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Harrison Ford’s Daughter – Georgia Ford Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Family, Kids, Epilepsy, Net Worth)

The entertainment industry has graced our screens with many names over the years of productions of outstanding works. One of the greatest actors of all time is Harrison Ford, who has taken up some of the most intriguing roles in the history of film making; he is a reputable and respected name in the industry.

An element that sticks out of every man’s life is his family. While Harrison’s history with relationships has not pillared him into what he is today, he has established himself as a man for his family and received the love and admiration of his children. One of the names that come up along Harrison’s is Georgia Ford.

We can say much about Harrison, but not as so about his only daughter, Georgia. She grew up in a family dominated by men and was raised by successful parents. Her childhood was thus filled with not only love but also lessons from the people around her. Georgia Ford has since done her best to fit into her elders’ shoes and those of her blood.

Little information about Georgia is available to the public, which raises some of the top questions, especially when discussing Harrison’s career. Much attention has moved to the famous star and his former wife, Georgia’s mother, Melissa Mathison.

However, Harrison Ford’s film achievements and stardom have not made him an open book. Despite all that we know about the actor’s career and his appearances, he has managed to keep a huge chunk of his private life to himself, leaving most closed doors to his relationships are they are.

Georgia Ford has struggled with epilepsy for years. The condition affected her most when she was younger; since it took a while for the right diagnosis to confirm her seizures as epileptic, Georgia grew up without the best medical help and pulled through with her family’s support.

Early Life

On June 30, 1990, Georgia was born to Melissa Mathison and Harrison Ford in California’s Los Angeles. She became the couple’s second child and enjoyed much of Harrison’s established privacy in his personal life. Therefore, we cannot say much about her early life.

Nevertheless, we have information about her early school and health; we cannot ascertain where she acquired further studies, but Georgia first attended Los Angeles’ Wildwood School. Her college and university remain behind the family’s closed curtains.

However, epilepsy came along the way and affected a large part of Georgia’s childhood. Her condition perhaps prolonged more due to the late diagnosis; before she was confirmed to be epileptic, she received migraine medication for her seizures when she was a child.

Georgia’s condition progressed, and so did her struggle with the seizures, which got worse when she was at a beach in Malibu. Harrison Ford sought help for his daughter at the NYU Medical center, and Georgia was diagnosed with epilepsy by Dr. Orrin Devinsky. 

After that, she received the right medication and lived peacefully for at least 11 years without such an occurrence. In 2016, Harrison Ford revealed Georgia’s struggle with the condition at an NYU Langone Medical Center’s event, Find Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures.


There is never a guarantee that children will take after their parents. However, with most creative folks, it is common to come across families that all share the same aspirations, or work towards the same career paths. Of all her siblings, Georgia tried to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Harrison Ford has had decades to make his name in the entertainment industry as a reputable actor and a respectable figure. Therefore, Georgia’s steps along the path of films and acting may not have left imprints as deep as her father. Nevertheless, she pursued what her heart desired and made something out of it.

Georgia Ford sought her place in modeling and acting. While we know little about her modeling and have no information about her progress, we can say something from her venture into films. Georgia started her acting journey in 2013 with American Milkshake, a comedy with Tyler Ross, Shareeka Epps, and Leo Fitzpatrick. The comedy did not take her up the ranks of films as it was a commercial failure.

She did not stop there; in 2015, she appeared in A True Story, a drama, mystery/thriller film with Felicity Jones, Jonah Hill, and James Franco; Rupert Goold directed it. The film did not amass much with its box office’s $5.3 million; therefore, it did not make a big hit.

Georgia took another short a year later (2016), when she appeared in The Visitor, a short movie directed by Jemil Hendi. Like her preceding trials in the entertainment industry, she did not make much for her name with the film, which was released in Spain. 

Some successes take time to materialize; perhaps Georgia had not found her best ground yet. She seemingly took a break from the screens and focused more of her energy on projects known best to her; speculations hold that she may have shifted to modeling. Whatever it is, she will eventually rise back with something.

The Ford Family

Harrison Ford has married three times in his lifetime and had five children, with Georgia as his only daughter. Therefore, it is not a surprise that he dubbed her ‘SuperHero.’ Besides his decades’ acting career, Harrison is also an American aviator and environmental activist.

He is a popular name and face on our screens; his industry successes include Indiana Jones, the adventure series, and the original Star Wars movies as Hans Solo. You may also know him for his roles in Air Force One, Patriot Games, Hanover Street, Heroes, Witness, What Lies Beneath Witness, American Graffiti, Heroes, Clear and Present Danger, among more.

Harrison Ford and Mary Marquardt

Harrison was first married to Mary Marquardt, with whom he had shared a college relationship. The couple’s union lasted for 15 years (between 1964 and 1979); they bore Benjamin Ford and Willard Ford before their separation.

Today, Benjamin is a successful chef and Ford’s Filling Station’s owner, a California restaurant. He is also the author of Taming the Feast: Ben Ford’s Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking. Benjamin’s marriage to Emily Tomerlin bore Waylon and Ethan. On the other hand, Willard has made a name for himself in business; he runs Strong Sports Gym and Ludwig Clothing Company.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

Harrison Ford married Melissa Mathison in 1983. The couple had their first child on October 3, 1987, a boy they named Malcolm Ford. In 1990, they had Georgia Ford, their last child, and Harrison’s only daughter. 

Today, Malcolm is a musician with The Dough Rollers, a punk rock band for which he is the vocalist. On the other hand, Georgia has kept everything else in her life private; she dated Donald Cumming, a talented musician, songwriter, and actor. 

Melissa Mathison was a talented screenwriter. Before her death on November 4, 2015, (to neuroendocrine cancer), she made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with some of the greatest works. Some include her screenwriting for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1983.

You may also know Melissa for her works on The Indian in the cupboard, The BFG, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Ponyo, The Black Stallion, and The Escape Artist, and even Kundun.

Harrison and Melissa’s marriage lasted about 18 years before their first split in 2001; their official separation happened in 2004, after a legal divorce, in which Melissa acquired a settlement of $118 million.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

In 2010, Harrison and Calista Flockhart entered into a union. Calista is an actress and had adopted a son in 2001: Liam Flockhart. Therefore, she and Harrison did not have biological children. Today, Liam Flockhart remains out of public scrutiny and enjoys his parents’ private lives and time.

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