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Trevor Noah’s Brother – Andrew Shingange Wiki (Bio, Age, Education, Height, Siblings)

Andrew is known because of his brother, Trevor Noah. They have another sibling called Isaac Shingange. Trevor is well known across Africa as one of the most successful comedians to rise from the motherland.


Andrew was born in Johannesburg. At the time of his birth, South Africa was under Apartheid rule. Africans living in the country faced discriminatory regulations, and anyone caught breaking them faced inhumane punishment.

It was not a great time to be African, but it was worse for Andrew’s family. His father was Robert Noah, a Swiss national who had relocated to South Africa when the Dutch occupied it. His relationship with Andrew’s mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo, was illegal.

No race was allowed to have intimate relations with the other. Conceiving mixed-race children was criminalized, and so the family lived in constant fear and harassment. They faced constant criticism and attack every day and sometimes their fellow Africans.

Andrew’s childhood challenges were not these attacks and profiling alone. Patricia later married Abel Shingange, who then became the brothers’ stepfather. In the beginning, everything was okay, but gradually, his true nature came out.

He was an abusive man who held on to outdated definitions of masculinity. He was often physical, and that harmed the children as they grew up. It affected their mental states and physical wellbeing.

Domestic Violence

The terrible state the family lived in at the time could not enable Patricia to begin life elsewhere with her children. No one saw what came next after the animosity within the family built up. One day, the brothers got a call that their stepfather had shot their mother.

She was shot in the head but the bullet had missed the brain and other vital organs, so she had a chance to survive. She stayed in the hospital until she fully recovered. Their living situation kept getting worse and worse.

Abel was apprehended and charged with attempted murder and was convicted. However, it shocked everyone when he only got probation. Patricia did her best to calm her sons down. They were so angry and could not understand why their mother was so forgiving.

Later on, when Trevor spoke in an interview, he explained that their mother’s nature was to forgive. She preferred to live a life free from hate because there was enough hatred in South Africa, and there was no need to have it at home.

It took Andrew, Trevor, and Isaac a long time to understand their mother’s response, but in the end, they believed what she taught when she said hatred brings only hurt. 


Andrew is married and still lives in his hometown of Gauteng in Johannesburg. He does not continually appear in the news and tabloids, so most of his life has remained private. Not much about his family is public except for the fact that they do not have kids currently.

However, his brother Trevor is a celebrity, and most details of his life is available on the internet. He is in a relationship with actress Minka Kelly. She has appeared in several successful films in the course of her career.

Isaac has remained away from public discussions and shares the anonymity of Andrew. Many believe he also lives in South Africa. There is no available information about his relationships or his family affairs.

Net Worth

Like their relationship information, only Trevor’s net worth is public. Trevor is a talk show host on The Daily Nation with Trevor Noah. He is considered the most successful comedian on the continent.

He is estimated to be worth forty million dollars. His show airs before millions of people across the United States and globally. In twenty Nineteen, he became the fourth highest-paid comedian with an income of twenty-eight million dollars.


Andrew is Trevor Noah’s brother. They lived at a time when their existence was termed illegal in South Africa. They faced poverty and abuse growing up, but they stuck together. Andrew and Isaac still live in South Africa, but Trevor relocated to America.

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