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Steven Crowder’s Wife – Hilary Korzon Crowder Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kids, Family)

One of the most beautiful interior decorators that the world knows today is Hilary Crowder. She has been a sales manager in many companies. In spite of her personal achievements which she has gained so far in her professional ventures, she is mostly known as being the YouTube celebrity & wife of a comedian known as Steven Blake Crowder. The duo currently stays in Dallas, Texas. In this article, you will know her personal and professional accomplishments about her.

Hilary Crowder’s Biography

She was born at home and was named Hilary Korzon. She lives a very private life and had managed to keep personal information about her life away from the media, even if she has a celebrity husband that lives off social media. However, about her early years, it is known that she has attended Calvin College where she did her graduation.

One thing you can be sure about that she was raised in a proper Christian home. She is conservative that gives you direct information on how she was raised.

The couple has kept quiet about how they met but the engagement was organized in March 2012 and later got married on the 25th of August 2012. His husband was very proud that he filled his social media pages with pictures of his new and beautiful wife, he exclaims how wonderful and beautiful his wife is.

Steven had once told his followers on social media that he and his wife restrained from sex until they got married. The column was published for Fox News with the heading “Waiting till the wedding night – getting married the right way” in this he had told people the benefits of having sex after marriage or restraining yourself from sex before marriage has in life.

Everything to Know About Steven Crowder’s Wife


Hilary is known to be a woman who works very hard. She presently works as an interior decorator and with Leland International which is an interior decor company. She has previously had work experience as a sales manager where she uses to be looking into thirty independent sales groups all around in America and Canada.

Husband and Marriage

Hilary’s partner and husband is a conservative political commentator who is an American-Canadian. He is a comedian who was seen in many movies. He grew up as a dedicated Christian and is known up started stand-up comedy. At the age of 17 and has featured in movies like “Arthur’ (2000), “The Covenant” (2006), “The Velveteen Rabbit” (2008) & “To save a life” (2009) amongst others.

Steven was first seen on Fox News when he was only 21. He was selected as a guest opinion panelist; it is since then that he had been a frequent guest. He is very famous as his posts have an amazing amount of viewership on his YouTube channel “LouderwithCrowder” this is where he shares his political satires and opinions with others and also some important news videos.

He can be seen on major social media platforms as he has over 3.4 million YouTube subscribers on his channel & 2 million followers on Facebook, there are around 680 thousand followers on Twitter more than 446 thousand on Instagram. He loves to share his affectionate and loving relationship with his wife on social media. A couple of days before his wedding, he told his followers on social media that he had been desperately waiting for his wedding since his childhood days. He told everyone that it is what he wanted in life. Everything has turned out to be, as he had hoped. He had kept a restraint on sex until they got married, and he very blatantly shared information about how amazing his wedding night was.

It has been more than 6 years that they have been together, even if they don’t have any kids yet. They seem to enjoy their married life

Both have a dog named Happer who pops up in many photos on Steve’s social media account pages. Another cute looking dog (Betty) was added to their family in January 2019.


The famous couple was once involved in a controversy over marijuana. Steven had interviewed a few Community High School students outside the school premises about their usage of marijuana and if the legalization was a good thing or not. Hilary was also there, as she was taking care of mobilizing the kids for the interview which they said was for a small article.

However, later the students were in a state of shock to find their video been played on Fox News Channel. It was an 8-minute video titled “Marijuana! The Truth”. The students even claimed that the couple had made some changes with the video as the response was edited. They claimed that most of the responses were edited so that that their words might be taken in the wrong manner.


Hilary likes to listen to music.

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