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Juan Williams Wife – Susan Delise Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Photo)

Born in the United States of America, Susan Delise is the wife of famous media personality, Juan William. The pair have been married for over four decades, during which her profile has gradually risen alongside that of her husband. 

Her husband, Juan William, is a familiar face on the Fox News channel and is also a popular writer for big-name publications like Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. 

Although most of her fame is attributed to her husband’s profile, Delise has had her own successes as well. She’s featured on Fox and Friends, where she discussed cooking seafood. In this write-up, we’ll take a closer glimpse at the life of Susan Delise. 

Early Life of Susan Delise

Susan Delise is an American and is of Afro-American extraction. She has not been very benevolent in sharing details about her early life. Although a lot is known of her husband, almost nothing is available in the media about her early life. 67-year-old Susan Delise was born in September 1952 in Washington, DC. 

Marriage to Juan William

After dating for a long time, Susan and Juan tied the knot in July 1978, arbout 42 years ago. Juan William is an accomplished  Panamanian-born American Journalist who has won several awards for his work. 

He’s a widely known figure who has featured in several high-profile media programs and events. While little is known about Susan’s early relationship with Juan William, the pair currently enjoys a robust relationship and career. Unlike several high-profile marriages, Susan’s marriage to Juan has been mostly positive without any reported scandals in the media. 

Susan Delise’s Children

Along with their robust relationship, the couple is blessed with three grown children; sons Raphael and Antonio Williams and a daughter, Rae Williams. Susan is also a grandmother. Her daughter, Rae, 35, has two sons with her husband, Patrick Herald. 

Their children also work in media and politics related fields. Their older son has had a few unsuccessful stints in politics. He ran for a seat on the district of Columbia’s council but lost to his rival Tommy Wells.  Prior to his failed political bid, Antonio worked as an intern for GOP senator Strom Thurmond. 

Owing to his flair with words, he was also chosen as a speechwriter for Norm Coleman in the 2000s. Despite a failed first attempt, Antonio hopes to revive his political ambition once more when he believes the time is right. The younger son Raphael currently works as a press secretary for renowned neuro-surgeon Ben Carson. 

He studied Anthropology at Haverford College, the same school his father had attended. He worked as the director for communication for Michigan Republican Dan Benishek’s successful campaign in 2012. He has also worked in several politics-related positions throughout his career.

Susan Delise’s Net Worth

Susan Delise is estimated to have accumulated some good amount of money in her modest career, but it has not been possible to put an exact figure on her earnings and net worth. 

According to multiple sources, Susan Delise may have a Net Worth hovering around $1 million. However, that figure is still contested because quite little is known about her career and income streams. On the other hand, her husband, Juan William, is estimated to be worth around $2 million. 

Social Media Presence

Unlike her husband, Susan Delise isn’t active on social media. Glimpse into her life available on social media are usually shared by her husband and her children. Juan William has around 155,000 followers on Twitter. 

Despite being a mainstay on Fox News, Juan William has been very critical of Donald Trump. He has openly attacked several of the president’s decisions on social media. This has earned him praise by some section of the country and harsh criticism by another.

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