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If we were to make a list of top American comedians who also double as podcast hosts, Joe Rogan is a name that will quickly come to mind as one of the most successful. Although so much information about him is available in the public domain, very little is known about his political affiliation or preference, unlike most celebrities. Joe Rogan is usually quick to express his opinion about events in the country, and it’s a policy. Still, he has not disclosed if he prefers the democrats or Republican party.

Well, just because he hasn’t made any direct mention of where his allegiance lies doesn’t mean that he is politically neutral. A deeper look into some of his commentaries will reveal some details about his political preference. Would you like to find out? Keep reading.

Is Joe Rogan Politically Neutral?

On several occasions, this former UFC commentator has expressed his nuanced political views. He has severally done an exegesis into the weaknesses and strengths of both parties.

During one interview with James Damore, an engineer from Google, James noted that he was a conservative in terms of economic issues. He added that if things are too easy for people, they naturally tend to become complacent. He then said he was socially liberal in terms of social welfare and immigration laws. 

During the last US election, Rogan’s conservative view was strongly expressed as he declared that he would vote for Donald Trump for president. He also added that the nomination of Joe Biden as the flag bearer of the Democrat party was a moronic move. However, he later backtracked though and claimed that his earlier statement was not an endorsement for someone who was suffering from dementia (referring to Trump)

People Think Rogan Transphobic?

Rogan is noted to be a promoter of transphobic attitudes. During an interview that he hosted with Abigail Shrier, author of book titled The Irreversible Damage, she equated transgender to self-harm and eating disorder.

It is difficult to pin down Joe Rogan to a specific school of thought as he always tries to balance his conservatism with liberal views. For example, he is in support that marijuana should be made legal and advocates for gay rights and universal healthcare. During one interview where he hosted Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, the duo openly drank whiskey. They smoked marijuana which goes to affirm his support for the legalization of the substance.

In another interview with Duncan Trussell, one of America’s finest actors, Rogan expressed his liberal view towards immigration as discussing a topic centered on family separation. He noted that it was only those who do not have kids that will condemn immigrants who are only trying to find a better life for their families.

Joe Rogan’s liberal view seems to have the better part of him, which was seen during one of his podcasts with Bari Weiss, the popular columnist on the New York Times. During the interview, he noted that he would gladly vote for Bernie Sanders. He noted that he was thrilled by the level of consistency that Bernie had shown ever since he has been known. According to him, Bernie has never reneged the things he’s been saying all the years. 

Even though he seemed to have endorsed a candidate who is a progressive democrat, his statement met with large resistance. It didn’t sit well with a wing of core Sander supporters who claimed that he was only promoting conspiracy theories. Rogan has also been criticized by many for the people he chooses to bring to his talk show. However, he has hosted people who are known left-wing voices like Abby Martin and Kyle Kulinski.

Joe Rogan Excels at Being Politically Neutral

It is tough to maintain neutrality over political affiliations and views, especially for someone like Joe Rogan, who has to speak on political issues regularly. However, he has tried hard to remain neutral. At best, his political view is more than the usual left or right but more like a libertarian. 

This six times winner of the MMA award for the personality of the year has always been known as a strong proponent of freedom of speech. Ever since he launched his podcast in 2009, he now makes a whopping $70,000 per episode of his show. His neutrality is probably one of his biggest success secrets, and we can only hope that he will one day openly declare his political loyalty, but he hasn’t.

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