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Danny Glover’s Wife – Eliane Cavalleiro Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Married, Net Worth)

Nearly everyone in the world knows the famous “Lethal Weapon” franchise star, Danny Glover. While he often played a smart-alec cop on the movies during his thirty five years in showbusiness, he’s also dabbled his hand in production as well as being a proud humanitarian – loving and supporting the work that his wife does for organizations such as UNESCO and NGO Geledes: Institute of Black Woman. This article isn’t about him though – what we want to know is a bit about his wife – because she’s not even in the Hollywood movie scene. She’s actually a professor at one of America’s most accredited colleges; she teaches at Stanford University. 

The Life of Glover’s Wife

Eliane Cavalleiro met Danny back in 2003 when they both went to the World Social Forum that year in Brazil – an event that Danny loved attending. While she was living in Brazil, she was working numerous positions, such as being the General Coordinator of Diversity and Educational Inclusion during her Ministry of Education work period.

While Danny worked in the film industry and was living in California, they ended up getting engaged and announcing it publicly back in 2009. They made sure that they didn’t know if they were going to live in the United States or not at the time, but they didn’t want to be apart any longer – as they had grown quite close to one another.

Eliane Cavallerio’s Home Life

While both Danny and his wife don’t boast their personal life online, they also pride themselves in having a regular family life outside of Danny’s success. Both of them have children from their past marriages and relationships, but they treat everyone equally in the household.

We do know that Cavallero ended up having two boys before she met Danny Glover. Their names are Juan and Ramon, and they are pretty similar when it comes to taste and their artistic streak. Her sons are on Facebook and other social media, and Ramon himself being a professional photographer while Juan actively pursues a career being a prominent visual design artist, it shows that she did a good job raising her sons to do a good job and do what they love – and they follow that lesson as they pursue their dreams.

Teaching Life Skills

While Eliane Cavalleiro works hard to teach at the prized Stanford University, she spends her time teaching about gender and race. She has even written numerous books, such as “Silence of the Household to the School” where she teaches about how kids are discriminated in school, and they have to suffer from extreme prejudice on many levels about general things. She even wrote a book that was big on fighting against racism in the school systems. It was to help create a though that makes you think hard about the school system. It also teaches many social and racial challenges that kids face when it comes to living in a long lineage of African American families, and how it affects the younger kids today who’s great grandparents had a hard time due to their race and name.

How Life is with Mr. Glover

Many stars and their wives tend to keep their lives at home private from the eyes of the media, and Danny Glover as well as Eliane Cavalleiro make sure they do the same things. They work hard with their philanthropy projects, not to mention their day jobs, but when the day is done, they go home. Of course, it’s known that they do attend numerous non-profit organizational events, as well as events that cater to the minorities – they are activists to help better the education and lives of the minority children in the country, despite Glover’s roots as a prominent and very well paid actor. While they don’t get a lot of publicity, Glover and his wife also attend almost every single red carpet moment together. 


Despite the fact that she is married to a very big celebrity, Danny Glover’s spouse, Eliane Cavalleiro is a one-of-a-kind supporter of her husband, and he supports her just the same. While many actors and their spouses do find some charitable purpose, her teaching at Stanford University in America makes her one of the most intriguing celebrity wives out there. Rather than living in complete luxury and being spoiled, this 54 year old teacher enjoys being able to do nothing more than teach her kids sociology skills to help teach the new generations all about diversity. She also is a proud mother, and her sons are successful in their own rights – not banking solely on her spouse or each other for their living, despite any fame they may have.

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