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Shannon Sharpe’s Wife – Katy Kellner Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Fitness, Photos)

Even though she now lives a quieter and more peaceful life away from the public domain, there’s no denying that Katy Kellner is still an iconic figure in the fitness industry and quite a significant favorite amongst upcoming celebrities.

She is also the perfect fitness trainer who can narrate to anyone the melodrama of love, and how people’s feelings and love stories can quickly change either for the better or worse. 

Katy Kellner is one of the few prominent people that manage to keep their family life private. Many people still relate Katy Kellner to the former NFL player and her ex-lover, Shannon Sharpe.

The love story of Shannon Sharpe and Katy Kellner came to a sudden ending in 2018.

The absurd separation left many of their admirers and fans wondering if the two still had a glowing flare that could light up any time henceforth, or whether that was the end of their five-year passionate relationship.

While many still believe Shannon Sharpe is still recovering from the inflictions of his past relationship, there’s no arguing that Katy Kellner is living her best family life with the man of her dreams, Marlon Byrd, and her two-year-old son, Jaden Byrd.

Katy Kellner’s early life

The fitness enthusiast who is also a zealous trainer is currently thirty-nine years old. She was born in a typical American family without the attention of social media.

She thus evaded the prying attention and shutterbugs from the press – a common phenomenon for children born in celebrity families.

She grew up in Atlanta and studied at Elmhurst College and Troy University. She attained an Arts degree at Elmhurst and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Troy University.

Most of Katy’s early schooling, lifestyle, passions, and love life remain unknown since she wasn’t popular back then and wasn’t connected to fame in any significant way.

However, it’s only through her fierce passion for fitness that Kellner found herself in the limelight. Her famous lover was quite a renowned NFL legend.

Katy’s personal life and net worth

At the height of 5’6’’ and nearing the forty age bracket, Katy Kellner is beautiful, healthy, and appears younger than her real age. She has dedicated most of her life to fitness and physical training, so her great fitness and physical allure shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Kellner met Sharpe when she was still a teacher. It’s pretty captivating how the two met, considering how diverse their career paths were at the moment.

However, we can attribute the union to a strong connection they had to fitness and body training.

In terms of physical appearance, Kellner is quite a charm. Regular fitness training keeps her athletic build in check, and her curves equally manifested. Her chestnut hair and her fair facial structures only add to her already outstanding beauty.

Research shows that Kellner’s net worth is staggering slightly above $1 million. Katy gets most of her revenue, if not all, from the Thousand Oaks gym she co-owns with her current husband, Marlon Byrd.

Before she gave up teaching for fitness, Katy used to earn approximately $50,000 a year on an educationist’s pay. Taking the step to move into her major area of profession and interest proved the wisest thing for her, for she has significantly earned better pay with the new occupation.

Thousand Oaks resides in the center of the ever-busy California. Many people who are searching for the right training centers and particularly in the heart of the metropolitan choose to knock at Katy’s gates for fitness coaching.

Apart from fitness training, Katy also offers professional fitness advice to aspiring bodybuilders and training enthusiasts like herself who prefer to keep fit by following recommended rosters.

On average, the Thousand Oaks charges $2 for full training and $1.5 for regular daily membership.

Summing these totals annually and taking into account the booming nature of the fitness venture shows that Kellner isn’t simply passing the time but changing lives, enjoying herself and making lots of money!

Katy is the perfect example of following your passion, regardless of how long it takes or the obstacles along the way. There is a noticeable surge in the number of people visiting modern gyms for physical training and exercise in modern America.

People no longer consider fitness and health as unrelated aspects – they believe it’s one imperative aspect of their lifestyles anyone should observe if they want to achieve longer lifespans and keep chronic lifestyle complications such as obesity and diabetes at bay.

Katy Kellner is among the most dedicated trainers of our times who aspire to create positive change in people’s lifestyles and fitness routines.

Shannon Sharpe and Katy Kellner’s bed of roses

Anyone who knows Katy Kellner certainly knows about her long romantic journey with Shannon Sharpe. Many people even still call her Shannon Sharpe’s ex-wife, in any way connecting her to Shannon Sharpe.

Even when Katy posted her first picture indicating her pregnancy, many fans marched to her Instagram wall to congratulate her and Shannon Sharpe for the amazing blessing – their child.

It almost seems that Sharpe was as surprised as his fans when he got wind of the message. Since the birth of Katy’s son, little has been noticed concerning Sharpe and Kellner’s love story.

Regardless of the mysterious ending to Sharpe and Katy’s relationship, their time together was considered by many the perfect relationship.

Sharpe loved fitness in equal measure as Katy. They even first met at a fitness program when both had gone to the gym for workout sessions – it was none other than Katy’s gym.

Because of their similar fitness passions, the couple got along perfectly and couldn’t ask for more. Their relationship that began as a spark in 2013 quickly ignited both their hearts and kept the love glowing for half a decade.

The two realized they understood each other pretty easily and knew they would even make a wonderful couple. After a few meetings, Sharpe and Kelly decided to take affairs to the next level.

Their engagement in 2016 highlighted their love intensity and desire to become lifelong partners – husband and wife. However, two years down the line, the two were apart, and nothing more than memories could be seen or heard of their once public and fiery engagement.

It’s quite hard to determine if Sharpe decided to tie knots with another woman. The former Denver Broncos star has articulately kept his love life behind closed doors since his unceremonious estrangement with his ex-fiancé.

Their relationship had both bad and good effects and very important life lessons for the lovebirds. The spotlight worked to Katy’s advantage, as she became more of a celebrity and a public figure.

Thanks to the connection, many people around America now know her passion for fitness – who wouldn’t want to visit a popular gym?

Sharpe’s social and marital life has been out of contemporary discussions – he most probably wouldn’t want to suffer the same fate he did.

Currently, he hosts an analysis TV show for NFL games and offers expert opinions and suggestions on modern football.

However, Shannon was in another relationship before meeting Katy and has three kids, two daughters and a son. The son is called Kiare, while the daughters are Kayla and Kayley.

Who is the new man in Katy Kellner’s life?

The tragic ending of Sharpe and Katy’s relationship became known to all after she gave birth to her son, Jayden Byrd.

At first, fans assumed Kellner was pregnant for Sharpe and therefore congratulated them both. Katy decided to change her Instagram account status to private after noticing the effect of publicity on her private love life.

Jayden Byrd is Marlon Byrd’s son. Marlon co-runs the Thousand Oaks gym in California with Katy. Katy has never revealed in her posts or to the press about how particularly or the exact time she met Marlon.

The only thing we know for sure is that the couple has a successful and adorable family, judging from the numerous cute photos of their son in their official Thousand Oaks Instagram profile.

Even though fans get to glimpse once in a while into Katy’s private family life, she still prefers to keep her affairs away from the limelight.

Nonetheless, it’s quite evident that she is in a happy place, with her successful family that perfectly blends with her career, passions and goals.

Katy Kellner’s blooming fitness career

Before becoming a full-time fitness enthusiast and professional trainer, Katy taught learners at Fulton County Public School for an entire decade.

After realizing that it wasn’t her passion, Kellner quit teaching and ventured into physical fitness and even started a gym, the Thousand Oaks, with Marlon Byrd.

Fitness training has been a real blessing and enjoyable venture for Katy Kellner, considering she has certified papers on Instructional Technology. Besides, her field has quite a niche that can’t be filled – fitness is slowly becoming a lifestyle and a hobby at the same time.

Katy is an avid fitness lover. Since she decided to join the fitness niche full-time, she has made a lot of progress. She is also an instructor and regional director at Flywheel Sports.

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