Is Tom Selleck Gay

If you have watched lots of movies from the 1980s, you probably know who Tom Selleck is. This is because he was at the top of his game in the 1980s and was very famous. Although not as famous as he used to be, Tom Selleck still appears on TV quite frequently. Since coming into the spotlight, Tom has had to deal with lots of accusations about being a homophobe and being a homosexual. These accusations might be substantial. However, the evidence is really scanty.

In the face of strong accusations, some people still believe Tom is straight. This is because he has been married two times. Additionally, he has not said anything that could point to him not being heterosexual. 

The rumors about Tom Selleck being gay sprang up in the 1980s. Also, they got pretty intense by some placards in the 1990s. They also got printed by a media firm. Tom reacted by filing a lawsuit against the newspaper firm responsible for spreading the rumors. However, things were settled out of court when he was paid a certain amount.

About Tom’s Family

Between 1971 and 1982, Tom Selleck was married to Jacqueline Ray. When this relationship came to an end, he stayed unmarried for five years. After this five-year period, he got married to Jillie Mack. That’s not all. He and Mack have a daughter together while he adopted Kevin, Ray’s son.

In the 80s, he was at the peak of his career after acting as Thomas Magnum in the movie ‘Magnum.’ Nonetheless, his career has seen a boost since he landed Frank Reagan’s role in ‘Blue Bloods.’

While at the peak of his career, there were lots of rumors about his sexuality and private life. His conservative politics and macho image probably fueled these rumors. 

New York Placards

In the early 90s and the 80s, there was bad blood between the Globe and Selleck. This firm which is different from Boston Globe, was a supermarket tabloid, and it always put up stories about Tom’s sexuality.

This feud became really worrisome in 1991 when gay rights activists surrounded New York City with placards. These placards carried the faces of different celebrities, and as you would expect, Tom Selleck was one of these celebrities. Beyond just being one of these celebrities, ‘absolutely queer’ was written under his picture.

This situation was championed by Outpost, a famous group for gay activists. While the Globe was not in charge of this incident nor had anything to do with it, it reported this move, which led to Selleck’s issue.

Selleck was not only interested in suing the Globe. He also wanted to sue any member of Outpost he could identify. However, this was impossible as members of this group maintained a high level of anonymity.

Legal Issue with the Glove

The Globe put out lots of photos of the placard. This was enough infringement. However, worse was the fact that it made use of the inscription ‘Gay’ Stars Stop traffic.’

According to Tom’s representative, the Globe printed slander all in a bid to cause damage to his personal and professional life. The Globe, on the other hand, simply made it known that all they did was to report 

Reacting to the situation and allegations about him being gay, Selleck put out a statement that indicated he was comfortable with his sexuality just as homosexuals are proud of theirs. He did not stop at this. He clearly stated that he was obviously straight as he had been married two times and had children.

To make any headway, Tom’s representative had to prove that his ability to work in the entertainment industry was affected by the article. This suit was a $20 –million suit. However, Selleck and the firm involved had to settle out of court for an amount that remains private. So, contrary to what lots of people expected, this firm was not closed down and still in business.

After the settlement, the Globe had to put out a clarification. This clarification boldly stated that the Globe had no intentions of implying that Tom Selleck is gay or was ever gay.

Selleck responded to the Globe’s story very sternly, which gave people the impression that he is not gay but strictly anti-gay. In 1997, Selleck acted in a film and played the role of gay news reported. This role put a stop to these rumors to an extent.

Asides from these, Selleck seems to be doing just fine even though he is not as popular as before.

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