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Aisha Tyler’s Ex Husband – Jeff Tietjens Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, New Wife, Football, Kids)

Jeff Tietjens is a famous lawyer who was once married to a more popular director, Aisha Tyler. The news of their divorce graced the top papers of many newspapers in 2016 and 2017 when Tietjens received $ 2 million in awards as spousal provision and supplement from his ex-wife.

Aisha plays a key role in Jeff Tietjens’ fame, considering she used to be more of a celebrity that people were always looking for in shows and red carpet events.

Since their marriage in 1992 through to the peak of Aisha’s acting career in the mid-2000s, Jeff could often be seen accompanying his wife to major social gatherings. The couple had many fans, and paparazzi couldn’t keep their camera eyes off this cute couple.

In profession, Jeff Tietjens is a lawyer. He came into this world in 1968 and currently resides in California, where he was also born. Tyler and Tietjens graduated from their respective high schools and joined the Dartmouth College of Arts in 1986, where they met and fell in love.

Jeff’s educational background and the road to success

In 2019, statistics indicated that Jeff owned two beautiful mansions, one in California and another in New Hampshire. These are clear indications that the lawyer, in his entire career, has been working pretty hard to create his success and generate his hard-earned wealth.

Tietjens has an Italian origin and currently holds a Bachelor’s Law degree from Dartmouth College and a Master’s degree from the Loyola Law School.

Upon completing his studies, Tietjens received admission into the State Bar in California and could work as an attorney as of 2000.

The dynamic young attorney landed several gigs around California and has since made progress in his career – currently, he owns several law firms between New York City and San Francisco.

Jeff’s role model was his father. Jeff admired the successful legal career of his dad and developed an ambition to uphold the family legacy.

The hallmark of Jeff’s career is undoubtedly his divorce case against his wife of twenty-five years, Aisha Taylor.

The judges couldn’t resist his prayers when he asked for compensation after alleging that he suffered the most in his 25-year marriage with his Hollywood queen.

The ruling of the compensation in his favor further supported the fact that Jeff Tietjens is a professional and one of America’s finest lawyers.

Jeff’s marriage and divorce with Aisha Tyler

These two met while they were still students at Dartmouth College. They met in 1990, and two years later, tied the knot – they didn’t date for many years, they decided that they were perfect matches after knowing each other for only a few weeks!

Because she was an upcoming Hollywood actress, Aisha’s presence was often required in TV show premieres.

There was no better companion than Jeff to accompany the upcoming star, his wife, who was already a celebrity, to those events. Henceforth, Jeff became accustomed to the public eye and the limelight that came with his wife’s popularity.

Jeff and Aisha’s marriage was quite fruitful, as they managed to acquire different expensive properties in the prime residences of North America. Their marriage has lasted for close to twenty-five years, and they only decided to part ways when matters got out of hand.

The couple acquired and resold various properties, including a prestigious home in Hollywood Hills, which they later divided between themselves as per the court’s compensatory orders.

Jeff’s divorce case is probably the most prolific one the modern world has witnessed due to its nature and high compensation value.

Tietjens presented his case before the magistrate in 2016. Both parties agreed on the sums to be awarded to Jeff, and the payments started trickling into Tietjens’ accounts in 2017.

Tyler and Tietjens had many fans as a couple. When they got wind of their celebrity couple’s separation in 2015, they hoped the pair would put aside their differences and reconcile, but it seems the outcome wasn’t a fan’s choice.

Different narrations about the couple’s reasons for separation circulated through all the social media platforms in 2015 onwards, but many were mostly rumors.

Tietjens, in his claim, stated that they had implacable differences that couldn’t be settled otherwise.

He also further stated that Aisha didn’t expect to have children in their entire marriage, and kept on hiding that fact for a long time. He also blamed her entirely for the child problem – she couldn’t conceive, and that was a problem for Jeff.

Besides, Aisha wasn’t concerned with upholding their marriage vows because she preferred lesbian sexuality.

Even though she didn’t justify or refute any claims made against her, fans went on to spin different tales and propagate rumors. At the same time, they incessantly questioned her side of the story – in short, they wanted answers that gave them more stories.

Currently, Jeff isn’t so much in the spotlight as he used to be during the divorce process and his marriage. After successfully winning his case, Jeff felt the need to restrict public interference in his life, and especially from Aisha’s staunch supporters.

Jeff’s Net Worth

Tietjens owns different properties around the United States, particularly in New York, California, and San Francisco. He gets most of his income from the various law firms he currently owns and his reputable previous career as an attorney.

His net value was approximately $5 million in 2019 – chances are that his worth might have gone higher as of today.

Aisha’s Net Worth

As a Hollywood actress, Tyler has made more money than his former lover. We can attribute her higher value to the different roles she played over the years and other additional commercial monies of consistent role-playing.

All in all, Aisha’s net worth stands at around $8 million, and just like Tietjens, the value could have gone up a fair notch this year.

Aisha Tyler’s life and career since the divorce

Tyler is still achieving the unimaginable in her career. Even before separating from her ex-husband, Aisha featured in different series and acting scenes both as a renowned actress and voice-over artist.

You most probably would remember her active role as Dr. Wheeler in the popular TV show ‘Friends.’ She has also appeared in other captivating series including CSI, and The Weakest Link.

Sometime in 2018, Tyler posted an intimate photo of her and Emily Rickards while captioning it in what anyone would call love. According to Aisha, she is now a proud lesbian and still vocally calls for the consideration of LGBTQ rights.

Jeff Tietjens’ life and style since the divorce

While a big part of his social life remains a mystery for the public, Jeff has a few hobbies and prefers to maintain a particular style in his appearance and dressing.

He loves participating in different sporting and outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, and hiking. During his free time, you’ll find Jeff reading science-fiction stories.

Even though he still has many firms around the United States, it has come to our attention that Jeff’s California legal license has been pretty dormant for about a decade now.

Jeff likes keeping his hair short and weight under regular check. He is 5’8’’ and weighs approximately eighty kilograms.

He prefers wearing well-tailored suits or modern casual outfits often with sunglasses, maybe because he wishes to keep the smart lawyer’s look.  All the same, there’s no denying that Jeff Tietjens is an avid lover of contemporary fashion.

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