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Lisa Kudrow’s Son – Julian Murray Stern Wiki (Bio, Age, College, Height)

Lisa Kudrow is a famous actress whose main character was Phoebe Buffay. Most people don’t need to know who it was, but in case you didn’t know – the show that the character is on is “Friends”, a show made famous in the late 1990s. Kudrow has been married to Michael Stern, and they have a son together. His name is Julian Murray Stern – this article is about him. Many people often wonder about celebrities and their families, so this may be able to give you some insight into the world of their children – particularly Julian Murray Stern – who is often searched for.

Who is Julian Murray Stern

Julian was born from Lisa Kudrow and Michael Stern, who have been together since 1995. Julian was born on May 7th of 1998, and while his mom has been in the industry since the late 1980s, his father is an advertising exec from France. The couple was married in 1995 also in May.

Many people know a bunch about his mom, and there are some things that people don’t know about their son.

  • Kudrow has been on much more than just Friends.

Kudrow was made famous by her annoying role as Phoebe in “Friends”, but the sitcom actress has had a lot more success than many people realize. She has had roles in movies like “The Unborn” and even “Mother”, as well as “The Crazysitter”. Mother is the most recent addition to her movie career, and it is a very chilling but amazing spiritual tale that has sparked numerous conversations of spirituality among experts as well as controversy among religious people since it came out a few years ago.

  • Julian Murray Stern is a Taurus

Julian was born on May 7th, in 1998. He’s 21, and his zodiac sign is a Taurus because of this. Tauruses are often very eccentric, creative, and independent, and this is something that Julian Murray Stern has been known to display throughout his life.

  • Julian Doesn’t Want Any Siblings

Aside from Julian, “Phoebe” and her husband don’t have any other children. But what people don’t realize, is that this hard decision not to have anymore wasn’t their own doing alone – Julian actually told them that he wanted to be an only child.

  • Julian is In College

We don’t have the information available to tell you where Julian Stern currently is, but we do know that he went to college in 2018 when his mother had a conversational interview with Jimmy Kimmel. She told him that Julian was a very independent person, and that he had grown into a good man already and was attending college. She also discussed that her son Julian was having a good time in college and that his life was great there. But she did point out that she didn’t necessarily like him being gone and missed him – as it’s common for many parents.

  • Julian Stern’s Mother is Still in Acting

While Kudrow has somewhat dwindled over the years since the series of “Friends” stopped fiming, she has been in a lot of good quality roles rather than just simple acting roles out there.

For example, she helped as the executive producers in the documentary series called “Who Do You Think You Are” back in 2010 in which celebs get to help trace their family trees. She was also in numerous films, and landed roles in some famous movies, such as “Long Shot”, “Book Smart”, and is working on three new films that she gets to appear on. 

Kudrow has also made numerous cameos and has an enormous track record according to the IMDB database and her filmography.

Is Julian Michael Stern Public About His Life?

Not much is known about Kudrow and Michael Stern’s son Julian as we mentioned earlier. This entails and signifies that while the famous celeb-kid may be active in communities that he’s in, he is not extremely public about his private and personal life. Most actor’s kids end up refraining from being in the limelight, simply because they see the media invasion that their parents go through. It is unknown at this time whether Julian Murray Stern is active on social media websites, but we’re sure he may be a little. We just don’t have that information here.


Julian Murray Stern has a long life ahead of him, and he is already a college student who is enjoying the fruits of a normal childhood. This is something that many parents and actor’s children wish for, but very few get to have – at least until recent years.

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