Joel Michael Singer

Joel Michael Singer Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Kids, Florida)

Joel is a Florida man who made headlines after a fight in a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. A confrontation ensued between him and a server in the restaurant. The server claimed Joel punched him and reported it to the manager.

The manager confronted Joel over the accusation and what came next was unexpected. Joel became angry and sought to defend himself. He launched an attack against the manager by head-butting him.

Afterward, he tried to escape but not before swinging his fist at another man present in the restaurant. The man was Steven Heflin. He defended himself from Joel and ended up putting him in a headlock until he calmed down.

The police arrived and took over the matter. A video of the whole incident was posted on the internet and went viral. People posted it on social media sites, websites, and even YouTube. Afterward, someone created a website in Joel’s name, which revealed he worked at Coastal Wealth.

The financial planning company neither confirmed nor denied that Joel was their employee, so it remains a speculation. In a bid to end the video’s quick spread, which portrayed him in a bad light, he bought the copyrights to the video.

He used the copyright infringement policy to get websites and blogs to take down the video, but it was too late. Many people had already seen it, and there were memes and gifs already made to make fun of him.

Steven Heflin

The popularity of the video also raised Steven Heflin’s fame. Some assumed that he was an MMA fighter, while others wanted to know who he was and how he learned to fight like that.

Later, Steven revealed that he was not a professional wrestler, but he learned to fight like that in high school. He took wrestling as a sport back then, and he has some awards to show for it. He explained that it was necessary because he was defending himself.

Right now, many view him as a hero that day while Joel takes the role of villain. Joel has not commented on the video since then but only made efforts to get them brought down. He faced a lot of opposition in his quest.

Steven became an internet sensation overnight after the fight. He has been approached by many journalists seeking to write his story and others who want to hear of that day’s events. What has been discovered about him by the journalists is that he was a wrestle in high school.

He competed and sometimes won top prizes. He acted in self-defense on that day. Beyond that, there’s no information about him.

Joel’s Family, Education, and Age

Joel turns thirty-two years old this year. He lives in Florida and has successfully kept details about his family away from the media. This is to shield them from the insults and threats he gets on the internet.

He is believed to be a graduate with a Masters in Business Administration. His place of work is not confirmed because his profile is not on Coastal Wealth’s website. Some people believe his net worth is between seven hundred and fifty thousand to nine hundred thousand dollars.

He was born in nineteen eighty-nine and is an American citizen. He has used some of the wealth to take down the fight video, but a few remain. Luckily for him, most of the information about his life stays private.


Joel Michael Singer came into the spotlight after he was involved in a fight. Since then, most of his private information has leaked online. He has made efforts to remove most of it and the video of the fight.

After the incident, Joel took down some of his social media accounts, probably in a bit to get away from the ridicule.

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