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Michael Jordan’s First Wife – Juanita Vanoy Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Married, Net Worth)

Juanita Vanoy was a popular name and face on our screens when she and Michael Jordan were in a relationship and into their marriage. The couple bore beautiful children before their first separation in 2002 and their marriage’s subsequent dissolution in 2006.

While Juanita has made a name for herself across various industries, wins, and successes, many people came to know her because of the basketball mogul. More questions about who she is and her former relationship with the champion arose after the 2020 film, The Last Dance, which looked into Jordan’s 1997-98 Chicago Bulls team.

Michael Jordan is a star. His successes in basketball have made him a reputable and respected name all around the world. As most people believe, such achievements make a person a brand; Michael Jordan is a brand through his basketball wins and in the business world. 

You have perhaps purchased or once developed a liking to the Jordan shoes. You are also probably familiar with the big games hosted under Michael’s name or been to places where his fans have just not had enough of him—that is what basketball has meant to not only the skilled player but also his family.

A great start into Juanita Vanoy’s life would be with Jordan; nevertheless, her background and early life are a concern to most of the couple’s fans and people who have followed up on Jordan’s life through his career. Therefore, why don’t we begin by looking into who she was before meeting Michael and how her life progressed?

Early Life

Juanita spent most of her early life in Chicago’s South Side. She was born in 1959 and had a quiet life for the better part of growing up. Not much information about her education or family is in public knowledge, but we know that she attended the Christian Fencer School.

As some sources hold, Juanita was a bright student and did well growing up. After Christian Feller School, much of her educational progress remains in the dark; therefore, we do not know where she went to college or University.

Juanita Vanoy would pursue some of her aspirations later in life, which opened doors to her career and gave her experiences she would find useful. She is of Hispanic descent and is an American. She has managed to keep most of her life simple.


One of Juanita’s aspirations, as she grew up, was being a model. As a teenager, she pursued her dreams and walked the fashion model path and photoshoot for some time. While she may have found a place to grow and explore herself further, Juanita let go of modeling to pursue other opportunities.

She joined the American Bar Association as its executive secretary; the position served Vanoy well, and she progressed in it through the years she worked there. Her growing experience and little achievements made it into her life’s story and led her to become a loan officer.

Juanita’s role as a loan officer is perhaps one of her life’s marking points since it was during this time that she had a thing going with Michael Jordan. She would later move from her work and try out her entrepreneurial and real estate hands. Today, she is the chairperson and co-owner of Michael and Juanita Endowment Fund, a non-profit organization. 

Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan

You have perhaps noted that along Juanita’s career growth came Michael Jordan, who would forever leave a mark in her life. The two met in 1984 and faced a few issues before entering a healthy relationship, which, unfortunately, did not stand the test of time.

So, where did the ex-couple’s story begin? To answer that correctly, we may have to go back to 1984, when Michael Jordan was drafted to the NBA. Around the same time, Juanita Vanoy worked her role as a loan officer in Chicago’s South Side.

Their first meeting must have left an impression on the two, following their procession to Chicago Bennigan’s restaurant for their first date; this happened after Michael’s game with the Chicago Bulls, which would become the start of Vanoy’s unending support for her man.

The couple’s second meeting happened at their mutual friend’s party. Their interest deepened at this point and sparked a relationship, which would span for the years to come. The couple remained happy and progressed well in their careers.

On 1987’s last day of the year (December 31), Michael Jordan proposed to Juanita Vanoy in Chicago’s Nich’s Fish Market. The couple entered into an engagement and would soon be trailed by issues that had remained behind their relationship’s curtains; they called off their engagement.

Michael and Juanita’s three years together had been full of work, love, and fun. Despite their untimely separation, Juanita’s pregnancy would bring them back together. However, the basketball star was not too willing to get back into their old relationship.

According to Juanita’s lawyer, his failure to respond, show attention, or cooperation called for legal representation. The issues between the two settled, and Michael Jordan returned to his once-fiancée. They received a blessing, a son, on November 11, 1988, and called him Jeffrey Jordan.

Jeffrey’s birth changed much for the couple. They re-established their former union and entered into marriage nearly a year later when Jeffrey was ten months old; therefore, it was n September 2, 1989, that Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan got married in Chicago’s Little White Chapel.

