Seven Sirius Benjamin

Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 Son – Seven Sirius Benjamin Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth)

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the son of Erykah Badu and the famous Andre 3000. That’s only Andre’s stage name – his name given to him at birth is actually Andre Benjamin – which is where Seven Sirius Benjamin gets his name. His parents are famous for their roles, but surprisingly, Seven is a spitting image that shares a lot of resemblance to his father – including music and fashion. His mother has been around for years in the entertainment industry as well. This article is about Seven and we may be able to provide some interesting facts about him and his life that you may not know.

Enter Seven Sirius Benjamin – Born a Star

Erykah and Andre were both at the top of their careers. Andre is famous for his roles in the group “Outkast”, and Badu released her debut album at that time. During the time of their relationship, Badu and Andre’s relationship ended in 1999. However, they still co-parent Seven. This has helped him have a good time without too much media hype as many celebrity children have to endure. 

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18th of 1997.

Current Relationship with Parents

To this day, more than likely thanks to the parents being friends and co-parenting, Andre’s son Seven Sirius has had a good relationship with the both of them. Sometimes you can see on the musical artists social media pages that he is having a good time living with his parents. And sometimes it’s hard to tell Andre and Sirius apart (aside from their age difference). At 22, the celeb child is extremely close with his sisters Puma and Mars, who his mother Badu had with other fathers.

Like Father Like Son

Many people get to see once in a while at red carpet events and when the media gets a glimpse, that Seven Sirius Benjamin looks just like his father Andre. However, Seven Sirius Benjamin doesn’t like his personal life to be public – like many celebrity children. Therefore, he keeps his personal life away from the limelight as much as he can, and isn’t active to this day on any social media sites. He doesn’t even have an account on them.

Seven Sirius resembles his father so much, that the two often dress in a similar fashion, and he even sounds a lot like his father voice-wise. He even received the amazing intelligence that both of his parents had, and attends college to get a Psychology as well as an Arts & Science major degree. He currently helps his mother homeschool his younger sister as of 2020 with the pandemic causing most parents to homeschool their children.

Sirius is often the one who teaches his sister Mars about botany and psychology every time he gets to visit his mother. The rest of the family helps out where they can with other school subjects of course.

Normal Citizen Life

Unlike his younger sister Puma, who has been becoming more and more popular in the music industry with her mother, Seven Sirius Benjamin remains interested in pursuing a life outside of the entertainment industry – and he’s not even worried about it. He’s happily attending his studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. 

Not Being In the Limelight Helps

With the co-parenting method of his parents, Seven has been able to accomplish many feats. Of course, his mother and father sometimes put things out there into the public to share information about their family. It’s been said that Badu’s kids actually do well since she is somewhat of a supermom – and his father is also a super dad to him as well. Many celebrities lose this relationship with their kids over time, but by staying out of the limelight with their children’s lives, their kids can prosper and live a normal life – despite their insane net worth and their parents fortune and fame.


Andre 3000 has been in the music business for more than 2 decades now, and thanks to his success, he has been able to help be a good father to his son Seven Sirius Benjamin. Seven’s mother is still active in the music industry as well, but despite being a child born from two musical icons, Seven Sirius has no interest at this time in diving into it. He’s one of the lucky children born between two stars that has been able to live a normal civilian life without a bunch of media attached to it. Of course, he does make appearances with his parents from time to time.

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