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When you visit Zach Bia’s Instagram page, you will notice he posts pictures of expensive cars and designer clothing. This is the norm. However, who exactly is Zach Bia, and what is he known for?

Zach Bia is an online influencer, a promoter, and a DJ. Furthermore, he is famous because of the high-profile individuals he has as friends. Just a few years ago, Zach Bia was a regular guy with average friends. However, after a meeting with Fetty Wap, he started connecting with famous people.

Early Life

Zach Bia was born in the 1990s in New York, United States. He traveled to Paris severally since his mother was from France. Although Zac is not a famous rapper, one would have guessed he was going to end up a famous rapper as his mother regularly taught his brothers and himself about famous rappers.

Although Bia had a great time growing, he clearly stated that he is not from a wealthy family. Additionally, his parents went through a divorce when he was still very young. After his parents’ divorce, he relocated to Los Angeles.

How Did Zac Get Famous?

Zac Bia might be a famous person at the moment. Nonetheless, there have been lots of questions about the exact reason he is famous. The DJ once had an interview with GQ, and in this interview, he gave some insight into how he began moving with famous people.

When celebrating his 19th birthday, Zac visited a club known as ‘Hooray Henry’s with his friends. Incidentally, Fetty Wap was visiting the same cub at about the same time.

While in the club, Fetty Wap got word that Zac and his friends were celebrating Zac’s birthday in the club. The rapper invited Zac and his friends to his table at the club.

While sitting with Fetty Wap at a table could have easily gone unnoticed, a promoter at the club erroneously thought Zac came with Fetty Wap. So, he proceeded to get Zac’s number. After getting Zac’s number, he kept in touch with him for about a month.

After hanging out with Fetty Wap, Zac, alongside his friends, got invites to various events as the promoter they met at the club associated them with Fetty Wap. Not so long after, a different promoter gave Zac some money to promote their club. Although Zac was not famous at the time, he took this opportunity with both hands.

Not so long after this offer, John Terzian, who owns a club, approached Bia and asked him to help get the crowd to his club. After this deal, lots of big faces in the American entertainment industry started visiting this club regularly. Some of these celebrities include Rihanna and the Kardashians.

While all this was happening, Zac was getting really famous on Instagram, and he revealed he did not do much to get his Instagram growing. All he did was post outfits.

All was going well for Zac in the entertainment industry, and he soon became friends with Drake. Since Drake is obviously the bigger personality, lots of people would expect the relationship to be one-sided. Contrary to what people expected, it appeared Drake was into the friendship as much as Zac was as he put up a picture of both of them on Instagram. He went further to talk about him in the song ‘No Stylist which he did with French Montana.

While meeting Fetty Wap and having a good relationship with Drake is huge for Zac, these two superstars are not the only people he has met or hangs out with. He appears to have a good relationship with the Kardashians. Also, in January 2020, there were rumors that he was in a relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Zac might be known as a club promoter and DJ. However, he does more. He has set up a record label known as ‘Field Trip.’ While ‘Field Trip’ is still young and not established, due to Zac’s entertainment connections, it is a good alternative for young artists.

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