According to Jordan, marriage was a big move, which made him mature. The family was happy and had another child about a year after tying the knot; they named their second son Marcus Jordan, born on December 24, 1990. Their last born-child, a girl, was born two years later, on December 7, 1992; they named her Jasmine Jordan.

Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan’s Divorce

All seemed to be well with the growing Jordan family. However, their issues developed and broke the couple’s union about a decade later (2002), when Juanita filed for a divorce. There are claims that Jordan’s relationship with Karla Knafel caused her to seek separation.

Nevertheless, Juanita stated her reasons for divorce as irreconcilable differences; it took only a few days to withdraw from the divorce. Once again, Michael and his wife settled down to a quiet life; this did not last, following Juanita’s pursue of divorce anew. 

While the couple did not share with the public their actual reasons for splitting, we have Karla Knafel to think about. There are claims that Jordan paid Karla $250,000 to keep quiet about their relationship during the divorce proceedings, which concluded on December 29, 2006, with a dissolution.

While Juanita went through a seemingly rough time, especially towards the dissolution of her marriage to Jordan, she did not come out empty-handed. She acquired $168 million as a settlement from the divorce, with their Chicago’s seven-acre mansion.

Juanita Vanoy Now

After her relationship with Michael Jordan, Juanita Vanoy had to make a life for herself and establish a base for their children’s development. The wealth she acquired from the settlement put her in a good position to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Juanita did not re-marry or enter any other relationship after her separation from Jordan. Her focus on family and friends led to her exit from public life; therefore, she made no more appearances. Today, she seeks more peace and growth through Bikram Yoga and her deep interest in arts, which she collects besides her travels to Italy, London, and even France—some of her favorite places.

She also seeks to help young teen girls through mentorship in Real Beaty, Inc., a non-profit organization; Juanita serves as its board member. You may not find much (if any) of Juanita on social media and platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She likes things simple and quiet.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan moved on into a new relationship after his ex-wife. He married a model, Yvette Prieto, who is Cuban-American. On February 11, 2014, the couple was blessed with beautiful twin daughters, Victoria Jordan and Ysabel Jordan.

Nevertheless, Jordan’s former union with Juanita made communication between the old couple necessary. Therefore, they remained in contact for the sake of Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine Jordan, who are now adults and establishing their lives.

Juanita and Jordan’s Children

You may know Jeffrey Jordan, Michael and Juanita’s first-born son, for the path he took—basketball. He played for the University of Illinois Fighting Illini and the University of Central Florida Knights. He also participated in the training program by Nike Inc. management. 

Jeffrey will be turning 33 years old on November 11, this year (2021). If you are familiar with his long-term girlfriend, Radina Aneva, you may be glad to know that their relationship progressed into marriage on May 25, 2019. The couple married in the Bahamas and lives in Portland.

Jordan and Juanita’s second-born son, Marcus Jordan, has also made himself a name in the sports industry. 

Besides his name in Basketball, Marcus is also an owner of a shoe store, Trophy Room; he sourced inspiration from his and Jordan’s jersey numbers for the store’s open date, set for May 23, 2016. Marcus will be turning 31 years old on December 24, this year (2021).

Jasmine Jordan is Michael and Juanita’s last-born child and only daughter. Like her mother, she lives a quiet life, and little about her endeavors is public knowledge. However, we know that she too pursued sports, following that she graduated sports management from Syracuse University. 

Jasmine has also worked as Nike Jordan’s field representative. In 2018, she entered into an engagement with Rakeem Christmas. Jasmine will be turning 29 years old on December 7, this year (2021).

The Last Dance

The Last Dance first aired in 2020 and was produced by ESPN after Kobe Bryant, who was in Michael Jordan’s 1997-98 team. Therefore, the film revolved around the Chicago Bulls team of that time and looked into Michael’s life with the team and how they grew into stars.

Michael Jordan’s fans were puzzled with no mention of Juanita in the film. However, Juanita was always in Jordan’s life and supported the six times NBA champion through his games and successes. She also stood with the family the two established to its end and beyond.

Final Words

Juanita Vanoy grew up in Chicago’s South Side and established herself. She progressed in her career and aspirations until she met Michael Jordan, with whom she had a relationship that led to a 17-year marriage. Their marriage bore beautiful children who are now adults. Juanita remains a loving mother and a happy woman.

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