Makeup Your Mind Inc. company. In 2,000 is when she ended up running her own company Kilm Elba Makeup Artistry in New York, but she stopped doing that in 2007. She even won the BEFFTA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. 

What About Their Daughter?

Both parents have done everything they can to ensure that their daughter Isan had a good life. Eventually, Hanne ended up becoming married again when she marrie a pastor named Andrew L. Friar back in 2013, while her ex-husband Idris had gone through many different marriages and failed relationships over the years. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that Horgaard had it easy. After Idris married Sabrina Dhowre back in 2019, Isan ended up revealing with PEOPLE magazine that her mother Hanne was actually battling with mental health issues and a serius mental illness. This doesn’t mean that she’s not functional, but it may have contributed to childhood problems for their daughter as well as hardships during Hanne’s marriage to Idris Elba, and ultimately the divofce. 


Hanne “Kim” Elba-Norgaard has been working hard to be the wife of a pastor, and still remains prominent to her makeup line and career. Though her and English actor, Idris Elba, did not work out, they both continue to prosper because of their individual success and be parents to their daughter Isan.

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