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Heidi Klum’s Daughter – Helene Boshoven Samuel Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Leni, Siblings)

It’s a different ball game as a child celebrity, yet it is still the same as being an adult celebrity. A celebrity is a celebrity. However, few things are oblivious to many people about celebrity kids. 

Heidi Klum is a German celebrity model whose career was at its peak when she gave birth to her daughter Helene Boshoven in 2004. Heidi got her first start when she was featured in the model 92′ competition. 

Since 2013, Heidi has been a judge in the popular show ‘American Got Talent’. She was also the first German model for the Victoria’s Secret Angel. 

Helen had gotten her part of the glam world by the end of the millennium. In 1997, Heidi Klum was married to Ric Pipino (a hairstylist) before Helene was born. 

Heidi Klum and Ric Pipino’s marriage did not produce any children. They later divorced in 2002. At that time, Heidi was still in her young 20s. In March 2003, after her divorce, Klum started dating Helene’s father. 

Helene Boshoven Samuel’s Changed Her Name A Couple of Times Before She Got Settled After Adoption 

Heidi Klum dated Flavio Briatore, an Italian businessman in 2003. Flavio Briatore is Helene’s biological father. Helene was not born as Helene Briatore. 

Klum announced her pregnancy in December 2003. She and Flavio soon split up shortly after their relationship started. So, Flavio was not present when Helene his daughter was born. 

Heidi Klum named Helene after her name. The rationale behind Heidi’s decision is linked to the resolution she made because of the separation between her and Flavio which was reportedly not rosy. The former couple did not separate on good terms. 

It was reported that Heidi split up with Flavio Bratoire because he was not faithful to her. 

Seal Adopted Helene After He Married Heidi And Later Finalized Her Last Name

Heidi got married to Seal after she separated from Briatore. Seal’s real name is Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, and he is a legendary British rock singer. Heidi was pregnant with Helene when he met Seal.

So Seal was the one present when Helene, Heidi’s first daughter was born. 

Seal and Heidi got married on the 10th of May 2005, few years after the birth of Helene. Seal had earlier proposed to Heidi in Whistler, British Columbia. 

In the same 2005, the new couple welcomed their first child together and named him Samuel Dashtu Ademola Gunther Henry (Heidi’s first son). A year later, the couple had their second son named  Samuel Taiwo Fyodor Riley Johan. 

Finally, on the 9th of October 2009, Heidi and Seal had their last and third child together. They named the boy Lou Sulola Samuel. It was in the same year that Seal adopted Helene Klum. 

Seal announced the official completion of the adoption in December 2009 during his interview with Mirror in the UK. Helene then took a new name. She was named Helene Boshoven Samuel as Seal’s legal child. 

When quizzed about why he adopted Helene, Seal said that the adoption implied that both he and Heidi wanted Helene to carry the same last name as the rest of the family. 

He added that it was all about Leni (as he fondly called Helene) and that he did not want her to feel differently. He wanted her to feel like a daughter rather than a step-daughter. 

Seal also added that he knows what it feels like to feel different in one’s family since he was a kind of a stepson and he doesn’t want that kind of feeling for his girl. 

According to Seal, nothing had changed in their house despite the adoption process. However, the couple announced their separation in 2012 after spending 7 happy years together. 

The former couple finalized their divorce two years later in 2014. Afterward, Heidi took a break from dating and got busy with work instead. Many years later in 2018, she began dating again and was soon spotted with her current husband Tom Kaulitz. 

Heidi took a break from her judge role in ‘America Got Talent’ for the 2018/2019 season. This was probably to allow her to focus on her new relationship. 

She soon got married to Tom Kaulitz in a secret wedding in February after being previously engaged in December 2018. After her marriage, she resumed her judging role at the show for the 19/20 season. 

Did You Notice the Nickname?

For Helene and Heidi, life with Seal was great. Heidi often maintained that Flavio was not present in Helene’s life, so Seal is Helene’s father. Rather than Helene, Heidi’s first daughter is popularly called Leni Samuel. 

Helene reportedly got the nickname after her mother married Seal. 

Flavio Was Unbothered with The Adoption

According to Seal in the interview with UK’s Mirror, he stated that he had spoken with Leni’s biological father when he announced the adoption. Seal was full of praise for Flavio Briatore. 

Seal mentioned that the former racing boss for ‘Benetton Formula One’ really helped him handle a difficult situation. Seal added that Flavio was gentle about the whole issue and that he has a lot of respect for him. 

Flavio Says the Relationship with The Other Parents Was Cool Despite Heidi’s Claim

Like we stated earlier, Heidi claimed that Flavio was not involved in Helene’s life. Well, this claim is partly true because the businessman denied the claims. 

Flavio claimed that the distance between him and Helene was unbridgeable. During the adoption process, Flavio was living in London while Heidi was residing in Los Angeles. 

Although Heidi may have her own reasons for saying that Flavio was not part of Helene’s life, she once admitted that Helene used to speak with her biological father for 2 hours a day on phone. 

But as expected, this was not enough for Flavio, been the biological father, Helene needed to be with her mum. 

Regarding the adoption, Flavio handled it maturely. While speaking with Corriere Della Sera (from Italy) in 2016, Flavio said Leni is his natural daughter but the trio (Heidi, Leni, and Flavio) happily reached an agreement it was better for Seal to adopt Helene because there is a need for her to grow in a close-knit family as a child. 

Flavio made peace with the situation saying that it is hard to miss a child that you never see. He added that Helene is not a forsaken child, rather she is part of Samuel’s family while he also has Nathan as part of his own family. 

If you noticed we mentioned Nathan, well, here is some information about him. Nathan is Flavio’s son from his relationship with Elisabetta Gregoraci, an Italian fashion model in 2008. 

His monetary scandals did not stop him from having a child with the model in 2010. The boy’s full name is Falco Nathan Briatore. 

A few years ago in July 2018, Helene met physically with her biological father, Flavio during an outing after a long time. The duo embraced each other in Porto Celvo at the Cala di Volpe hotel. 

According to reports, Heidi was at the outing with her whole family, her other three kids with Seal, and her parents. The meeting was supposed to be a one-time affair only because she was already in a speculated relationship with Tom Kaulitz at that time.  

Helene Is Not Following In Her Mother’s Footsteps Yet

When you see Helene and Heidi walking together side by side, you would see that Leni tends to match her mother’s height, although it is left to see if she has that interest. 

In 2018, while speaking with Hello! Magazine in an interview, Heidi mentioned that Leni is interested in dancing. It’s not what the mother-of-four set out to do, 14-year-old Leni certainly has the intention of getting into the glam world. 

Heidi Klum further stated that she wouldn’t push her children to do what they do not want to do. So, even if they are good at something, and she feels they should do it, she would not force them to.

While speaking about the future of Leni and her siblings, Heidi said that Leni is currently interested in dancing and she will allow her to do it since it is what she wants. 

She added that she will not coerce her kids on what to do. She wants them to develop their career path. The kids are not stage kids. 

Heidi said that the kids will inform her when they finally decide what they want to do. Heidi added that she will be glad to be the manager for her kids. She also said that she will begin to look for management companies for the kids. 

According to Heidi, the kids are probably not ready as none of them has asked her about the career they want to pursue. She maintained that she will get them a modeling agency once they ask. 

There is still plenty of time for teenager Helen Samuel to make her career choice. Although there is a little pressure on her to decide as everyone is waiting to see what career path she will finally choose. 

Some other people are curious to know if Helene will follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a model too since her mother recorded a lot of success from the career.


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